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Not a real company

I purchased a doll from them and it hasn’t arrived and I see they are no longer advertising on Facebook. They keep telling me they are waiting for the tracking number but they are just fobbing me off. I ordered the doll 11th November.

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17 reviews on Bargain Vent

  1. Bargain Vent TOTAL SCAM

    Looking at Bargain Vent’s reviews here, I have found I’m not the only person having an Issue with them. I ordered TWO Luvadolls from them. They sent me a miniture Stylus pen .. Yup, Huh? Of course that took long enough to figure out what they had done there. There isn’t a phone number you can use to contact them, only email, which takes days for them to respond, if they do at all, which is now what’s happening, they won’t return my emails. After they fessed up to sending the pens ($2 tops) instead of my Two Dolls ($140), they told me that was actually a gift they were sending me and the dolls were on the way. Since then they would not provide any tracking information, although I asked them for a week straight … and have now stopped answering my emails! It’s been well over a month now. What a SCAM ! What’s worse, you can’t even find their web site any more … they took our money and ran! If I could give them ZERO stars or lower, I would!

    1. Jhogan

      Exactly the same story … ordered doll have never received …. no replies to emails and no longer page coming up … identical messages re thanking for purchase and no longer a site … where to now ??

    2. Amanda Lee

      Hi yes I ordered 1 for my grand daughta early November and no doll has arrived yet. Hoping my bank can trace back and get monies back .

    3. Sharon

      That is EXACTLY what happened to me. Ordered one, charged for two, received zero. Although I did get those cheap plastic stylus pens as an “apology” for the “delay in shipping.” B.S. My credit card company has refunded me for both charges. Any emails to the company are not returned saying the recipient’s email system refused to accept a connection from my email system. SCAMMERS. Lesson learned the hard way.

  2. Stop bargain-vent, please !

    Same story with me. I ordered one luvadoll from them in 11th. November and i’m Still waiting. Disgusting !
    What can we do?

    1. Sinisa

      They took the money and did not deliver the goodsThey took the money and did not deliver the goods…..

  3. how can we get our money back?

    1. Oleg

      I made an order and paid for it on November 11th. Since then, no response, no greetings.Is it possible to return money through the police?

  4. I had also ordered a Luvadol. No replies to mail, website no longer available. It is indeed very sad to have been taken advantage of.

    I had also ordered a Luvadol. No replies to mail, website no longer available. It is indeed very sad to have been taken advantage of.

  5. It's a scam. They are thieves.

    I ordered a doll on november 3rd. I tracked the order through them and it appearef as delivered. I contacted them and they said I had to contact USPS with no tracking number is imposible. Its a scam. They dissapeared.

  6. Luvadoll

    I also ordered a luvadoll till 11th of November and till now I didnt receive any shipping number or something thing ng like that… Please i need to know how can call them.. Even though the doll’s price already deducted from my ban account.. If there is any reply pkease contact me on [email protected]

  7. Bargain Vent-ripped off!,

    We too ordered dolls and they told us it was delivered but of course that was a lie. They replied to my email saying let us check with the shipper but that too was a put off. They are scammers-beware!

  8. Facebook

    Fausse publicité .
    Ils vendent des RÊVES à nos enfants .
    Quand ta petite fille fait une demande au Père Noël ,
    et que tu lui promets quelle aura ce jouet ( car le Père Noël c’est un peu nous )
    Et que le soir de Noël tu as du passer au plant B , et bien la magie de Noël en mange un coup .
    Cette poupée LUVADOLL elle en a rêvé .

  9. My order # 11193 with Bargain Vent

    Dear Sirs,
    I ordered a luvadoll till 15th of November and till now I didnt receive any shipping number or something thing like that… Please I need to know how can call them.. Even though the doll’s price already deducted from my Credicard.. If there is any reply please contact me asap : e-mail: [email protected]. Appreciated.
    Marcia Velloso

  10. bonjour, surtout ne commandez pas sur BARGAIN VENT..
    j’ai commandé un coupe tôle, et celui-ci ne m’est jamais parvenu…USD 45.00.
    Si ils ont répété 500 fois cette arnaque, ils doivent rouler sur l’or….
    J’ai signalé ce site a qui l’heberge…ils sont vraiment abasourdis, et vont faire le necessaire pour stopper ce voleur…..
    A bon entendeur……

  11. BEWARE SELLING LINKS ON FB is a CHEATERS site they are money eaters and the FB also allowing them to do business on there site and giving them chance to ditch FB subscribers.

  12. Scanmed

    I also ordered the Luvabella doll for $69.99 in Nov 2017. All they sent was a pack of 10 stylus pens. No doll.

  13. Wouldn’t trust this company of thieves.$

    Ordered Luvabella doll for $69.99 in Nov, 2017. Only received 10stylus pens.

  14. File a Dispute to Recoup Your Money

    To everyone who was taken by Bargain Vent, ordering the Luv-a-Doll they advertised and did not receive (I ordered one, was charged for two, and received zero), I filed a dispute with my credit card company and have already been refunded both charges. I recommend doing the same with your bank or credit card company. The dolls are not (or ever were) coming.

    1. Teresa

      I did the same thing too by contacting the credit card company where the sale was made from. They gave me my money back then reversed it with documentation from Bargain Vent saying it’s a valid sale. Now I have to call the credit card dispute dept and do it all over again.


    SCAMMED – HORRIBLE. Tried getting my money back from the credit card company that I made the Luvadoll purchase with and the credit card resolution center says it’s a valid sale now I have to go and file a dispute claim with the bank.


    Do not buy from this company it’s a scam they take your money and don’t sent out the goods, I never received my order for Christmas the company shut down and hey ho has now been set back up I did get my money back through the bank lucky enough but that was purely cos they couldn’t get hold of the company. I urge you not to buy from bargain vent.

  17. Scammers

    I ordered the luvadol from link on Facebook, but a day after I bought it. A lot people complaining that the company are scams and that so many got scammed then, pity I didn’t see it before I bought it, ordered doll at end of November and still waiting, I just emailed them but be worth of time I will have to contact my credit card company was hoping that it was arrive I guess,
    My daughter is so upset

  18. I have ordered one Item in October last Year and I am still Waiting
    for it to arrive.
    I have send E-Mails to them of complaint, but they make some sort
    of excuses, like they changed the Firm of suplyer,
    has any one reported them to the Police ?
    I will I will report them to the Shrewsbury UK Police.

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