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This Bank Mutual ATM used to be my go-to for getting cash. No, I am not a member here.

My online bank reimburses me for ATM fees, and this ATM’s fee is pretty high ($3.00).

I also would go into the lobby to have change broken into quarters (rarely) or $20 bills into smaller bills.

I have had no problem in the past having this done. And for the record, it’s always dead in there.

I have never noticed a customer inside the bank.

The bank tellers were always friendly; I was in an out within a minute.

This one particular time, they refused to break some of $20 bills into smaller bills because I wasn’t a member.

I challenged them, saying that they had done so in the past. They still refused.

I looked around the lobby for a second, and it was empty.

I really think that taking 60 seconds to break someone’s change would have beat staring out the window until the next customer arrived.

I believe the correct customer service move would have been to ask me if I’d like to sign up for their bank, thus making it possible to break my change.

Nope, that never happened.

Now, I can’t find anything online about their policy regarding making change for non-members, and members alike.

It is my understanding that any bank can refuse to make change or handle cash in a way that seems suspicious or whatever.

With that being said, either the policy is new, or most of the employees at this branch don’t usually follow it.

Bank Mutual: all I want to do is pay my cleaning lady, and I want to have the right amount of money on hand.

If your bank is literally empty and your tellers aren’t doing anything, wouldn’t it be better to pay them to do something (like break my change) rather than nothing? Just a thought.

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1 review on Bank Mutual

  1. then we should be looking at top management replacements.

    What do you do when the bank steals from you? I had a IRA CD wth the bank for 20 somthhing years. They automatically renewed me into a .02% savings account account paying something like $4.00 per year on a $20,000 account. But that isn’t what really stinks. They STOLE $30 when I tranferred the account. GO AHEAD,

    call customer service to complain, Shawntell J. will tell you she understands your frustration right before she laughs and hangs up on you.
    Amended. Noticed after I wrote the review that only 3 reviews are posted and Shawntell comes up in the discussion twice.

    JW didn’t have anything good to say about her eithor. Out of all of the employees at Bank Mutual, she is cited in 2 out of 3? Is she the face of Bank Mutual? I say if she isn’t gone in a week, then we should be looking at top management replacements.

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