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Please, don't waste your time or money. I wish I hadn't.

I warn you, DO NOT HIRE AND WORK WITH Baiza Construction IF YOU DO, IT WILL BE AT YOUR OWN RISK – YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED!!! I hired this Company to do a Bathroom renovation as my house was on the market and had already been repainted and was getting new carpet installed as well.

While his Company’s work initially seemed satisfactory they installed the Toilet flapper incorrectly when replacing my Toilet which caused water to overflow when Carpet installers were there and used the Toilet then went to flush it.

The overflow consisted of feces water which leaked down to my second floor ceiling, staining it and dripping all over the brand new carpet I’d just gotten installed. The water damage to the Carpet consisted of both my Master Bedroom and Second Floor hallway and bedroom newly installed carpet.

The extensive water damage also caused water stains/damage to the newly painted second floor ceilings and walls. Thank God, the Carpet company took responsibility and paid for everything: the plumber to come out and fix the Toilet, the re-painting of the stained walls as well as the re-carpeting of all the new carpet they had just finished installing before this Toilet issue damaged all of their hard work.

When I brought this to Baiza Constructions attention and even mentioned how he was fortunate that the Carpet company took responsibility and paid for the damage although the damage was caused by his Companies faulty workmanship he was mean, ignorant, rude, unprofessional and defensive towards me.

Instead of taking responsibility for his Company’s workmanship error, he refused to take responsibility at all even though I had a Plumber come out to fix the problem who made me aware that the flapper was installed too close to the back of the Toilet top when the Baiza Construction worker installed the Toilet.

After explaining to Baiza Construction, how it was his Companies fault (per the Plumber’s description of what they did wrong) and my dissatisfaction with his work, he denied it was his Company’s fault and instead blamed it on the Toilet itself and said he’d give me $150.00 back for the cost of the Toilet and that was it even though he got away with not having to pay for any of the cost of the damage and repairs to get the House sale ready again which cost about $600.00. To add insult to injury he then NEVER SENT ME THE CHECK FOR $150.00!!!

I asked him to mail it twice and gave him my address twice. He promised he would send it and never mailed me my refund. Terrible workmanship, a company that won’t stand behind their own work. We all make mistakes but it’s how you make it up to the Customer that counts. He did a terribly offensive job of NOT making it up to me, his Customer.

I will never again work with them, will never refer them to anyone and pray that my review stops someone else from hiring them and running into this kind of poor Customer Service that I experienced after spending my hard earned money for work to be completed by this Company.

I am extremely upset with how they handled this situation with me! They are extremely unprofessional if something goes wrong due to their error!! Please, don’t waste your time or money. I wish I hadn’t.

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Reported Loss :400 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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