Al Masah Capital Limited

Al Masah Capital uses a Ponzi scheme

Al Masah Capital Limited operated by shailesh dash to indulge you into the money laundering scheme. I have witnessed many Ponzi schemes but this one really captivated me to dig deeper.

I was amazed to see the kind of returns these schemes pay to its owners. Al Masah Capital broke all records in making the huge profit through its modus operandi.

Al Masah modus operandi works in a fashion that is difficult to break and its sources are too rigid that it continues to operate with all the flaws. Al Masah uses undisclosed bank accounts to receive its investment funds. These accounts are kept hidden from the auditors.

There were questions raised in the past about the accounts of Al Masah Capital and its primary platforms. All its bank accounts that were with Royal Bank of Canada were frozen. They were intimated to close down all the accounts. Concerning the issue, Mr. Vineet Arora, the head of RBC was terminated whom Shailesh Dash, the owner of Al Masah offered a job in one of the Platforms.

Mr. Shailesh Dash also has close relationships with Mr. Satyakam Patnaik from First Gulf Bank in Orrisa. He helped him in audits and hid his undisclosed bank accounts from the eyes of the auditors. Now that RBC closed down, Al Masah Capital functions mostly with First Gulf Bank (FGB) and all credit goes to Mr. Satyakam Patnaik.

They use these fake accounts to deduct 10% of the investment amount and the remaining is actually invested which is fraud. They even go a step ahead and forge the account statements if it is unable to maintain these accounts. They maintain two sets of books to fool auditors.

Shailesh Dash, who started the company favours people who are close to him or are influential by allowing the investment exit options. For this he uses the funds of new investors or even the existing investors. And did not bother to inform them as well. Again, for these transactions, he uses undisclosed accounts. Al Masah audit are all conducted in a fraudulent manner giving no chance to auditors to see through the lies and forged papers.

Al Masah Capital maintains its relationship by giving high monthly bonuses that are hidden apart from their huge salary. These are shared between the platform directors. They even forge their shares purchase agreement to hide the profit and compensate their theft. One example is the In Healthcare Platform, they acquired an asset at 8 million USD and forged it for 12 million USD. They earned 4 million USD with fraud and transferred to Al Masah Capital. Sometimes, they use these amounts to cover up the premium amount.

There are many other methods that they use to stay in the business and do what fits their pocket. They fool its investors and uses their money to satisfy influential people and stays in the business with all the fraudulent methods taken into account.

If you ever wished to spend your money on Al Masah Capital, please change your mind, they will eat your money without even burping.


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12 reviews

  1. Al Masah Capital Review

    My parents invested in Al Masah Capital and have been doing it from a long time. I think it is more than 3 years now. They keep getting few perks and at the end of the day, they are convinced that something is coming back at least. However, when I calculated their return till now, it was shocking. It is not even equal to the bank interest on saving accounts.

    It was disheartening. My parents are old and wanted to save some more for their grandchildren which I think did not happen. I tried to convince them and showed them the maths. They understood and now trying to get their money back.

  2. Interested in Evidence

    Hello, I do write article at forbes and WSJ , do you have any evidence to prove an allegation ?

    if so please leave your comment with an email to get in touch


  3. Al Masah is a Ponzi Scheme

    I did not believe this until I was looted. This company is full of sick people and they feed on investor’s money. I also tried to initiate the exit scheme and was given a date every time. Finally, they came with a calculation that got me nothing.

    They know all the tactics to play with your hard-earned money and make it dirt. They did that to me and made a fool out of me. I will not be sitting idle and that is why I am here. Al Masah Capital is full of lies and untrue promises.

    They got me into investing more and at the end gave me nothing. They did this on purpose. The manager asked me to keep investing and at the same time conforming me of the returns. Then how suddenly, I was at loss when I asked to withdraw.

  4. Al Masah capital robs money

    I invested my entire life’s savings in Al Masah Capital in June 2013. I was thinking of multiplying my money for my daughter’s wedding. I invested in it for two years. As per the claims from Al Masah Capital, it was never a problem making good money through investing in them. However, they never mentioned that it was for their close ones. Others are just puppets who are robbed and their money are never returned back. Al Masah Capital is a total mess.
    I suffered from mental and financial trauma and Al Masah did not care to return my money. My daughter’s marriage was in May 2016 and I placed my exit request in December 2015. I felt I would have ample time to manage all the arrangements before marriage.
    I kept on enquiring about the returns and the principal amount, but till date have not received any penny from these goons. I knocked each possible door, either my investment manager or their helpline number. But nothing worked. I got the information about the founder and the CEO, Shailesh Dash. But couldn’t reach him either.
    The entire company is a trap. Do not invest.

  5. They prey on investors’ money

    While I was going through the above comments, I found something that was common to what they did to me. They are not true to anyone and their fake promises are good for nothing. They stole everything that I had. They turned my money into paper and made me think I was the one responsible for making bad decisions.

    Their complete scheme is modus operandi and I have also heard about their fake bank accounts that they have kept hidden from many. I just wish that I had known it earlier before investing in their scheme. I got to know about them through someone close and invested in their company.

    The person who introduced me to the scheme is also going through the financial crisis. Forget about multiplying the money, they keep rotating our funds among their close friends and top investors.

