Arizona Federal Credit Union

Greedy bankers

Greedy bankers must be stopped. Credit unions are democratically owned. Did the members have an opportunity to vote for this $36 annual fee for the so-called privilege of being a member? NO! To make it worse, they insult US with the so-called “Power of US,” so that the executives can make bigger bonuses on the back of the little guy. My friends and I, who are members, will be closing our accounts because we do not want to support the greedy bankers here, until the greedy fees are rescinded. Arizona FCU has lost its moral compass.

These fees are not mutually beneficially. Its time to take back OUR credit union. It does NOT belong to Ron Westad and he does not deserve to have his pockets stuffed with OUR money. Arizona FCU made $45 MILLION in PROFIT last year. On top of that, they are charging $36 in fees for being a member. This is uncalled for, unjustified, inappropriate!

There are many alternative credit unions that have community memberships where most people can join, such as Alliant no fee, Arizona Central $1000 or a 2nd service to avoid fees, Arizona State no fee, Canyon State no fee, Credit Union West no fee, Deer Valley no fee, Desert Schools $200 balance of 2nd service to avoid fee, First no fee, First American no fee, Hughes no fee, Marisol no fee, Pima no fee, Pinal County no fee, Pyramid no fee, San Tan no fee, Sunwest no fee, Tempe Schools no fee, Truwest no fee, Vantage West no fee. Go to to find a friendly, non-greedy credit union by inputting your zip code. It will tell you which credit unions are near you. Vote with your feet.

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  1. Arizona Federal Credit Union Scam.

    The Staff seem to think you owe them something and your money is at there discretion to be handled as they see fit. Waited for an hr or more to pull money out of an account I deposited cash in.

    Had to explain time and time again that I had been saving to buy a car and had found the one I wanted and wanted to do a cash deal. Wow you should have thought that my account of years belonged to them.

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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