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Sacs just wants your money, disregarding your health and safety

I just finished with the painful reconstruction of my breasts damaged horribly by Arizona Cosmetic Surgery. He did two BA’s on me. 2 mistakes I wish I never had done. My breasts were so badly damaged by sacs I had to have the implants removed.

Sacs also did lipo near my armpits severing a piece of my left pectoral muscle almost completely off and he left it dangling in my body!

Sacs and I agreed to go over the muscle, or should I say he convinced me with fancy drawings and large medical vocabulary to go that route. Big mistake. You cannot see the implant when it’s over the muscle in a mammogram which makes it more difficult to detect abnormalities. A vital piece of information he left out of our conversation.

When my explant was performed by a board certified plastic surgeon she stated one implant was under the muscle and one was over! Really?, I sure did not agree to that lazy way of performing the surgery. It caused me to now have scarring under and over the muscle , costing more money, more time and more pain to have repaired.

Thank god my wonderful Board Certified Plastic Surgeon found it and repaired it, along with repairing all the other damage caused by sacs. Sacs just wants your money, disregarding your health and safety.

Please spend the extra money on an actual plastic surgeon. Sacs will damage your body and not give it a second thought.

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  1. I was told by one Dr. I needed to have them removed.

    I had my 1st breast augumintation done in . Of 88 and i was gave his word that by not going behind the muscle tha i wouldn’t have any problemsbwith my breast at all. Well that wasbablie. I was told by one Dr. I needed to have them removed.

    My family Dr. Suggested to have them redone, well i cant afford to have them redone. I ended up with a botched set of brest. I feel he should do the reconstruction over andbdo it right and not charge anything. I paid over $2000.00 to him for mine & now it makes me self consious to remove my clothing. So I feel he shouldbhavebto do a redo for free.

  2. I highly recommend Dr. Sacks to anyone considering cosmetic surgery

    I am so happy to have counseled with Dr. Sacks and decided he should be the doctor to refresh my face. He and his staff made me comfortable and made sure I knew everything beforehand. The procedure was performed in his personal operating room and I was confident everything was clean, orderly and sterile.

    The post operative period was better than I anticipated, with little pain and minimal discomfort. I look fantastic!! I highly recommend Dr. Sacks to anyone considering cosmetic surgery

  3. Great...

    My experience was a 10+ with Dr. Sacks and his staff. I have wanted breast reduction surgery for over 25+years but college, marriage, kids and life put my desires on the back burner. After loosing weight on a vigorous exercise plan and no change in my breast size – enough was enough. I made the call to Dr. Sacks and 2 other plastic surgeons;

    after a consultation with each I chose Dr. Sacks and booked my surgery. I was so nervous leading up to the surgery. I can say without a doubt BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE…I am 2 weeks out of surgery and healing great. My only regret was not making the call sooner. Thank you Dr. Sacks and entire staff.

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