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I don’t know about arguello financial senior but I did my taxes with arguello junior a couple of years back and I was charged over a couple of hundred dollars for his services. He didnt find any deductables for me and I ended up paying the state and federal a large amount of money. I have a comercial property and work. So i expected to pay the government but i never paid so much to the governernment in all my years of doing my taxes.

So i figured OK were in a recession maybe thats why i’m paying so much never questioned him.The following year I went to an IRS friend to do my taxes so I showed her the taxes from last year the one mr. arguello did and she went “who did these taxes?” he didnt really do anything to find any deductables he didnt even check to see if i had business expenses or transportation expenses she said he didnt really check for anything, that year instead of paying the government the government actually paid me.

so i dont know if it was because i had a retired irs agent do my taxes or mr. arguello just didn’t do his job but you can be judge but when it comes to your money i would check other options.

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  1. Arguello Financial Bad Service.

    The owner Rodolfo hung up on me and it’s just rude treatment to a paying customer. I have referred so many people to him and I will be sure to tell them of my direct experience with the owner so that they know what kind of business owner they are dealing with.

    It just leaves a bad taste and this is not the way to treat your customers! He doesn’t event deserve a 1 star rating but I couldn’t post without doing so!

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Severity of Scam :High
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