Abobakir Abosnena

Con Artist Business Investor

Wrote fraudulent checks to buy into the business.  No assets to backup funding, claims to work for the FBI also a lie.  Many unpaid tabs from the bar as well.

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13 reviews on Abobakir Abosnena

  1. Was fake report

    Well guys I can post trump pic or my wife pic or Obama’ pic and do bad report
    I know this man Abobakir Abosnena and I know the story btween him and the mes lounge owner oh report MR Abobakir to google it’s all fake the story the owner of mes lounge club in buffalo want mr Abobakir be his partner and mr Abobakir found out is this business not good fit for him and he cancel the deal , mes lounge owner mr MIK he got peas off and he report mr Abobakir as scomer . Should if he report some one as scomer he should as police report . Witch I know mr Abobakir Abosnena sue mes lounge owner club for this fake report and big case coming up next week over mr Abobakir Abosnena got hurt by found out his address and phone number and his name report as scamer and he post mr Abobakir Abosnena pic this is big case . Agin if any one want to report scamer make suer u have police report because u don’t wont fit sue for few handred thousand for fake report .
    Owner of mes lounge buffalo NY he going lose the case and he got sue now for fake report .

    1. Jongheon

      The above is the criminal himself, Abobakir Abosnena – read all of his 1 star reviews trying to discredit the business owner as a liar and you will see the same horrible grammar.

    2. Jongheon

      There’s a report made to the federal bureau now due to you replying to Mike’s post numerous times posing as different people but anyone who can read can tell it’s the same person – all run on sentences, same bad grammar, usage of “Mik” instead of Mike. Get a life criminal.

  2. Fake report

    I work for mes lounge night club buffalo NY
    Mr MIK the owner of mes lounge who the one report Mr Abobakir Abosnena as scamer ? Well if he scamer can u ad the police report so we can believe this report ? How can report some one and ad his info and pic and saying he scamer with out police report so I can report my Boyfriend as scamer because I hate him over he cheat on me ? Nver work like this because I don’t wont be get sue or taken to the court for hurt some one by putting all his info in public and saying he scamer ?

    1. Anastasia Siplin

      This person is Abobakir Abosnena, just read all the terrible run on sentences, bad grammar similarities. A man trying to salvage all of what’s left of his dishonest, miserable life. He does not work at our establishment lol.

    2. Jongheon

      There’s a report made to the federal bureau now due to you replying to Mike’s post numerous times posing as different people but anyone who can read can tell it’s the same person – all run on sentences, same bad grammar, usage of “Mik” instead of Mike. Get a life criminal.

  3. I don’t believe this

    If the victim not as the police report he may get sue by Abobakir Abosnena .
    For fact I can report anyone as scamer but if I don’t have police report I may be in trouble with law .

  4. It’s okay if I report the trump as scamer

    So if I ad trump pic and I put the his address and his business phoen number as he scamer . Do i be in trouble ? If no I will do it now

  5. Well owner of mes lounge Lair

    Owner of mes lounge liar this club dirty doing drug in restroom the charge 35$ cover for the door nit safe all drug ppl there

    1. Dominique

      Actually, the garage have surveillance of you using cocaine in their parking lot soooooo….. dont use coke bc it’s making u delusional

  6. The real story

    I know both of mans
    Abo or Abu and mik .
    For my experience Abu nice man he don’t care about the money he love Night life and he put all time chilling here and there cool guy .
    Mik owner of mes lounge he want Abu get in the business Abu found out the business doing bad and ppl using drug and under age girls there . Abu canceled the check from mik .
    Mik pass off because his anther partner ask him for 250,000$
    So he report Abu to google as scamer .
    Well if u want to report Abu as scamer report him to the police department or fbi department .
    I heard mik got sue by Abu over mik drop Abu info and pic in google . That’s the real story .

    1. Jongheon

      By the way Abo, Mike is too ni ce to do it, so we reported you to the federal bureau ourselves. Enjoy jail scammer.

  7. All of the reviews above are the same person Abobakir Abosnena

    If you look carefully at all the reviews claiming this report is fraudulent, the terrible grammar is the same as well as there has always been one person known to misspell Mike for Mik. This review won’t be taken down to protect honest business owners from Abobakir Abosnena. All the above is perpetuated by the same scammer with no life, Abobakir Abosnena. All the reviews by Abo has been saved and will be used against him. Sir get a life and learn to do an honest man’s living.

