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I understand it is frustrating as a business owner to receive bad reviews

After the interaction with this service that I just had, I wouldn’t recommend anyone use them. Spend a little more money and use someone else.

I initially posted a review, but I am rewriting this review because I had inaccurate information. However, in light of what has just occurred in my home, I will keep the negative review.

My main issue is that the behavior of the team’s leader is unprofessional at best. I thought the movers were late and because I did not receive a phone call confirming they were on their way I presumed they were not coming at all. This was a mistake on my part, and I felt bad about it when I realized they were actually on time.

What negated this feeling is the attitude towards me. I understand it is frustrating as a business owner to receive bad reviews, but even still it is inappropriate to pressure the customer to change their review and be rude to them. From the moment they arrived, I was greeted with scowls. I was asked to write my name down, and as soon as they took one look at my name the response was, “you left a bad review on Dirty Scam”. I explained to them that I thought they weren’t coming at all. I told them not to worry because I could always rewrite the old review and that I WOULD do so after they left.

My promises of revision were insufficient for these movers. Immediately the movers took out their frustration at the review on me, complaining to me about how I’m wrong and a liar, that my review was false and misleading, that it was unfair for me to write such a review in the first place, how I am going to single-handedly ruin their business, how they’ve never had a negative review in their lives (which is untrue because there are two other negative reviews on Dirty Scam alone), how I MUST change my review. I was berated for leaving a bad review on the loading dock, on the elevator ride up, on the walk down the hall to my apartment, in my apartment while they were packing up the items to be moved, and finally after all of the items to be moved were gone. They even went so far as to call Dirty Scam on speaker to ask if I could change the review or delete it and then to explain how I can do that. Finally, when I’d had enough of this treatment and tried to defend myself, I was talked over, shouted over, and talked down to.

The movers were here for roughly 17 minutes and according to the timer on my phone they were taking out their frustrations on me for roughly 9 minutes. I’m a young woman in my 20’s, and there were three strange men in my apartment. It felt threatening, to say the least, to then be confronted in such a manner. It made me extremely uncomfortable and put me on edge. Moreover, this could have all been avoided had they just accepted my promise to edit the review and my apology for my prior inaccurate review. I felt bad for my prior review given that I didn’t have all of the facts, but because of the way I was treated in my own home, I don’t feel bad for writing this review AND I can assure its accuracy.

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3 reviews on Ally Moving

  1. Bad Comapny

    I got a quote from them but had some questions. Sent an email on October 25th. Never got a response from them.

  2. They have a great team.

    Although they were a little late, they did call to give me a new eta. When they arrived they were professional and friendly from start to finish. They moved my home gym and a few pieces of large furniture into storage. I will definitely use them again for my next move. They have a great team.

  3. Ally moving did a fantastic job assisting me with my move.

    Ally moving did a fantastic job assisting me with my move. A lot of care was taken to break down my furniture and protect it. I needed help moving items into a portable storage unit and they packed that container like pros.

    They charged me by the hour so it worked out perfectly. They were fast to respond and scheduling was very easy. They showed up on time and the process was handled with ease and care

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : anonymous
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