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Outpatient treatment at arrowhead lodge recovery, AZ and never lose your addiction.

I got signed up as an outpatient at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery. They term it as the best solution for 30+ men’s Addiction problems. After signing up I was told that a counselor from their end would come to see me and investigate my issues on a day and time.

I developed an addiction towards hydromorphone when I got fired from my job. The reason behind me getting fired was a wrong decision taken by me on one specific project. My relatives noticed a drastic change in my behavior and it was finally after slapping my sister that I realized how this drug was spoiling my future chances for a better life.

On my first interaction with the counselor at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery seemed nice and he asked me relevant questions as well as inquired about my addiction’s history and many other things. Before leaving he told me that he will get back to me with further instructions. I waited for 2 days and did not receive any call from him or Arrowhead Lodge Recovery.

I called Arrowhead to inquire about what was up with my case. They told me how it’s going to take a day more for them, to recommend me with a perfect treatment which can “probably” lead to me getting sober. I checked their website, it was written that they do not see Outpatient treatment as an Optimal Solution, which made me worried. I received a call from the receptionist saying how my sessions are going to be conducted hourly every day. Receptionist was really bad at communication, I had to make sure I got all my doubts cleared, everything was asked by me rather than said by her.

I was informed “verbally” about the therapy which I would have to undergo, individually as well as in a group. I found that their charges were high in terms of the service that they were providing me. But then I was told how they took care of every patient in a special manner and even offered After-Care, if needed. When the actual treatment started, it got more and more confusing.

They did not match up with my timings at all. It felt like I was a school kid who had to make sure he does not miss anything from the school he had paid fees in. It was me who had to call them at the right time and ask for them, otherwise my money + treatment was gone. As a part of their service they offer weekly drug tests. I have had instances when my samples weren’t collected by their team and I had to skip that tests because their boy was not on duty.

Just to test them, I asked the Doctor’s views on the other drug which was like the one that I was given. The Doctor’s reply was rude. He told me that I am a patient and I am not supposed to recommend what he should give me and not. After this I asked the authorities to change my doctor at once. This change took them a week, which resulted in an unwanted delay of my treatment.

It came to my notice that all the verbal commitments they had made were not followed in the manner they were made. I was informed how patients are taught about the ideas that are helpful for them to become sober. Ideas like holistic living, spirituality, Yoga and Meditation.

None of those were taught to us by Arrowhead Lodge Recovery. I was just shown some videos during one of the Group Therapy that we had. I remember the receptionist saying how there will be workshops on the topic of Life Skills. I don’t remember a single call from their end about any workshop.

It is end of the program today and I am still not fully sober. When I told them the same, their astonishing reply was,” Why don’t to come, try our Individualized Treatment?” This kind of unprofessional behavior leads me to a single opinion about them which is: Their Outpatient treatment is an attempt to make more money from people suffering from Addiction.

I recommend Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Rehab Program to everyone that intents to waste their money and stay addicted for the rest of their lives.

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5 reviews on Arrowhead Lodge Recovery

  1. Worst rehab center

    People are treated like a dogs.. The medication are given by one of their specialist is used to given to dogs.. stay away from arrowhead rehab.

  2. Arrowhead Lodge Recovery review

    They are not at all what they pretend to be. My friend got into one of their recovery program and was treated as a prisoner. He has minor addiction and was willing to get rid of it. But, they tortured him and finally he left.

    He went for outstation program and they lured him for a week’s session. He left after two days only.

  3. Arrowhead Lodge Recovery review

    Arrowhead is a complete mess. But, I was lucky to find people who were admitted there and because of them, I am still sober. If they were not admitted the same time, I was, I must have been still struggling to come out of my addiction.

    Arrowhead may seem professional at first, but it is not. My stay for 90 days, showed me what reality was, inside the campus.

    Their medication was a flop show. They gave dog’s medication to one of my group’s member. It was close and he vomited or else, he had to admit in the hospital.

    They also charged me twice and billed extra $10,000 which I paid as well. It is been a year, I have been in talks with them to refund my amount. But, they seem to be deaf at this part. Actually, they were deaf at almost all the parts.

    It is not necessary to find group members like I did, so, stay away from Arrowhead Lodge Recovery. They will rip you apart.

  4. Arrowhead Lodge Recovery Scam

    Worst center ever. They are doing nothing to help people and are collecting money in the name of rehab center. Arrowhead is just a full stop and not a fresh start.

  5. 5 Star Arrowhead Lodge Recovery

    As I read the previous review, I am quite honestly taken aback. My first thought was “Are we talking about the same place?” My experience with Arrowhead Lodge, their staff and providers, was always above board, honest, open, clear, and timely. I never experienced delays or scenarios as described by the previous reviewer. I will always consider the experience of Arrowhead Lodge as a program based on honesty, integrity, and transparency, just as the 12 Steps teach us, and would highly recommend Arrowhead Lodge to anyone. Recovery is a function of internal willingness to change, not external willingness to blame. 5+ stars!

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