Anne fox

1997 Chevy Silverado 1500

She scammed me on Craigslist had me get ebay gift cards for a Chevy Silverado 1500 she said she lives in Virginia on a military base and her phone calls were restricted

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1 reviews on Anne fox

  1. Anne Fox Truck Fraud

    Anne Fox advertised for a 1500 Silverado, this is a scam. They ask for $1000 in gift/ebay cards then possibly more for “shipping insurance”. I filed with the government internet fraud department. Taking this bitch down.

    1. Dalaney Fabian

      I have recently found a black chevy truck for my boyfriend for $1,000. Anne & me had been emailing back in forth about how to do the payments and such. She told me her husband has died 3 months ago and that’s why the truck price was so low. I emailed her one last time to ask if it was a scam and she hasn’t replied since then. Is this the same Anne fox ?

  2. Anne fox/ Michelle Alderman

    While looking for a vehicle on Craigslist two different individuals contacted me ( Michelle Alderman 1st Anne Fox 2nd) Michelle posted a black 2010 chrysler town and country touring for $1800 saying via email that husband had died and the van held painful memories. As I continued contact she claimed she recently moved, Nebraska, and ebay would handle the sale. I was indifferent, but I thought maybe that this was some sorta new way of doing business – A legitimate looking letter came from “ebay” with a number. In the letter they wanted me to purchase green dot cards for the purchase. I new then that this stunk, but I called the number and a bumbling man answered after several rings simply with a hello! – No professional thank you for your call yada yada yada with business name. I asked who this was meaning what business and he simply said ” this is Alex” I asked what company and he repeated his name. Anne fox has started off identical just different vehicle ( Chevy Silverado $ 1000) same story about the husband dying recently and ebay handling the sale. I don’t know how many scams like these are going on, but more than likely its the same person or persons just changing names and vehicle type. They initially don’t talk on phone probably dont create the illusion that theres more than one person involved and attempting to bolster the legitimacy of sending green dots before even seeing vehicle in person. Remember test drive before you buy. When buying on the internet your debit or credit card should be more than sufficient. The cash green dot insures that they get your money and where you can’t cancel. For those who have been ripped off I pray the Eternal will get your money back.

Medford OR US
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Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : travisjohnmelson36
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