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I came across this website link of Asic from a article and I just registered out of curiosity. I did not deposit any money. I got a call back from the agent and she convinced me to deposit the minimum of 250$ to buy the bitcoins and start trading.

Since I do not have any knowledge on trading, she told me that she would do it for me and I do not have to worry. Then she called me again and said if I want to see good profit, I need to invest 600$ more which I did as I trusted her.

Then she had an accident and my agent was changed. He traded for me and I got some profit. Just yesterday I saw my account, there was a profit and I wanted to withdraw my money. I emailed my agent on how to withdraw money. Next morning that is today, I received a message from him in Skype that I lost all the money in my account.

I do not understand how it happened overnight, only when I asked for withdrawal? Once i wanted to stop my trading and the guy convinced me to not stop trading and i completely relied on him. Now when I asked for my investment back, I was told that the money is lost.

I tried to contact this guy but in vain, otherwise he would call me almost everyday to persuade me to put another 5000$ in my account to have on-going profit. What could be more fraud case and company this can be? Clearly a fraud company.

Stay away from this Asic Trader company. I am now wondering how to file a legal case or report this case to the police? Any help would be appreciated.

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5 reviews on Asic Trader

  1. Work with Harvey Weinstein

    Harvey is AsicTrader worker and I really heve no problems with this broker. We have a connection with Harvey at least twice a week I always know where my money.

    1. Yes, fully agree. I work with another broker from AsicTrader, but all the same. We always keep in touch

    2. AVOID !!

      HARVEY WEINSTEIN is a scammer he lost my funds which thankfully wasn’t a lot then apparently made me 200 then said it’s lost and wanted me to fund another £1000 I wish I could let you all see the swear words I called him I said how the hell can you promise you will double my money when you have apparently lost and spent no doubt my first deposit! He’s an idiot I’m surprised to see that some people actually say he is ok maybe he is if you keep paying him!!IDIOT

    3. Really??

      Can I ask have u actually withdraw any money? My account looked great when he said I made a bit on the market but I never got to withdraw it Harvey seems to be good at one thing blagging poor souls out of there hard earned money then saying it’s lost on the market and pay more and he will double it dam idiot! Anyone who wants to try and get there lost funds back just google trader defense reclaim lost funds there is a possibility.

    4. This Harvey Weinstein seem to me as a crook. He refused me withdrawal and then put all of my account in a trade that gave 50% loss. After that I have tried to withdraw the rest. But I get no response from Asictrader,
      So in my mind ..this is farud. I would like to hear from anyone who actually has succeded to withdraw.
      Now I look for the best entrance to any police that can take care of crimes like this

  2. just forgot about stars rank, sorry

  3. i lost 2300 euro scam horrible iam trying to get it back

  4. My name is Amanda Lewin
    Im working with Asictrader already around 4month. I used to work with some analyst at the beginning and I lost 400eur eventually Ms. Joseph called me to recover my account, obviously I was not in a good emotions how ever now Im very happy by the results. Maybe they are not the best company by the support, but Im always getting a respond over the WhatsApp from Joseph and really satisfied with profits and withdrawals. Verification process also long, but if that’s what needed to get profits, I’m in.

  5. Hello! How many people how many opinions, worked previously with another company, then saw the possibility of the company AsiС, the manager was attentive, helped to understand those issues of risk and others, then after the successful investment began bidding .. and ooo, bingo good interest, and again! I’m not a weakling and I want great results, I RECOMMEND

London England GB
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Reported Loss :900 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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