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My brother was addicted to drugs and we were going through a rough phase. We had to make numerous efforts to convince him for a treatment which he was not completely agreed for. Still, his wife and I made pressure and he went with us to the Ashley addiction treatment center. I had inquired about their services from internet which clearly read that they follow strict rules for adamant patients.

After reading this, I took my brother to them. I informed them about the condition that he was going through and demanded to keep an eye on him. We even mentioned about his disagreement with us about the rehab centre. The staffs seemed nice but only until we paid and left our brother in hands of these inexperienced and unprofessional liars.

They told us that they would take care of him and would not allow phone or other medium to contact his girlfriend and few other family members. His girlfriend was the one who motivated him for taking drugs and was a part of his sin. We strictly mentioned about her and they noted it as well. After a thorough meeting, I paid in advance and they assured about the isolation that they would put him.

I was a little bit relaxed and was hoping for a better result. However, it only got worse. The nurses were not friendly and were not taking care of his mental health as per the medication required. Even the counsellors were mostly out of touch and showed up rarely for few minutes in a week.

This al got worse when they allowed his girlfriend who was the reason for his condition, to meet him. This made it difficult for us to handle the situation which till then we thought was under control. I got a call from my brother’s wife that he had run away with that girlfriend of his.

When we tried to confront the people at Ashley Addiction treatment, they seemed ignorant about the fact that we mentioned about the girl. The person whom we talked to was not around which showed how managed their program is. One person who leaves does not give proper information about the case that he was handling and we people pay for it.

When my sister in law tried to consult the counsellor at the facility, her calls were ignored and she was put to wait for longer times when she asked for someone to put her across with. The receptionist did not bother for informing her about the staff’s unavailability and disconnected the phone without a response.

When we managed to contact the centre personally, we were put through a lot of paper work and none of them were worried about my brother’s escape. I did ask them for a refund for which they started shouting on us for having such a creepy brother who never let them help him. But, that is what they do. They help people in finding the right answer. Then how can my brother be an exception.

The medical records were of no use and the papers that they presented me about the therapy sessions he attended, consisted nothing but few questions about his likes and dislikes and they never got to the next step.

I wanted all the papers concerning his medical examination history since the day he was admitted, but they refused saying that the information was confidential.

While I was there to drop my brother to their treatment centre, I requested to meet the counsellor. I wanted to talk about the problems of my brother and wanted to make sure they start with the right insight. However, they rejected my request saying that they know what to do.

This is how a rehab centre works? If yes, it is better they should be shut down, Because, it is all about making money and they do not even consider the noble cause they are working for. If not all, Ashley belongs to this group.

They only are good in taking your money from your account. My cheque was cleared the next day I gave it to them. What an impatient centre it was? They put us many steps behind.

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  1. Ashley addiction treatment center review

    No discipline. Once you are inside the center, you are on your own. If you are not willing to gt better, you will not be either coached or forced into getting better. Better think of any other center as it would be anyway better than Ashley addiction treatment center.

  2. Ben Y is a dumb ass

    Ben Y just gave a bad review he has no idea what he’s talking about I went there they can’t give you the paperwork it’s confidential everybody in the world knows that I don’t know where you’re from but they can’t give you his medical records and they can’t hold him there like he’s a prisoner he can leave whenever he wants that’s against the law why don’t you read up asshole sounds like you’re trying to make excuses sounds like your brother couldn’t do it and you’re pissed he couldn’t and you didn’t get your money back because he attended part of the program it’s brother’s fault not not father Martin’s father Martin’s is awesome you don’t know what you’re talkin about and if you got a problem with what I’m saying just put something on here and I’ll give you my phone number and address and we can meet up and talk about it

  3. Ben Y I put wrong email address this is the right one down a little

    Ashley is great Ben doesn’t know what he’s talking about he’s just mad his brother didn’t finish the program and he had to pay for it. They can’t give you his medical records it’s against the law. Your brother can leave whenever he wants they can’t hold him hostage it’s against the law. Stop being a crybaby and let your brother be accountable for his own problems quit deflecting it’s not Ashley’s fault. If you don’t like what I’m saying put another review up here and I’ll give you my address and we can get together and have a discussion or whatever by Benny

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