Athavudhi Hirunburana

Athavudhi Hirunburana Fraud and Scam Investor

The name Athavudhi Hirunburana is being used in a scam to get funds from vulnerable companies looking for investors. Disguised as a Thai businessman and angel investor, it is a very clever scam right up to the Offer Letter as it is then you will first see the legal charges to be paid prior to any investment being issued.

Our only regret is not seeing the article on about Athavudhi Hirunburana, however wasting the time of the scammers has been worthwhile for us.

Do NOT trust any offers and delete all correspondence from the beginning that has Athavudhi Hirunburana in it…..DO NOT trust or fall into the scam.

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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : catherinemckee36
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