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The worth banya i ever visited … filthy dirty , OVER PRICED place

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9 reviews on Archimedes Banya

  1. i dont know how the day time looks and feels.

    went last Friday evening,first of all its not a great place for solo visitors .Everybody comes in groups. The whole area is small..and very crowded. I don’t think everyone is open for socializing.

    the rooftop and all were empty. not enough hooks to hang towels. the steam rooms were very dark and hard to find way. looks like very smokey inside. i dont know how the day time looks and feels.

  2. don't go there if you don't want to get sick . . .

    Crazy experience after visiting this Banya ,next day I got each on my back and my wife made an appointment with a doctor , this banya has a lot of disease , don’t go there if you don’t want to get sick . . .

  3. Scammer

    A banya ought be a serene space to renew oneself for a more balanced presence in the hustle bustle daily world.

    Changing Rooms: Small and cramped. Rude guests clambered over
    each other to get at lockers, stow street clothes, and robe-up for spas.

  4. When I tried to walk into the steam room it was a packed can of sardines.

    We came in here on a sunday afternoon, its was completely packed. The locker room experience was small lockers inside a grungy looking YMCA feel locker room. My boyfriend and i then stepped into the hotub area which was just bizarre.

    The layout of this 1st floor was so uncomfortable and ridiculously crowded with naked people looking to enter, either steam rooms or hot tubs or cold tubs. It was so crowded that there was no room to even have a place to hang your robe on entering a hot tub.

    The energy of this room was beyond weird. When I tried to walk into the steam room it was a packed can of sardines.

  5. So disappointed.

    I use to love this place! I’ve came here for facials for the last two months and they’ve been great. I love Nina. She’s nice, professional and does a great job. However, last week I tried some one new to get a facial from. Her name was te’kara. I wish I haven’t don’t that.

    She was so rude! She looked as if she didn’t want to be there and she had the nerve to take a phone call during our session. Very disrespectful. She scratched my face with those long pointy nails that she has, I can’t believe they would hire such trash.

    Her hair was so long and in her face that she wasn’t able to do her work well. Where did they find her at? Do yourself a favor and don’t book te’kara, save your time a d money. So disappointed.

  6. Customer service was a little slow checking in and checking out customers.

    I went here for the first time this week. I have been to other spa and saunas that are better and for some reason was expecting a little better. The ambiance is somewhat industrial and more like a university athletic center. The sauna, steam and jacuzzi are ok,

    but I have the same amenities at my gym. I found out when I arrived that their spa services were booked for the day so evidently you need to go online in advance to get an appointment. Evidently no cell phone service while I was there, I am with AT&T so I felt a little disconnected.

  7. Spa day at Archimedes Banya.

    Spa day at Archimedes Banya. I went on President’s Day weekend. The spa was very crowded, noisy, and more like a single’s bar than a place to relax and rejuvenate.

    It’s not a typical New Age music, serene, cucumber on the eyes sort of spa. It’s a clothing optional, single and mingle type of place. It’s definitely more interesting than relaxing…although the deep tissue massage was on point.

  8. I love this place

    I love this place, I can’t wait til I can go back

  9. This place is amazing!

    This place is amazing! I felt like i am a new person! I had a back pain and my muscles were so sore that I sauna and hot tab helped me so much! I would definitely recommend this place, 5 stars all the way!

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