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I would NEVER recommend this company even to my worst enemy.

Terrible experience.  They’re the cheapest around and you get what you pay for. They arrived on time but refused to move me .  I had shut off the lights in one room in order to move the lamps.  They told me this was a safety issue and they couldn’t move me. I told them I could plug in a light if they wanted but this was not good enough for them.I think they were intimidated because I had so many boxes. They totally left me in the lurch on the day I needed to move out.  Had to find somebody else at the last minute and cost me twice as much.

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8 reviews on American Budget Moving

  1. American Budget Moving Is Bad.

    One of the movers asked a very inappropriate question about my body during my move. It was unprofessional, rude, and sexual harassment. Upon complaining to ABM, they acted accordingly and notified that the mover had been terminated.

  2. It was our first time using this company for moving from 3rd floor apt to a townhouse

    It was our first time using this company for moving from 3rd floor apt to a townhouse. They ended wasting so much time analyzing what we had and kept asking if we wanted to wrap our sofa, when I kept telling them yes each time it was as if they were hoping my answer would change.

    They then damaged every main furniture, wooden breakfast table and all 6 chairs, and leg/foot of the sofa and hallways on both locations were scuffed pretty bad. These were young guys, but the problem was, one of the guy was much shorter than the other guy and seem pretty weak and didn’t seem like he wanted to be there in first place so he had a real hard time getting anything in and out of the both locations and up and down the staircase at the townhouse.

  3. Worst customer service ever!

    Worst customer service ever! The women who answers the phone and does scheduling was rude and uncooperative. I was moving my daughter to another state and after the phone call to the company to find out when the guys would arrive, she hung up on me The movers got there and were actually very nice, but the owner showed up 30 minutes later and was angry that I was going to post a bad review because of the phone call. He pulled his men off the job and left me to move the stuff on my own!! Buyer be aware!!!

  4. Absolute worst moving company ever!

    Absolute worst moving company ever! The manager is incompetent, rude, unprofessional, and complicit in providing dishonest service. We hired three movers and a truck to move around 80 boxes. The boxes were packed lightly so that the average person could carry them because our intention was to move ourselves.

    Movers moved extremely slowly, taking six hours to complete the move, including taking a 1.5 hour lunch break, which they billed us for “travel time “. Needless to say, the travel time should I have only been 20 minutes maximum given the distance between the two houses.

    I called the manager to share my experience the following day, but before I could say anything, she started to yell at me, accused me of being dishonest, and said that I had no right to talk to her about anything.

    I have never experienced such poor treatment from someone. Please be warned, these people are dishonest and are only after your money, and will scam you to get as much money out of you as possible. You’re much better off taking your business to a professional site elsewhere. I would give zero stars if I could.

  5. I was impressed with the guys at American Budget Movers.

    I was impressed with the guys at American Budget Movers. They were on time (I wasn’t…) and they got the job done quickly. I moved into a four story townhouse and they had to move heavy furniture and boxes to each room. This company charged 1/2 of what the other companies charge. Oh, they were very careful with my things and never touched the walls. I will definitely call them the next time I need move.

  6. I would not recommend using this company.

    I would not recommend using this company. The owner who’s name is Chris flipped out and threatened to cancel our move mid way through. She hung up on us and told us never to call her company again. All because we asked a question about payment. She was beyond crazy and has some sort of mental illness. 0 rating for customer service.

  7. Worst experience ever.

    Worst experience ever. I had used them 2x before, within the last couple years and they were good, so I called them again. Chris (owner) was extremely rude, when asked a simple question about the service fee. She was caught in a lie and couldn’t justify her explanation.

    Movers showed up to nothing more than drive a truck to the new house and unload furniture and boxes. 2 of the movers were VERY rude, and told my wife they would not move some of things they had put in the wrong rooms. Even after buying lunch for the guys, they were more interested in dumping and leaving.

  8. I do not recommend this company.

    Today I called to speak to someone about how unhappy we were about all of our furniture being scratched from their services, as every single piece has been damaged. Today I wanted to call them to let them know that we were unhappy. The man that answered the phone was very rude to me. I do not recommend this company.

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : anonymous
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