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My 2nd surgery was horrendous

After calling and getting the run around with no one calling me back I have decided to do it. I have had the worst experience here and do not recommend anyone going here to get skin cancer surgery unless you want to come out looking like Frankenstein.

My 1st surgery went great and stiches were perfect. My 2nd surgery was horrendous. They passed me off to another Dr. and they seemed rushed. I was never fully numbed and felt parts of the cutting and burning so badly I had to be numbed again mid surgery. The stiches that were put in were the worst I had ever seen and mind you this is on my face. I can tell you I have had better stiches in the emergency room then I had done in my head this day.

the pain on this surgery was triple the amount on the 1st one because I could literally feel the skin tearing every time I moved. They bandaged my up and I was on my way, but had I seen these stiches before leaving I would have told him to take them out and start again. These were by far the worst stich job I have ever seen in fact when I went to go get them out I told the Nurse that I didn’t think they were ready. She snaps a pic goes out of the room comes back and says yes, they were ready, she was very nice and had very gentle great hands by the way.

Well she and whoever she showed the photo to were wrong because 3 days later it opens right up and I had a hole in my head. I call the office to schedule an appointment to see my Dr. and keep saying that they cannot get me in till the following week. They said they want me to come in and see yet another nurse practitioner, well this is where the real problem is. I am so sick and tired of being passed around this office from person to person to person and not to sound rude but what the hell? I needed my Dr. to put my head back together. I have seen every single person in this office except my Dr and it sucks.

I had an appointment for Tuesday and was so pissed that I cancelled it because I thought the only way to fix this is probably to cut and re-stich so what’s the point so I went to another Doctor. Even the new dermatologist office while being professional said it was probably some of the worst work they had seen. Every one of the under stiches had come out and I had to remove them from my own head as they broke apart and resurfaced.

My new Dermatologist also referred me to a plastic surgeon to fix it because that is what level this is at now. I was passed around this office so much and you expect things to be one way and being passed around you get different techniques and the answers are always different that makes you uneasy and distrustful. I have always hated going to the Dr and now after this I can tell you that it pushed my fear and distrust to the top. I have been trying to get someone to reach out to me since the beginning of May as I want my bill adjusted to remove the stiches portion and this seems to be an impossible task for them, so I have resorted to posting negative reviews to hopefully make someone change their mind before going here.

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2 reviews on Ahwatukee Skin and Laser

  1. Ahwatukee Skin and Laser Is Scam.

    I liked this place and would go every six months as I am prone to skin cancer. I received a call the day before my appointment advising they no longer accepted my insurance. The girl was very rude and uncaring when I said I would have to cancel my appointment.

    She said it’s cancelled and basically hung up. I would think after being a long time patient they would have recommended other options or even other doctors. I called my insurance company to inquire about other dermatologists in my area.

    They advised me they are still preferred providers for Ahwatukee Skin and Laser. Even if they are I would never go back after the cold way I was treated on the phone by their staff.

  2. Thank you Awatukee Skin for all you do!!

    I have been a patient of Ahwatukee Skin for over a year and would not consider going anywhere else. Sarah and her staff truly know the meaning of customer service. From the front desk to the back office, staff always has a smile on their face and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure I am happy.

    I was at an appointment just the other day and while I was waiting to get called back, I noticed an elderly couple whom has just had an appointment. The front office girl asked where they had parked and they responded “way down there.”

    She actually got up and went to get their car for them so they did not have to walk. I was impressed to say the least. I can see that the practice is growing with some of the newest cancer treatments out there.

    I have been seen by both Sarah and Heather and love them both. Thank you Awatukee Skin for all you do!!

Reported Loss :850 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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