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DO NOT USE AirPlus! AirLess is more accurate.

DO NOT USE AirPlus! AirLess is more accurate.

They were very responsive on the sales side and up front, but absolutely horrifying on supporting their work and responding post-installation.

My first mistake was probably having AirPlus totally rebuild my home HVAC from the ground up. AC worked great for the first summer, but this summer the upstairs unit wouldn’t turn on. Figured it was probably something simple, it’s a brand new unit after all, so naturally I called AirPlus to have them come take a look. That was my second mistake, now I’m out almost $600 and still don’t have working AC upstairs, all I have at the moment are two new air filters that I paid $200 for that I now know can be bought on Amazon for less than $30 each.

When the first technician came on site, he replaced the filters (did I mention the over 330% markup?) and added a “Hard Start” to the unit. This looked to have fixed the problem, as the AC began working. But then it stopped – less than an hour after the technician left and had been paid. Technician returned the next day, said it also needed a new circuit board that would need to be ordered, and would be in later that week. A different technician shows up to install the board, says other guy was wrong, and it’s a totally different problem. He the REMOVES the “Hard Start” from the unit and leaves with it.

So now I’ve paid for a part and the labor to do the install, but the part has been taken back with no refund or explanation as to what is going on, just a vague promise that we will get a call. It’s now been another week and no return calls, no contact at all. That is other than us calling them and being told someone would call us back shortly, which never seems to happen. UPDATE: He actually called back to tell me that for another $1,300 he would be willing to do the ‘warranty’ repair.

To add insult to injury, Joe the new owner of AirPlus, told me he has no responsibility for ANY work that AirPlus did prior to his taking over the company from Mr. Kim. The work I had them do less than two years ago, the total rebuild for tens of thousands of dollars, is not his responsibility or work, and he won’t stand behind any of it. In fact, he says some of that work may be directly to blame for the problems I am having now, and that AirPlus may have put my outside units in the wrong place, subsequently causing issues with their ability to operate properly.

At the moment I have several calls into AirPlus, with 0 return calls, and have begun looking into how to dispute the charges I paid (somewhat under duress, as I was out of town, the work had already been done BEFORE he told me what it was going to cost, and at the time the AC was working) with American Express, which I sadly think may be the only way to get this resolved.

UPDATE: 2016-06-07 —————————————————–

As you can see from their response a few things are evident:

1. They chose to start the warranty period when the contract is signed, not when the work is completed, thus my warranty time is running out before the system is even installed. Installation was completed in or around March of 2016. We didn’t even have flooring in November, not sure how the install could be dated to that date – but I had certainly hired them then and signed the contract.

2. They don’t refute that their sub-standard install is likely the cause of the failure, in fact both the owner and the technician pointed it out and said it needed to be corrected. They simply state that the warranty period has expired and now want me to pay to correct their original work.

I’m not sure how any of that could be considered standing behind your work, or supporting your clients post installation.

Currently I have filed a complaint with the BBB and with the manufacturer of the equipment they installed. I am also in discussions with my attorney about recouping costs of fixing the failed unit and relocating the units to an appropriate site.

UPDATE 2016-06-20 —————————————————–

Have a second HVAC contractor working on the repair today. Their costs for full repair of the unit is $400 vs. AirPlus at $1,300. Also, I found out that the Hard Start device that AirPlus installed and charged me $250 for is on amazon for $12.

Please don’t make the same mistake I made, and get additional estimates or find another HVAC contractor. I’m sick to think how much I may have overpaid originally for this.

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4 reviews on AirPlus Heating & Cooling

  1. AirPlus Heating & Cooling Is Scammer.

    in the past I enjoyed their services, sadly ownership changed and new owner totally do not deliver or behind his work, their interest is mainly break your system and sell you new parts and finally new system. I had a very bad experience at my offices they came to inspect my A/C system for annual service,

    they told me they need to clean a pipe, next day my system stopped working, and next day they came again suggested me to change startup capacitor and also suggest changing run capacitor otherwise my fan motor will be dead, which I agreed after they left my fan motor stopped working and they came and said we need to change fan motor and when I raised question it happened after your work

    they felt bad and offer me 50% reduction of their regular price, of course I refused when I hired a new company they fixed with their regular price still cheaper than their 50% reduction, now I will take them to Small Business Court please be careful while using this company if possible find another company

  2. As soon as the system was installed we started experiencing major problems with it.

    As soon as the system was installed we started experiencing major problems with it. The system has CONSTANTLY broken down since being installed. At first when the company realized what a horrible lemon of a system they had installed they offered a 10 year warranty where they said they would fix the system every time it broke down including parts and labor for free…Now reading other reviews I realize i’m not the only one who has been lied to about this bogus warranty.

    As others have stated, every single time the unit breaks down, which is now multiple times a week, I call to have someone come out, and they refuse to acknowledge the warranty and therefore refuse to order the parts to fix the unit.

    The company has now been taken over by a new owner, and BEWARE to everyone who is buying from this company or currently in a service contract with this company, the new owner says he will NOT honor any warranties that are pre existing with your service contract.

  3. I didn' pay a dime until the work was complete

    I had an appointment with the owner, Mr. Kim at 7:00 AM on a Sunday morning to replace my furnace & AC ( I called late Sat. afternoon) . He was on time, thorough, took his shoes off and on when entering & leaving the house, and provided the most competitive quote of the 3 others that showed up (Michael & Son never showed up for their appointment).

    I was not home when the work was being done, but when I returned, there was no evidence that they were there – even though they had to carry the old unit down and the new one up 5 flights of steps. Their staff is competent, courteous and responsive – I would recommend Air Plus to anyone. I didn’ pay a dime until the work was complete

  4. We love this place!

    We love this place! Our AC went out last summer (right at the end of my pregnancy) and Air Plus was able to come out same day and replace it (our unit was older and came with the house). They also charged less than all the local competitors. If your looking for an honest and reliable company that is quick call Air Plus!

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : anonymous
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