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1. “G” the receptionist forgot about my initial consultation (and I came from San Jose).

2. After my procedures (eyelid, scar and buccal fat removal) I arrived for my post-op only to find the doctor was in surgery (again, I had come from San Jose).

3. A post-op was NEVER rescheduled.

Nice guy, technically adept. Just needs to work on customer service.

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5 reviews on Albert W Chow

  1. Dont Use This Company.

    Dr. Chow messed up my plastic surgery on my breasts. I had cancer, had a double mastectomy and the first doctor I went to had one breast too low and another too high.

    I looked like a Picasso painting of a woman. Dr. Chow did fix that, but when it came to making nipples, he had one lower than the other…back to being a Picasso painting. He denied one was too low.

  2. All I wanted was an honest surgeon. Do your research, my friend, or you will be crying.

    Dr. Chow seemed pleasant and friendly at first. He performed rhino/septoplasty after much chat about what needed fixing, namely septal deviation (and only septal deviation).

    After several problems with the surgery (he told me a strut was needed because me tip was not “strong enough” to fix the septal deviation without it and I believed him (why question a surgeon, right?).

    He didn’t even do anything about the septal deviation so, with all of the tremendous swelling that ensued, it looked even more deviated. To this day (many months postop), the strut is still pushing down on my upper lip and causing a tilt on one nostril (he says “I don’t see it.”).

    Several months after surgery, and the above problems remaining, I sought an evaluation by an ENT.

  3. I would not recommend Dr. Chow

    Dr. Chow and his staff were very welcoming and professional in the beginning. With my first couple visits the staff was very friendly and would offer me tea and coffee. I had a rhynoplasty which included, bump removal and nostril narrowing.

    The weeks passed and I noticed I was having difficulty breathing on the left side. I also noticed the bump was still there. When I told Dr. Chow he assured me the swelling on the bump would go down but the strange part was that that area was never in any pain which I found odd.

  4. Incredibly rude staff.

    Incredibly rude staff. I had an appointment for consult. This would not be covered by insurance and I was going to pay by credit card. They demanded I turn over a drivers license. They then demand I sign a form that states I can never sue the doctor.

    Before anything is done I am suppossed to sign away my rights? Unbelievable. Then they demand I sign a privacy statement authorzing the use of my information for research and other purposes. When I tell them I do not agree to that they say it is ok sign it HIPPA will protect you. Not if I sign my rights away!

  5. Dr. Chow and his staff are A++. !!!

    Dr. Chow was referred by a close friend who has known him for over 10 years and had nothing but great things to say about him. He is the only doctor I trust with my Botox and fillers. I always feel comfortable and amazed at the results, a true artist. Dr. Chow and his staff are A++. !!!

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