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i went here as itwas time for my yearly eye examand it was local,i was able to get the montclair town bus there. sorriest thing i did! i had my exam which when i got there i waitedabout 15 mins before i was called in . so the girl did preliminary tests on me such as color blindness etc so i was ushered into a exam room got in the chair and was moved rt away to another room , dr barnes [i presume ,as it was my first time here] came in and asked the usual questions which was fine , then he asked me if i had any complaints so i said no not really,[i thought he meant do i get headaches ,do my eyes burn,ache etc]

so when i said no his reply was a bit snotty “you wear glasses dont you?was his answer. i let it go then dialated my eyes , he didnt wait until the drops took effect brfore he proceeded wioth the test. ok then i picked out my glasses and was told they’d be ready in 2 weeks . ok fast foward to dec23, i go and pick up my glasses which was a foggy day. when i put them on i sort of knew they weren’t rt as when i looked ahead ,everything was blurry so i thought that it was me . i left and got the bus home [usually you have a 60-90 day return policy] like i stated because of the fog i thought when i couldnt read the street sign clearly was due to the fog.

so i get on the bus and walked home i was wobbly and felt like i was drunk ,i had a bit of a headache so i took the new glasses off and put on mty old ones thats when i realized that the new ones were made wrong, with thte new ones i couldnt see the clock across my living room.i decided to go back the next day , when i got there they were closed due to it was christmas eve ,they should have had a sign on their door to let the patients know they weren’t open christmas eve [some places are for a 1/2 day, so i had to wait till today mondaydec28th to go back so when i got there i told the receptionist my name and that there was a problem with my glasses so i waited another 15 mins for someone to address my problem, i was the only patient there . the girl was taking her time with another dr about glasses . ok finally she takes care of me when i told her what the problem was she tried to say there wasn’t anything wrong .

then she tells me to put the new glasses on and gives me a card[wehich was all in spanish ] i wear bifocals and it was clear but that wasnt what my problem was ,it was when i looked straight ahead . when i looked at her [and she was close ,i copuldnt see her face it was blurry. so i then put on my old glasses and saw perfectly she then goes and gets my chart and reads the prescription then she takes my old ones and goes in the back . tuirns out the left eye was incorrectly done [then and only then she believed me] i was lucky that i didnt fall . i was smart enough to not wear them .

i now have to be reexamined on jan5th. i would prefer the other doctor and i dont want the drops . my left eye has always been my strongest eyeas my rt is weaker due to mty cp . i know i’m not a doctor but i do feel that we as laymen know when something isnot rt with our health [wiether we choose to do anything about it is a different story]. i hope the second time around is better then the 1st time i will not reccommend anyone to go here and if thwey do i hope they have a better experience than i did!

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  1. Barnes and Carter, Optometric Physicians Bad Service.

    ok so i went to this office on to get new glasses. while the service was great by the staff and even dr. barnes. here’s my issues they told me my glasses would be ready in three weeks or sooner. so i called today to see if my glasses were ready. not only they are not ready but the order was not sent in for my glasses until .

    so my order was just sitting in this office ten days before it was sent out…smh i am steaming!!! i asked to speak with dr. barnes and was told he’s with a patient i then asked to speak with the manager or someone about this situation and i’m not accepting there’s no one i can speak with. finally someone gets on the phone and tells me the person who sends out the orders are behind.

    she then said they will call and see if my order can be rushed since it was sent out so late. that’s all fine and well, but i will not be going back here. you are dealing with people glasses not a playing matter.

Reported Loss :180 $
Severity of Scam :High
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