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They won’t let you out of their subscription

David was my advisor from Agora Financial while I was trying to figure out their service. He was constantly in touch with me while I was still trying to take the decision. He called me every other day and offered me a plan to pay for lifetime offer.

I was deciding to buy their $2000 plan and he insisted me to sign up for an offer with onetime payment that would have given me a life time subscription for agora financial newsletter.

The offer seemed alluring but I did not want to get myself into something that I did not know about. He asked me to either accept or reject the offer.

I asked for some time and then started my online research with some reviews and feedback from other customers. No doubt, it has got some great reviews but when I dig deeper, I found lots of dismal for the company.

So, instead of paying for the life time offer, I decided not to pay them at all. I thought of rejecting the offer for the monthly plan as well. I tried getting help from the online help on their website which did not work. No one responded. The next day, I found out that the amount was already deducted from my credit card and I was put on the monthly auto subscription.

I checked their website and found out about their 60 days cancellation policy which David never mentioned to me. The policy clearly stated that if the order was cancelled within 60 days, 90% of the amount was refundable.

I emailed them the request for cancelling the subscription all together. I sent numerous mails only to get forms, letters and subscription emails from them. Later, I got a charge back on my card for restocking fee of $200.

I made the final phone call to speak with the supervisor. They offered me free access to newsletter for 30 days which I definitely declined. Later when I assessed their scam, I recalled a timer clock that was ticking while I was trying to sign up for their plan. It needed me to sign up before the time was over.

I should have noticed that earlier. It clearly shows their intent. Agora is for sure a scam and its customer service is a misleading. I am exhausted after trying everything to get that $200 back to my card. I have given up dealing with these scammers and would request my card company to get back my amount from them.

They do not have integrity and have no responsibility towards the work that they do. They play with their customer’s money and take it all not to ever return. Their subscription policy is a vicious circle that has no end.

If you wish to get genuine assistance on your financial investment, run away from Agora Financial Services. They will put you into even worse situations.


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Approved Date:March 25, 2017
Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : danturner.78
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