This is the end of my relationships with this company.


I paid AirBenders $18k to install two complete Trane HVAC systems at my house. The job included 2 inside and 2 outside units.

I paid by check, in full upon the completion of the job. The check was deposited by AirBenders almost immediately. They took my money and left no warranty paperwork, no signed contract, nothing but some instruction on how to install the equipment… My requests for the warranty paperwork, which was promised in the original offer email from AirBenders, are ignored by the company.

To access the outside units, AirBenders took my pool storage out and took a bush out. They promised to return everything to the original state upon the completion of the job. They left everything in disarray! The pool storage container was left on the deck by my pool, the bush that they took out of the ground was left somewhere in the yard. My requests to the company to take care of the mess were ignored.

During the installation of the HVAC systems, they didn’t care to disconnect my Nest thermostats at all! This negligence resulted in them burning one of my two Nest thermostats… I just bought a brand new Nest thermostat to keep my upstairs system working. As you could probably guess, AirBenders couldn’t care less about this.

A year ago, I bought a brand new Humidifier system for my HVAC unit downstairs, which was about $400. AirBenders simply stole my Humidifier system. My requests to return my Humidifier system remain unanswered by the company!

For the cherry on the cake, at the end of the installation, David told me that he wants to replace my water heater as well. Just an extra $2k, but he would come and check the leak from the brand new upstairs HVAC system they just installed if I agree to the water heater. Guess what, I agreed to it! Apparently, that wasn’t enough for David. Just before leaving the house, he turned the water temperate dial on my water heater all the way down to the ‘vacation’ settings, to make sure it appears that the water heater is not working anymore. Next morning, my whole family took a cold shower. I went downstairs and discovered that surprise left by AirBenders. I put the dial back to ‘warm’, and the hot water is back!

I could only guess what other surprise bombs this company has left in my house.

They all brag that they are from Afghanistan, as if all the best HVAC technicians come from Afghanistan. I don’t care what country you are from, just do your job right and don’t steal my property!

I’m contacting the BBB and the police next.

Stay away from these crooks!

5/29/2018 UPDATE:

UPDATE 5/29: I provided photographic evidence and AirBenders admitted to stealing my humidifier. They brought a substitute unit and left it at my front door a week ago. We agreed that they will come and install the substitute unit today (5/29). David Jalal came with another technician earlier today. Instead of installing the unit, he started attacking me. He was super aggressive, loud, and his cursing wouldn’t stop! I told him to leave the house, and he wouldn’t. He left only after I started dialing 911. I called the police and filed a police report. This is the end of my relationships with this company.

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6 reviews on AirBenders

  1. i called them when my ac was not working

    i called them when my ac was not working. they charge me $180 just for investigate and finding the issue, even though i told them what exactly was happend what need be changed. thats not an issue, but they didnt shown up the day which they provide me for repair. they come next day and told me part was not arrived which they have ordered. i stay 4 days without ac.

  2. I would NOT use this company again.

    Airbenders was dishonest with their pricing, did not honor things they told me on the phone, took two visits to fix my HVAC (charging me for both), and tried very hard to sell me a new system instead of fixing it–I would NOT use this company again.

  3. you were being completely unprofessional by not showing.

    David J of Air Benders – What a disappointment. After we spoke on the evening of the 6th, I really thought your company was up to the task of replacing our downed HVAC system.

    How surprised I was when you decided to NOT show up for the appointment; and then on top of that to just start yelling at me when I called you and told you, you were being completely unprofessional by not showing.

  4. Would not reccommend this company to anyone.

    Everything worked fine… UNTIL I turned my AC on for the first time the other day and my basement flooded. Every 10 minutes that the AC was on about a gallon of water shot into my house and all over the basement floor. I called Airbenders and was advised to turn the system off. I did so reluctantly.

    When the technician came back out I was told that in order to fix the tubing I would have to pay an additional $180 to get it to stop flooding. As a single mother I dont have that money and explained that nicely the first time I was told that I NEVER paid for new piping/tubing to begin with. That was okay.. until they changed their story and stated that I must have been the one that broke the line and caused the flooding myself. I don’t touch the system, only the thermostat.

    I was told that because I was given “such a deal” on the system to begin with that it would cost me to pay for their negligence. At the end of the day they did a temporary fix, and I was told that because I was so “threatening” to them that I could go buy th $10 part at Home Depot and fix it myself. Luckily I have friends that work with another company doing HVAC and they are going to come in and fix it for me for free.

  5. Just plan your outages accordingly or wait if you can!

    It was 97 degrees in our upstairs zone on Saturday evening when I went upstairs! I called Airbenders at 8:30 Sunday morning, and they had a technician at our house by noon. The capacitor was fried, but the tech had it on his truck and everything was fixed within 15-20 minutes. He was very knowledgeable, consultative, and professional. Everything with the service was top notch, and was a 5 out of 5. The only negative was that we had to pay $180 service call fee because it was Sunday.

    If it had been any other day it would have been $89, and while that was all disclosed up front, we didn’t have a choice to wait until Monday because of work commitments. I don’t blame them for charging the premium, as they pay their techs overtime on Sundays, but it was a big pill to swallow for such a short visit. Just plan your outages accordingly or wait if you can!

  6. Highly recommend these guys.

    Great service from David and team. I had an emergency with my hvac unit on a holiday, and airbenders crew came and took care of the problem same day and came back the next day and install items which needed attention. Highly recommend these guys.

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