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BEWARE!!!!! ($395.00 turns into $900) Baku Moving is a company that performs bait and switch. I have moved 4 times (twice to different states) in the past three years due to work. So I am very familiar with the process. All of my moves have only taken 4 hours max (including the packing/ disassembly of my furniture when moving from a house to an apartment). However this (10 mile) move took 8 hours without them packing up anything and only disassembling my bed. Baku quoted me $395.00 for 3 guys, 1 truck and 2 hours not telling me that the guys would be incompetent.

I was scheduled for a move at 1 time but the movers arrived 3 hours and 15 minutes late. Luckily, I was still able to keep my elevator reservation for my apartment. All of my items were packed in Lend-A-Boxes on dollies in order to expedite the move. The driver, who happened to be the chosen person to disassemble my bed, told me initially that he did not have the tools to take it apart. An hour later he asked if I had tools… knowing that everything was packed in my house. 45 minutes later he told one of the guys pushing the boxes to the elevator to go get his tools. Yes! The same tools he said he didn’t have. After retrieving the tools he stated he could not take the bed apart and asked for us to do it ourselves. Interestingly enough, this bed had been taken down 4 times before by professional companies with no problem. He played around for another hour pretending to take the bed apart before we threatened to hire someone else. Miraculously, the bed then came apart with ease and within 15 minutes we were done. If you are counting it took them 3 hours to move a 2 bedroom apartment (prepacked with items on dollies).

Fast forward to the time it took to offload the truck which was 4 hours because the person disassembling the bed decided he did not know how to put our bed back together. The second issue was another one of the 3 decided he would bring 1 box up at a time instead of using the dollies properly. The third mover I have nothing but great things to say about him. He worked hard, was very nice and apologized for the others. I spoke with a manager and he gave me $95 off while charging me $900 for a move that was quoted by other moving companies as $500 most.

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  1. So unfortunately I ended up going with another company.

    So I never used them for my move but I did have them come over to my home, get an estimate, booked the move and then recived it via email. That’s when what I consider a hidden fee showed up.

    I don’t know about most of you potential customers but for large ticket items I use a credit card. And it was to my surprise that if you use a credit card with this company they will charge you 3% on top of their quote.

    I wouldn’t have mind if they told me upfront or if it was clearly disclosed in their pricing but it is not. So unfortunately I ended up going with another company.

  2. Great customer service in an industry where that's not the norm.

    Great customer service in an industry where that’s not the norm. The move took far longer than expected, but the great attitudes never quit.

  3. I contacted Baku moving about a simple moving project

    I contacted Baku moving about a simple moving project. However, I did not realize there was a 48 hour cancelation policy and window time for moving. Baku was very responsive about my needing to cancel the day of the scheduled move since the moving policy conflicted with my move needs – I appreciate that Baku being flexible about my situation and do plan to contact the company in the future for any future moving needs.

  4. Elmaddin and Seymur just provided me with an excellent moving experience.

    Elmaddin and Seymur just provided me with an excellent moving experience. After a late minute cancellation, they arrived to my house after an hour of booking the appointment.

    Got to moving as soon as they walked in the door. They were pleasant and hasty!! I will definitely use their services in the future. Great company! Great workers! They deserve a raise I’m sure!!

  5. Best movers I have ever found! Thank you

    Excellent. I move every few yesrs for work. Best movers I have ever found! Thank you

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