    When I asked about the reasons and answers for what happened, they ignored my questions. These people will suck every bit of your blood. Al Masah Capital is the worst investment company and cannot be trusted.

    Their scams are listed on internet everywhere and there should be strict action taken against them. They have lured customers to invest in their company and have multiplied the money of their top investors. This makes their scheme the Ponzi scheme.

    They are illegally operating and have managed to hide their actual work from the world through sources whom they make happy by stealing from innocent investors. They have connections in various scams and are associated with big business tycoons and government officers who back them in this shitty job.

    Al Masah Capital has established such a reputation that it is not far that they will be confronted by every other investor. Their end is close and I pray it comes even sooner.

  6. these guys are good in their business model

    I have had not found any Lawsuit against them so this guys are good in their business model.

    if they have any lawsuit.. you should aware of it but no lawsuit so its great to do a deal with them

  7. Al Masah Capital – Controversies

    It won’t be surprising if Al Masah Capital relates to other scams. Al Masah capital is based on lies and fraud. One of the examples that clearly reveals the purpose of this company is its possible connection with the Saradha scam in India. This scam was accomplished by Saradha Group. Saradha Group was formed as the consortium of 200 companies that scammed $4-6 billion.

    The Al Masah Capital connection with this scam came into light when Financial investigation agencies started penetrating its link to Trinamool Congress MP, KD Singh who was the one among others to collect the money scammed in the Saradha scam. The investigation claimed that KD singh routed the funds from Saradha scam to Al Masah Capital. KD Singh was the Vice chairman of Al Masah Captal.

    Although, KD Singh denied any involvement of Al Masah Capital from Saradha Scam. Still, the chances are close of both being connected. This was one of the biggest scam in India and Al Masah Capital’s involvement is still under question.
    I have tried getting into the depth of the entire possibilities and firmly believe that the story is not just story. People have been scammed by Al Masah Capital and it continues to repeat the history every time. There have been allegations about the fake accounts before and accounts have been closed. But, it always finds another way to spoil the entire bank system to escape the auditor’s scanning.

    Al Masah Capital is not an investment firm, but a consortium of con artists from different parts of world, who are making every effort to keep this fraud going. My friend also went through the same pressure and breakdown when he was not able to access the money he invested in this shitty firm.

    He is the reason, I tried to search in depth about Al Masah Capital and came out with these findings which were shouting the truth of this company being fraud.
    Al Masah Capital has hidden bank accounts and various phoney account details that are enough to fool auditors. There have been allegations about the fake accounts before and accounts have been closed. But, it always finds another way to spoil the entire bank system to escape the auditor’s scanning. My friend was forced to make different investments and was given all the consolation in the world for a great future prospect. However, in the end he was not even able to get through the exit formality.

    He was barred from withdrawing his own money and had to give up. I have also tried everything to find a way for him, but nothing seems working. There are hundreds of stories like mine, listed on the internet. However, there is still no solution to this problem.

    Al Masah Capital needs to be shut down. Or, it will scam many other people for making profits for its top investors who are non-other than the white collars and business tycoons. I really feel pity for people who like to multiply their money with wrong means.

  8. Al Masah Capital – scam artist

    This is absolutely unfair and should be stopped. I am not sure why these companies have to go this far for making profits. I know people close to me who are facing the same issue with the money they invested.

    This has to be brought in notice. Al Masah Capital is a shame and has no right to use others money for its own good. With the kind of pace the company is fooling people, it is soon that they would be under trial. Here comes the hell for you, cheaters.

  9. Al Masah Capital – Review

    I was awestruck when I saw the way they have projected their work and growth. However, it was soon that I realized that whatever they are fostering is only lie. The more they grow, the more they fool around. This is not a financial investment firm. Absolutely No. They are here to make you pay for their profit.

    This company is a scam and people operating behind the scene are the real jerks who are doing everything to hide their cruel goal. I wish I had known this earlier. Now, I am really struck with this company. Neither they are ready to pay me back my initial amount, nor they have given any returns.

  10. Al Masah Capital – The jerks in black suits

    I was very much sceptical about investing in these kinds of firms. But, my father wanted me to do something for saving and multiplying my income. He has always the one who thinks about future and he wanted me to prepare for it too.

    He was correct, it is always better to be prepared. But, I made the wrong choice. I chose Al Masah Capital. Although, the amount was not pretty high and I came to know about it at an early phase. But, I will advise everyone to stay away from this company.

  11. Al Masah Capital – Review

    You can better through your money, rather than investing it with Al Masah Capital. At least you will not be waiting for it to multiply. If you have invested your funds with this sick company, forget about the returns, you won’t even receive your initial money ever. This is a vicious circle that has the entrance, but no exit.

    If you want to save, look out for other options. Al Masah Capital will only make it worse for you. The top investors are the rarest breed who do not have any moral and ethics. So, it is better to knock someone else’s door.

  12. Al Masah Capital – The fraud

    I read about all your reviews and completely agree with what you have to say. I am one of the victims and have tasted the sour grapes. Al Masah Capital promises for big future and make sure people stop believing in these kinds of investment firms.

    The entire company work for few top investors and their close ones. Others are just used to make money from them. No one has ever got any success in multiplying its money apart from their repeated members who are the whole and sole of the company.

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