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You apply for a loan through a private lender and they extract fees and guaranty’s from you and then when it’s time to disburse the loan funds they simply don’t do it. They don’t hide or run they just ignore you….. don’t support this guy…. he’s a scammer

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2 reviews on Barberry Finance llc

  1. Barberry Finance is a Fraud !!

    Applied for a loan through this guy last year and he fraudes me out of my money. I reported him to to the FBI Fraud Department and they are investigating him.

    1. JP Morgan contact me please

      Hi JP Id like to know more about your case, I am trying to recover my money through a lawyer because all transfers were through a recognized US bank so either the bank is in in the scam or they profited from their services being used to launder money over 10 times …. they should be held responsable for permitting this activity to go unchecked and without control….

  2. Barberry is under Investigation for Fraud

    So our friend Gregory is under investigation for fraud if individuals out of their savings, on top of that it’s an international investigation which means federal jurisdiction ….. if found guilty he will spend his time in a federal prison….. I guess that old adage ….”don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time” could come true.

    His bank was contacted and that must cause disturbing concern by his bank because fraudulent activity is bad news and using a federal financial institution to launder
    Money can carry a heavy prison sentence.

    Stay away from this guy …. it’s a scam!!!

Fort Collins CO US
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Reported Loss :20500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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