Darius Fisher

Total Fraudster - Avoid Him

Darius Fisher has been involved in many FRAUDULENT activities, both as a reputation management “expert” and an investor.

Part of his reputation management scam at Status Labs, he charges you $10,000 claiming he can completely remove ripoffreport and other negative search results on the Internet.

That is a lie. He can’t even manage his own reputation. If you are reading this, that means he can’t.

Then he says you have to pay him monthly because it takes many months before you see results.

If you stop paying him, he will make the situation worse for you.

It is a TRAP. Do not even contact him. Definitely do not pay him in advance.

If you contact him for even free consultation, they know you have a reputation problem. They make it even worse, so you will have to keep paying them every month.

The day you part with your money is that last day he is willing to talk to you.

While figuring how I got SCAMMED by this man, I found out Darius Fisher has scammed people in investments too.

He will get you into one-sided investment contracts that you will regret for the rest of your life.

When you realize that you have been taken, it is way too late.

Of course, he flatly denies all of these, like a typical con artist. Don’t be fooled by him.

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7 reviews

  1. Darius Fisher of Status Austin has been frolicked

    I do not think, anybody would be able to remove rip off report even in 10,000$.

    So Darius Fisher is lying about their claim and he must have cheated many of his client

    Darius Fisher have his own reputation management company called Status Labs http://www.statuslabs.com , this is among one of the top reputation management company but what I see is Darius Fisher is not able to clad is own Reputation.

    Message for Darius Fisher of Status Labs: this is something you can be pestered and I hope you will get an infallible stuff for this incident report

  2. Status labs reviews

    Status labs has many time used malpractice to remove report from online defamation sites and some time they have caught.

    its great that some reputation management companies are being listed on this kind of damaging sites.

  3. Status labs reviews

    See what I have disovered, I said they used malpractice and here is the proof http://www.cnbc.com/2014/09/11/pr-pitch-well-pay-you-to-mention-our-clientscommentary.html.

    they bribed freelance writers of CNBC to just mention their client names on reputed site.

    status labs CEO Darius Fisher from Austin have said just mention our client name and we will pay you.

    Please check status labs Reviews On internet before hiring thme

  4. Status Labs Review

    Status labs Review – I have received one of the best services from Status Labs, Thank you Darius Fisher.

    They have never claimed that they will remove rip off report, they have said we can push report from first page listing to second page listing or even on third page, the allegation on Status Labs or on Darius Fisher Can not be justified and I would like you to do some research before making this kind of report online.

    The reported party have only said Darius Fisher of Status Labs is a scammer or fraud but where is the proof, is the reported party attached any proof on allegation?

    Please clear your mind, its just to defame reputation of a great company or person.

    Dirty Scam should delete this report and Give Justice to Mr. Fisher.



  5. Status Labs Review

    Hey Kevin , Why dont you check on CNBC, Its one of the legitated news site check what kind of stuff done by your greatest Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher http://www.cnbc.com/2014/09/11/pr-pitch-well-pay-you-to-mention-our-clientscommentary.html

  6. Darius Fisher of Status Labs Scam

    This guy is a definite scammer. It is great to see more people are coming forward.

    Look at all of his PR about himself. They are all fake and paid.

  7. Proof of Fraud

    Kevin (or shall I say Darius?), bribing a journalist to create fake articles for financial gain is Fraud. Are you saying the CNBC journalist lied? He has openly published it and standing behind it.

    Why doesn’t Darius openly challenge that CNBC journalist?

    Our minds are very clear. You should pull your head out of you know where. Why did you have to use Status Labs services? You must be a scammer yourself.

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Austin TX US
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Approved Date:March 7, 2017
Status :Published
Reported Loss :10000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Location city :Austin
Reported by : anonymous
Category : Person
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