Adi Simayof

Simayof Diamond Cutters - Stay away from Adi’s jewellery store

Adi Simayof is a fraud and a con artist. There have been numerous reports filed against him. If you would search about him on the internet, you would find many allegation that lucidly claims that he is a scammer. He opens and shuts down jewellery shops in different countries to scam gold and diamond dealers.

He has chains of jewellery shop which he produces infront of the manufacturers and dealers as a bait to win their trust. He gains their confidence and then ends up looting their gold and diamond collection. He is greedy and involves other family members to accomplish his scam.

Sarit Simayof and her husband Zak are among the family members who are engaged with him in these frauds. He sometimes, associates with his dad, Yedidia Simayof as well.

He teams up with other swindlers who help him carry out the scam. He is audacious and will feel no shame in cheating you for your money and jewellery. He can go beyond any limit. He is a serial operator and follows chains of such fraud.

Usually, after winning over your trust, he would make you leave your entire inventory in his shop and then will get away with it. He also uses his online diamond shop and may be offline business name Simayof Diamond Cutters to scam people. He will make you feel safe and will rob the safety by himself.

We have contacted many who have been scammed by him and would be pleased to get more volunteers onboard for getting him pay for all the miseries that he is responsible of. If you have been cheated by this crook, please report here.

I am sure, if we find more people to raise their voices, he would soon be convicted and be prisoned for lifetime. He is a danger for everyone outside and should be better behind bars.

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1 review on Adi Simayof

  1. Lipton Katz

    International Fraud Warning : His name is Adi Simayof ,1450 Sutter street SF CA 94019 – 415/699 5097, this person is scam artist, hundreds of innocent diamond and jewelry dealers lost all their money with this serial crook .

    He opens and close jewelry stores , he more more than once ‘chapter 11’ , with different companies he owned , please search on Google the following terms :

    Adi Simayof bankruptcy

    Adi Simayof court

    You will be amazed on how many cases and lawsuits he his involved in ….

    If you have been scammed by him , please feel fee to contact us : [email protected] , we are preparing for him a huge surprise that will put an end to his scam and fraud activities and will put him in jail for the rest of his life .

Powell Street 246
San Francisco 94102 CA US
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Approved Date:December 19, 2016
Status :Published
Reported Loss :8950 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Location city :San Francisco
Reported by : anonymous
Category : Person
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