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Demand money and gold jewelry

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  1. I was scammed by the same guy.

    This guy is a charmer; be careful. He will try to get you to buy him things and make you feel as if you are that special”one”.He will use that charm to make you pay for things. He even got a $900 necklace along with a cross country trip that he persuaded me to do; I ended up paying for the whole trip. He acts like he is your friend; but it is all a lie. He lives in a crappy trailer that is probably rat infested ..which he does not even own. He has even got the owners of the property, which are his neighbors, snowed. He lives in that crappy trailer, growing his pot, not paying for a damn thing.
    Funny how this post was made when I was out west with Art. Wish I would of met the person that posted this before that happened

    1. Nancy Bogan

      I’m really sorry I was hoping I was the only one that this it happened but the thing about this is you have a voice,and don’t feel like he beat you because he didn’t beat you you stood up and you let your voice be heard. Don’t remain quiet let your voice be heard, because you see when somebody does what he did to us they think they have the power and they taking our power away take your power back don’t let somebody is miserable in life is he is beat you because at the end of the day he’s not worth it and remember this you’re worth it you are priceless.

Haberman Drive 5143
Brooksville 34601 FL US
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Reported Loss :300 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : cockybogan
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