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I recently moved to New Jersey, and have never received care as terrible as this. As a former dental assistant, I have a better understanding of dental care, and billing than most.

So after the X-Rays, the Dentist, Dr. Yusopov takes one quick look at my teeth, expresses to me that I need to repair my crowns, does the poorest dental cleaning, and pushes me out.

I call to follow up on the approval-I get rude responses from staff; either ‘the person that handles this is not here’, or ‘I’m not sure who you spoke to’, or ‘we didn’t get any information yet’, etc.

My insurance covers my dental implants, and so generally this wouldn’t be a problem, however, after being denied, I called the insurance, and they told me that my X-Rays were unclear. I asked the office if I should come in to retake the X-Rays, or if they can issue a letter of medical necessity as needed;

I was told that they never received the denial letter, so the only other option is to get an extraction. (What?!?! I ALREADY HAVE CROWNS IN THAT AREA, THEY SIMPLY NEED TO BE REPLACED!)

So after a conference call with the now rude Dentist and the insurance company, the Dentist tells the insurance company that he already sent them X-Rays, they’re not blurry, there is no need to retake the photos, and he will fax the letter of medical necessity.

I get a call today by Advanced Dental telling me that I’m approved and to come in and start my crowns! Yay! Only to come in the office, sit in the chair and be told my my dentist that he has no idea what his assistant talking about. So now they’re calling the insurance while I’m sitting here, waiting for…

MORE X-RAYS to send over to the insurance. Mind you this it’s well over 3 months since my first dental appointment and so far I have had no work done, not even a filling…now that I’m here again, I asked how long will it take for these set of X-Rays to be approved. No one knows. I am pushed out again and have to wait…

I have broken crowns on one side of my mouth. I can barely eat crunchy foods as they get stuck and hurt my gums, because my crown is not in place. To have to go through this annoying cycle while I am still in pain is completely unprofessional. I have worked as a Dental assistant in both private and hospital settings.

On the administrative side, I already know I would have received a reprimand for either hanging up on clients, or calling them in for appointments that don’t exist. On the medical side, Dr. Yusupov should have simply re-took the X-rays weeks ago when I stopped in to tell the office I was denied, instead of yelling at the insurance that his X-Rays (that his assistant took) are good.

I just want to get my crowns fixed and get the hell out of here. Never ever again!!! Update: I had a 10:30 appointment, I told he receptionist I had to go to work. She scheduled me for 11:30. I arrive at 10:15 and I find this out.

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