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I called them on the phone and they said that they said they were a preferred provider for Anthem Blue Cross, my provider. They said when I was there that chiropractic was completely covered under my insurance except for a $30 copay. Ok, sounds good so far. But then this happened with my insurance:

1) they billed for a “specialist office visit” – which apparently they aren’t supposed to do since that is for doctors not chiropractors. this is where the $30 copay came in.

2) they billed separate for chiropractic which was not covered completely under my insurance (50% coinsurance, which I’m OK with I guess). This was only $15 of the total, so not terrible.

3) then they billed for durable medical equipment. Hah! It was a foot of black theraband that they’d given me to exercise with. and it cos $30! On amazon a set of 6 costs $10. A whole box of it like they have at the office costs $40! $30 is incredible upcharging. My insurance doesn’t cover this completely as well.

4) then they billed for physical therapy services! Hah! They put me on a massage table that vibrated me for 10 minutes and charged like $20 for the honor. Physical therapy, yeah right. And again, my insurance doesn’t 100% cover this.

Long story short. They either didn’t understand my insurance and billed incorrectly (unlikely if they are a “preferred provider” I’m thinking) or lied to me on the phone and in the office and deliberately billed strangely in order to maximize their $$$.


UPDATE: I called them out on the theraband and they said I could return it to their office and they would take off the charge. I did that 1.5 weeks ago. They haven’t updated their claim. Fun stuff.

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    God awful practice! From his treatment to his obscenely high and unjustified pricing, you are going to come out of here hurting physically AND financially.

    His service was rushed and his treatment did nothing but generate more pain. To top things off, his billing practices add insult to (literal) injury.

  2. I am at a point where I do not need to go very often.

    I am used to a very different type of chiropractic. Dr. Biegel adjusted me minimally before putting me on the roller chair. I am used to a more hands on adjustment. I have been going to chiropractic for many many years.

    I am at a point where I do not need to go very often. Dr. Biegel felt that because it was near the end of the year that I should take advantage of the remaining number of appointments covered by my insurance.

    He charges A LOT more than other chiropractors. Regardless of what I think of Dr. Biegel, I am the one that made the choice to go to him so I cannot really blame him.

  3. I felt he was a little condescending.

    Agree with ellen r. No problem with his billing practice, but got useless treatment for chronic back pain. I went to see another chiropractor afterwards that helped me a lot. I also didn’t feel comfortable w/ Dr. Biegel. I felt he was a little condescending.

  4. I'm sure he did the best that he could.

    I just felt I had to defend Dr. Biegel after having seen his suit in the news. I wanted to say that I had NO problem with his billing practices. Unfortunately, the treatment itself was useless, and actually aggravated my pain,

    so I don’t feel that I can give him more than 2 stars. But I do want to say that the costs/insurance were very upfront, and I’m sure he did the best that he could.

  5. I know you will always hear people who say that their chiropractor made their injuries worse

    I’ve been going to Dr. Biegel at Advanced Chiropractic Center twice a week for the last 4 months, after I seriously injured my ankle dancing. While my dance career is pretty much over, Dr. Biegel has been able to help me manage and significantly reduce the pain.

    It’s been a long road and a good chunk of money later, but I really think Dr. Biegel has made my situation so much better. When I came to him I could barely walk and had just about zero mobility left in my ankle. I am now able to walk without pain and have even been following Dr. Biegel’s exercise suggestions to strengthen the area.

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