    1. Mohmad

      Ms ? How’ he going be in trouble if mr Meynard punzala ad his info to google ? Ms I think mr Meynard punzala he can be in trouble think about it ? It’s good to save all this Comment . I got confused who the victim ? Guys get life of some one had something to report I will send you the police address on buffalo u can go and report it . The pic so clear .
      Meynard punzala Report Abo to google by adding his specific info this is big issue
      Nver work like that .
      For example do u let me post ur pic and info and report it to google as scamer ? And I don’t have no police report ? Do u ?
      Do u want ur address and pic and phone number report as scamer to google ? Even if Abo scamer the victim should report it to police Department . Glad we live in America ..

  8. The both scamer

    Both of them shit scamer mik amd bou or Abo or Abu fakes report boyh of them not good anyway u can report anything google
    Waste time

  9. Wrong report by the law

    For what I know by the law if want to report scamer should have police report .
    Other then that mr mik u may get hurt your business by ad address and phone number and pic of the scamer I been saying with out no police report . ( I can say fake )
    Victim can sue you if there’s no evidence from court or police office .

  10. I can say

    Well . I saw all thus ppl Comment only I can ad guys think about it . Abo scam mik 250.000$ ok .
    Why Abo or Abobakir he not in jail or in trouble ?
    Why ? Some one answer me ?
    Guys be smart and think about it . ?
    Why he not report him to the police or take him to the court ? Why ?
    No the scamer witch Abo can sue the business he victim . He can sue for some one report him and ad all his info to google .
    It’s not like this guys if some one get hurt should call 911 and make report
    If some one get scam should go to the court and ad all this info . We in 2018 guys be smart think about it . If I get scam I will call 911 and make report . Not make report to google ? With google going to do ?
    Everyone in this page stupid I am next to police officer now , it’s not work this way at all and even all people who Comment in this report or wrong info they may get to know what’s the law mean . So easy I can report any one I don’t like to google but then what
    1- waste my time
    2- i May be in trouble by ad some one info in google .

    Thank u

  11. Meynard punzala

    Meynard punzala Do u have police report ?
    Can u please post it here ?
    If u don’t report him to the police , he can sue to the court you should know this .
    And your employee Comment in this post
    This is mean mr Meynard punzala who did this fake report to google . This is big proof to get sue . Nver ever post some one info and pic or his address he may get or got hurt by this info and u but ur self in trouble
    We live in untied stat of America if u got scam call 911 . Not post this info and telling your Employee and friends to comment under this post ?
    Nver work this way .
    For my Experience mr Meynard punzala should ask your attorny about it
    U should asked him for this post is wrong or right and u should take it down better get worries …

  12. My name is kite

    I am kit some people know me here in this page . And I am straight I am not fake
    And I been in mes lounge few time and I know Abu and the owner . Witch both of them good ppl I don’t have no pro with them.
    But for my opinion if Abo scamer why he free in buffalo why last weekend he at sky skybar why he not in jail ? I Expecting the criminal Be in jail not party at skybar .
    Guys if he scam mes lounge owner for 250.000 and he out side party and chilling
    There’s something wrong . And other week he in 67 west . So guys chill buffalo so small . I can ad any one pic and say scame me but I can’t do this I Will be in trouble with law . And maybe I lose my job over this Only I can do if I got scam I call the police and still I can’t post nothing with out court Permission .

  13. i know mik amd Abo

    Well I just got message in Facebook want me to commit in Abo or in this post , I think mes lounge owner passing this link asking people who know to say bad think about Abo or Abu . I am not kind man do this as well the scamer Abu In buffalo so if he scamer why he not in jail ? Oops
    Mik get life and take all ur kids way u going to lose easy to get sue by this post u did .
    down town staring talk about mes lounge and how is bringing all the problems to all the restaurant on down town .
    Who care about what ppl saying under this post or mik report . Man if u have problems call 911.

East Robinson Street 820
North Tonawanda 14120 NY US
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Reported Loss :250000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : meynarduy
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