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What a scam! Adore Offers garbage in the name of Cosmetics

My mom and I were at the Grand Canal Shoppe inside one of the hotels in Las Vegas looking around things when we found these two ladies from Adore Cosmetics. They were charming and persuasive. They were offering free samples to every woman passing by and we were among those leads that they chose to scam.

This lady gave me a sample and got me into a conversation. Later, while I was ready to leave, she tried to get my attention by offering a gift bag. She insisted me to visit the shop for the same. So, I agreed, and we got in her store. In few minutes of time, I was given many other samples to try and was taken to another salesperson for trying more of those.

These women whom I met at first were expert in selling their products to the customers. They knew when to add the compliment, when to answer questions and everything that an expert should know. Suddenly, she got me a product with $600 price tag. We denied and she right away dropped the price by less than 45%. There were other deals adore connected with the purchase if I bought the product that day itself.

While my mother was talking to them, I checked my phone for the reviews of the products. When they saw me doing so, one of the salespeople started talking to her colleague in a foreign language and ended up screaming as well. Hence, we thought of leaving when we were stopped by another salesperson.

She asked what I was looking for on the phone. Although it was none of her concern, I still told her that I was looking for the reviews. That lady told me that the company had a lot of competitors who post bad things about them. She also told that the one who was screaming is very sensitive to the negative energy that I was carrying.

After all this, there was no point in believing any word that these ladies said. So, we left without purchasing anything. But, we had the samples that they offered for both of us with different skin type requirements. When I looked at them, they were all same. The price tag of $40 for just mineral oils wasn’t worth at all.

Being curious, I checked for the other samples and all were not even close to the price she asked for. On top of that, their reviews had the same story from all the other customers. Some were even scammed with $4000 products. It was a horrid experience. The way they were talking to themselves and often getting into the heated conversation was a signal that something wasn’t right.

That was the reason I left without purchasing and I am happy I did that. If you see them offering unlimited schemes and offers, do not be flaunted. They are all lies. You can have all those ingredients at home and can create a better version of what they were selling at such a hyped price.

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17 reviews on Adore Cosmetics

  1. Best Service and products ever

    I have always had great experiences when shopping Adore Cosmetics, whether online or at their store in Miami. This store and their products are not for everybody, there’s a reason for them to target celebrities and wealthy people. Their products are really expensive but, again they are a luxury skincare company.
    And One last thing. The above review referencing a Las Vegas location is a fake review. Adore has not had a store in Las Vegas since early 2016. Sometimes people will lie to cause damage to others reputations. I think this site is posting old negative reviews from other online boards trying to cash in from the bad reputation management industry. Just like the crooks at pissed consumer and complaints board.

    1. Mafelda Hopkirk

      Adore Cosmetics are Scam Artists - Stay Away

      Nina you are a liar. Of course, that is not your correct name is it. We all already know you are Israeli and posing as an Italian. You are obviously part of the Dead Sea Cosmetics, Tresor Rare, Oro Gold, LA Skin Care, etc. scam team. Try focusing on a career that helps people instead of scamming. So pathetic. BTW, if it was so great, why did you only give it one star – moron!!

  2. Amazing skin care products

    Adore cosmetics has some great skin care products. Yes they are really expensive but their products are targeting people in the 1% of the population.
    Do not buy their products if you can not afford them it’s that easy.

  3. Not for everybody

    I love their products, all of them. Yes they are luxurious and really expensive. Do not purchase them if you cannot afford them.
    I have never had a complaint towards them and have always purchase at their Foxwood store. Only recently started getting some of their products online since they do not carry the icon edition in the stores.

  4. Fake cosmetics!

    My experience was similar to the one above. But even worse; I bought one of the very high-priced products after an incredibly convincing sales pitch (what a sucker I am). When I got home I realized they’d put one of the cheaper creams in the bag…didn’t even give me the actual product they worked hard to convince me to purchase. I then started a lengthy complaint process to the company, with letters and phone calls, and finally when I copied the Better Business Bureau and the Las Vegas District Attorney, they quickly wrote back and asked me what it was I wanted. I said I want my money back. They refused that, so I demanded they send me the actual product I’d paid for. It came in the mail a few days later. Several months passed before I opened the product to use it, and it basically had turned to something the equivalent of sawdust. At this point my time is worth more than the effort to go after them again, but I hope a lot of people read this before they go to Vegas and get sucked in by these con artists.

  5. Great anti-aging products

    I love Adore Cosmetics anti-aging serums. They are the best luxury skincare company today.
    Everything from their products to their customer service is just fabulous.

  6. Amazing POroducts

    Just Amazing products. My whole family enjoy them.

    1. Mafelda Hopkirk

      Adore Cosmetics are Scam Artists - Stay Away

      You should learn proper english before you try to pose as a customer. We all already know you are Israeli and posing as an Italian. You are obviously part of the Dead Sea Cosmetics, Tresor Rare, Oro Gold, LA Skin Care, etc. scam team. Try focusing on a career that helps people instead of scamming. So pathetic. BTW, if it was so great, why did you only give it one star – moron!!

  7. Only the best

    Nothing but the best skincare products. I’m in love with facial peeling gel, it smells amazing and it works as it should.

  8. Great deals on their products

    I always get great deals when shopping for Adore Cosmetics online. Never have I encounter them on the malls so I cannot say how they treat their customers there, but I always get great deals when I go on their website to buy my favorite skincare products.

  9. Fabulous Skincare Products

    I have been an Adore Cosmetics customer for the past 4 years and have never been disappointed by their products. They use the highest quality ingredients in all their skincare products.

    Their newmen shaving cream and aftershave balm are the most refreshing grooming products I have ever tried.

    Just great products.

  10. Wow Factor

    Just the most amazing products. Been using the to attend galas in LA and the WOW factor is amazing.

  11. Great lotion

    I love their Origin lotion. It leaves my skin so soft and the fragrance is great.

  12. Good lotion

    I love Adore Cosmetic lotion. Very good smell and not oily like other brands.

  13. Body butter is LOVE

    Their body butter is exceptional. Seriously one of the the best products my skin have seen. It priced on the higher side but totally worth it.

  14. Adore products are fraudulent products and over priced for sure

    At Foxwoods in CT and walking by this place. Should have known better but fell for the BS sales lady. Thought about reviews but didn’t act on it. So left with a product, $320 out of my wallet. BS. Product is simply crap and no lasting effects. Cosmic Wrinkle Plumper is the product. Well stupid me. I have said no before but this day for some reason I was in a different frame of mind. I don’t know how they get you to see some positive results, must be some magic mirror. It will not happen again. BS all the way. And like one other person wrote in their review, NOT ONCE DID THE SALESPERSON SAY THE UNOPENED PRODUCT COULD BE RETURNED. LIARS.

  15. Amazing products

    Nothing but the best products on the market.

  16. love the lotion

    I lied about my story. I do love Adore Cosmetics especially their Origin lotion.
    I am a bit of a racist and that is why posted the mean comment about Jewish people here.
    Sorry but I am also jealous of the pretty people who work at the stores.
    Anyways great products.

  17. Very nice products

    Absolutely beautiful products. Essence facial cleanser is my go to product along with the essence hydrating facial cream for oily skin.

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