Amit Bhardwaj

GBminers & Gainbitcoin are the ponzi scheme operated by Amit bhardwaj

Amit Bhardwaj is scamming people through his bitcoin companies GBminers & Gainbitcoin but still no one seems interested in arresting him or even prosecuting him.

In 2015, while I was doing my internship, I came to know about Gainbitcoin. It was introduced to me through a friend. It seemed as the right step towards learning more about Bitcoin and at the same time, I thought I would be able to earn from it.

I did not spend much time thinking about the opportunity and without wasting much time, I flew to Delhi. Couple of friends also joined me when I told them about it. We all went there to meet Amit Bhardwaj who is the founder of Gainbitcoin and GBminers

It took him around an hour to explain us the entire concept. I must say, he has got the magic to make people believe in what he has to say.

We got a lot excited after hearing to details. He led us to his 5-year plans and where he wanted to see us by then. It was quite lucrative deal. The payouts, he explained seemed too good to be true, still achievable. He even told us about the company to make us more familiar with it and gain our trust while we invested and made others to invest.

The company is registered in Singapore and the mining pool is in China. This we got to know during our first meeting. Amit explained that we need to buy each contract by paying 1 bitcoin and in return, we would be paid 0.1 BTC for 18 months by the company.

I started as soon as I could. After a week of returning from Delhi, I converted 6 positions and paid 6 bitcoins for the same. I was busy making progress, when I realized that the website was turn down. I checked it and it was down for maintenance. I waited for few days as I knew that it happens sometimes.

However, I did not see any change even after a couple of days. I called the customer care to know about the update. I was told that the website would be up and running in few days. They did not give me an exact date. It was dubious. Hence, I asked them for the withdrawal. When I said so, they asked me to wait for some more time. This happened after three weeks of converting those 6 positions.

I waited for few more days, either to see the website up and running or to find an answer about the withdrawal. But none of that happened. So, I tried to call the customer care again and they did not entertain my request. After many failed return, I tried getting hold of Amit Bhardwaj.

He had shared his personal number as well as email, when we first met him. But, he never replied on that number. So, I sent emails asking about the withdrawal. I got no response which was almost expected.

I knew few members from the Bitcoin community. Hence, after trying hard for two months, when I did not see any reply from Amit Bhardwaj or his team, I contacted those community members. After listening to me, they told me other related stories about Amit Bhardwaj. They completely warned me for not believing him again.

I anyway had my lesson. I think, I missed a research that is too much necessary when investing in something that is still a mystery and I paid for that. More than money, what bothered me was my incapability to understand the scam that was coming to me. Being a finance student, it was not acceptable from me.

It has been more than one and a half year, but I have not received any reply yet. Later, I tried finding more about him on internet and came out with many bad stories on his name. The frauds are posted everywhere. There was a post on his facebook account that was filled with the payout grievances. Mostly, they had the same issues of no pay-outs. I would like to thank those, who have posted about his scams.

However, I also understand that these posts can help limit the number of converts but would not be enough to stop him. I soon checked the news about his new venture, named AmazeMiners. It wasn’t surprising. I knew that he would never become content from scamming people and this new venture would become a new source for fooling people.

Hence, I decided to find ways to warn others and started writing posts about his frauds on the internet. I even created a petition as I want to see him behind bars. I am sure, many others have the same wish.

Amit Bhardwaj is a cheater and more than that, a curse for the entire industry that would otherwise, would be much more beneficial for everyone, if separated from these goons who see their profit before everything else.

There are many companies that are offering great opportunities and if played it right, an amazing fortune. All you need to do is, never give in for some fancy deal that looks too good to be true.

Amit Bhardwaj is running his Ponzi scheme that is why he hid in dubai. If you are interested in joining hands with any of his companies or even with those with which he is associated by any means, you should reconsider your decision before it is too late. There are many proofs that are scattered all over the internet. Few have been put down but not all.

I would suggest staying away from this scammer who will make sure you get trapped into some fancy deal and then lose your hard-earned money, like I and many others did. Amit Bhardwaj is a lose end and he will leave you miserable, once his profits are in his account.

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7 reviews on Amit Bhardwaj

  1. GBminers A ponzi scheme

    Media’s already exposing and publishing about his ponzi scheme so amit’s empire soon comes to end 😛

  2. Gainbitcoin Review

    Gainbitcoin is scam company, I never received my payout till the date. Do not give penny to this company.

  3. Amit Bhardwaj review

    Amit is a scammer. He got me into investing and when I demanded a withdrawal, he ignored me completely. I worked for a month and opened new accounts. I lost money and still no hope of getting anything back.

    Amit Bhardwaj should be locked down.

  4. Amit Bhardwaj scam

    I was very much interested to know more about Bitcoin mining and that is why Amit took the opportunity to fool me. I could not see the threat hidden behind his friendly smile.

    He is the underdog of the industry and should be treated in the same manner and not like some expert.

  5. Amit Bhardwaj review

    If you put your money into Amit Bhardwaj’s venture, you would repent it later. He is a fraud and would take away your money for worse.

    My friend is still waiting for an update from his end. Its been more than 6 months that he shut him off. Amit is a scammer.

  6. Gainbitcoin is a scam

    Gainbitcoin is a fraud company and Amit Bhardwaj is the key to all the scams. I am happy that more and more people are joining hands to bring him down. He deserves it.

  7. GBMiners review

    GBMiners took my money and never paid a penny. I tried to call them many times, but no one responded with any update on the money that I owned with them. Instead, they buzzed me off.

    I want to see Amit Bhardwaj behind bars. He is a criminal and not a business man.

Reported Loss :150000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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