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The worst customer service

Alaska Neurology Center is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

I attempt to contact them FOR MONTHS regarding an incorrect bill. I’ve left voicemails and never received a call back.

Today, I called and reached the receptionist and asked her to direct me to a live person in billing. I was sent to voicemail.

I called back multiple times and spoke to this same receptionist who continued to transfer me to voicemail and later hung up on me.

After telling her I would be driving to the office if she hung up on me again, she transferred me to Amberlee, who stated she is the manager of the entire clinic.

I expressed to her my frustration as this whole ordeal had now taken up over 45 minutes of my time.

Instead of trying to solve the problem, she explained to me that I had been tying up the phone lines and justified the receptionist’s behavior for repeatedly transferring me to voicemail and hanging up on me.

Which I responded that this whole thing could have been avoided if she had taken two minutes to communicate with me, let me know no billing specialists were available and recommend a good time to call back.

Additionally, when Amberlee verified my contact information so someone could call me back, all three phone numbers in my file were WRONG! I will not be returning to this clinic.

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8 reviews on Alaska Neurology Center

  1. I would never recommend this clinic.

    I would never recommend this clinic. While the doctor seems to be fine, I could not deal with the unprofessional staff. I was told on two occasions by two different medical assistants that they would take care of getting a massage therapy referral from the doctor for me, so that my insurance would assist in paying for this.

    This was not done. In addition to speaking with them face to face, I left three voice mail messages pertaining to the same request, still with no return call or result. I was simply asking for something that the doctor had recommended to relieve my migraine. It wasn’t like I was asking for drugs, just a referral for massage therapy.

  2. Now, I find myself leaving multiple voice mail messages attempting to get my money, that I overpaid to them, refunded.

    n addition to this, the clinic demands payment before any service and it appears charges the maximum that can be charged for that service, without regard to the contracted price with the insurance company. Now, I find myself leaving multiple voice mail messages attempting to get my money, that I overpaid to them, refunded.

    On a positive note, I did find the women running the infusion clinic to be professional and helpful. However, I have taken my business elsewhere and would recommend to anyone already dealing with a headache not to go to this clinic.

  3. During a evaluation it might be helpful to go over review of systems with patient.

    Not impressed, primary care seems to know more about the diseases that this practice claims to specialize in. So what are people paying for the building and fancy MRI machine? During a evaluation it might be helpful to go over review of systems with patient.

  4. they can get away with others sources to I bet !!

    They are crooked people I also experience as the restaurant owner. Their staffs ordered food for delivery, said they have not enough cash and will stop by to pay bill which they never did. Many phone calls attempted to collect food bills since until now I have not seen a responsible person especially a woman name Emi in the billing department who called and place the ordered. Make me think if they can get away with small food bills, they can get away with others sources to I bet !!

  5. I was a new patient and had a terrible experience.

    Dr. Henzler is very angry, confrontational and down right rude. I was a new patient and had a terrible experience. Luckily, I was given over to Dr. Sanchez who is so nice and professional. If I wasn’t handed over to Dr. Sanchez, they would have lost me as a patient. Nobody should be treated the way Dr. Henzler treated me.

  6. I had a horrible experience here.

    I had a horrible experience here. Waiting 2 months for an appointment. 2 days before my appointment I got an email saying it would be a $0 payment to see the dr. When I showed up they wanted $800! That was to just see the dr!

    The lady at the front said that wouldn’t cover any treatments or diagnosis. I couldn’t pay that so I had to leave. A week later I get a bill in the mail for $100. When I talked to them about it they said it was bc I was a no show. I explained what had happened and that I was there and she said it was that I either pay the $100 or they take me to court!

    Really people?! I don’t expect free service but when you need to see a specialist and are tight on money this doesn’t help your condition. Sounds fishy to me. I even called my ins and told them what happened and they said that sounded fishy too. The staff wasn’t bad but they also weren’t very good either. Thieves! If I could give 0 stars I would.

  7. Again, if it weren't for my doctor and severe medical problem I would never give this office my business.

    Their admin staff is atrocious. They are rude, argumentative, and extremely unprofessional. Their billing practices boarder on the line of illegal. They estimate how much your insurance will cover and demand you pay what they ESTIMATE your portion will be days before your appointment. When your insurance pays more than they estimated good luck getting a refund.

    It took 9 months to get a refund after they over billed me by $1,900. I still didn’t get a refund, it was a credit. Who knows if it really went through because their admin staff talk down to you and harass you if you ask for a statement of your account. Don’t ask for their manager Eli, he’ll verbally assault you, belittle you, and remind you how busy their practice is and how unimportant your business is.

  8. My newest c-pap is set at a better pressure for me.

    These were the most thorough sleep studies I ever had. Previously I had 3 sleep studies at two different places. At Alaska Neurology I had 4 sleep studies. Yes, I have insomnia. The last one was scheduled for the daytime at the time I often don’t fall asleep until on many nights.

    My newest c-pap is set at a better pressure for me. The entire staff from checking in, sleep techs, to Dr Broderick were capable and well trained for their positions. It does take a little longer to check in; I learned the hard way to get there 15 to 30 minutes early for my appointment.

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