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Alex McDermott is in league with career criminal James Kevin Marnley better known known as James Taylor since he’s recently changed his name.


Fraudulently acquiring eBay accounts from people desperate for money when you’re not even allowed to sell or buy them in the first place and at the same time he pays Indians on fiverr $50 to make rupee travel websites that are just carbon copies of each other and then sells them at £2,000 each which is quite ridiculous especially considering they’re meant to come with training and then once you’ve paid your money James simply doesn’t pick the phone up and pushes you over too his minions who simply fob you off with excuses because they’ve been paid and therefore now they don’t care.

They also work with Lisa Matthews and Emmanuel Di tillio in order to con money from legitimate people wanting to buy businesses and they prey on the vulnerable and those that don’t know any better.


And the whole load of others that are all scam websites.


Avoid these parasitic scumbags at all costs

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2 reviews on Alex McDermott

  1. Persistent and ruthless

    Alex McDermott operates under a couple of different names one of which is Alex Reid and he works for another online criminal called James Taylor at

    Keeps phoning me asking me if I want to buy an eBay account and I keep telling him no but simply won’t leave me alone and it’s getting beyond a joke. Ripped loads of people off and wont refund money.

  2. Great website. Fantastic customer service from James today.
    I would recommend James to my friends and colleagues

Reported Loss :2000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : svenanderson222
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