Barry K. Rothman

Barry has the record of extorting people for money

I was in instant need for an attorney for a confidential case and wanted the information to be secured from being public. I contacted Barry K Rothman while I was searching online about the attorneys near my place.

I neither researched nor checked reviews of Barry Rothman and appointed him for my case. It was just a blindfold decision and whatever came to the sight first, I opted.

Usually, I do my research before making any legal decision but this time I was in urgent need and out of despair, I made the wrong selection. He is a kind of person who can turn the tide in his favour. Either you are aware of his misdeed or not, the ball will always be in his court.

I was not blind and very soon, I realized that he was making a fool of me. However, that realization did not make any difference. He scammed me on my face and I felt like an idiot. What else can I say about him. He is a synonym for a felon.

He has licence to practice in Los Angeles and New York. My case was a high profile and I told him when we first met about the same. I requested him to keep the information secret. However, he turned out to be a total freak. He sold my stories to the tabloid. That is when I realized what a crook he was.

He also charged me double for all the information that he shared with me. He would send the same information through email and then would call me and share the same piece of information. Then he would charge me for both the information that was same. He kept doing it for some time. He charges were expensive as compared to other attorneys which I found out after appointing him. And him charging me twice for same information was unfair. It was giving me a lot of stress for arranging such amount. I had already invested a lot and was not in a condition to lose without a reason.

After I realized what he was up to, I called him and asked him for a justification. He threatened me and told me that he would leave the case in between. Though, it was a big decision, I asked him to leave. I knew that I would have to pay another attorney and would have to start the case from scratch, I took the right decision. I was not aware that I would have to get the NDA signed before I seek help from any other attorney.

Later, when I tried to reach another attorney, I came to know that I had to get the NDA signed from him. When I called to settle the case, he started using foul words. He is unethical and unprofessional. These words even fall short to explain his shrewdness for cheating people. He was very well aware that I would need him for the signature, but did not warned me beforehand. It seemed that he was waiting for my call. He told me that he won’t let me get away so easily.

I had no option left but to give up. I had already paid a lot of fees for useless and repeated information. Still, I paid him $2000 for a signature that was illegal.

This incident was over after he signed the NDA. However, I could not resist myself from enquiring about him. When I tried to find out the truth behind his fraud, I found many reports listed against him. He was accused of extorting Michael Jackson. You can google about him and would know how he tortured Michael Jackson. He is a trained scammer and knows every legal book to fool people and save himself from all the accusations.

His credit profile will give you the list of all the judgement holders and creditors who are behind him. The number is more than 30. I am still surprised how he has managed to stay out of prison. Barry is a shame to his entire profession and a threat to those who practice genuinely.

I was shocked the way he was candid while charging me unnecessary fees. However, finding so many reports about the same kind of fraud was enough to prove why he was so confident. The way he has committed all those scam in past and his audacity to come clean has given him the strength to repeat the felony again.

His such an extensive practice in fooling people have made him an expert in laundering money from them. He is himself a legal practitioner and very well know the back doors that can be used when in problem. He has managed to stay safe from law, very well shows his uncanny acumen for law. I wish, if he had used his capabilities to help people in need, he would have not only earned money but well wishes as well.

If he won’t be convicted further, he would become threat for many others. I am sure, while I am reporting about him, he would be planning other fraud or would be extorting someone else for his money.

I have worked with many attorneys and never had such kind of experience. When Barry can fool someone, who always have to deal with attorney for legal papers and confidential transactions, then he can fool anyone. He is such a scam artist. Barry Rothman is not an attorney but an accuser. He belongs to the jail. I wish, he is convicted for all the crime he has committed till date and should be sentenced for a life time imprisonment.

Barry Rothman needs some kind of mental consultation as well. He does not know how to talk decent. He is always frustrated and vent all his anger on his clients. He is a bad guy who is trying to mingle with nice people but you can always recognize the black sheep from the herd of white ones.

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Approved Date:April 16, 2017
Status :Published
Reported Loss :2500 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Location city :Los Angeles
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