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Do a search on this site and google will see that Aaron Greenspan is responsible for defaming a number of innocent people who’s only mistake was not to pay the extortionist. Aaron Greenspan is a fraudster he spent time in the jail for, as well as other crimes, stealing from business in investors.

When you read the reports on the complaint sites you will notice a pattern emerging. Aaron Greenspan viciously attacks the characters of other people who did not donate in the most vicious way. Take it from me, and I have spoken with many of his victims they’ve done nothing to deserve this treatment.
While Greenspan was in prison he had every opportunity to reform himself. He’s one of life’s losers purely because his criminality is part of his genetics.

Neil Greenspan also needs to be stopped. He is a liar, a cheat, an extortionist and a coward.

Aaron Greenspan is a truly loathsome individual. He wanted $4000 or threatened to smear my name, accused me of being part of an crime ring, a thief and a number of other things. All because i couldn’t offord to pay to remove my court case. I hope you choke on the money you make from on banner ads when someone google me

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5 reviews on Aaron Greenspan – Plainsite.org

  1. Diego MasMarques Jr. the Real Cyberstalker and Criminal Harasser

    This post is total bullshit made up by Diego MasMarques who has been stalking and harassing Greenspan and his family for several years and counting. MasMarques has violated the conditions of the restraining order served to him with his continuous online defamation of Greenspan and associates. Don’t believe whatever nonsense MasMarques cooks up that are just figments of his crazy, mentally deranged imagination.

    1. Aarti Chandna

      Aaron_Greenspan www.plainsite.org

      Aaron Greenspan has never held an honest job in his life. Aaron Greenspan failed stanford code x and was kicked out. Aaron Greenspan is an accomplished extortionist and makes a career harassing people for money and filing frivolous law suits to provide him with income. He is a pathological liar and he harassing people with vulgar and disgusting emails and social media filled with untrue statements to extort his target with his website http://www.plainsite.org and Think Computer Foundation. DR. Neil S Greenspan of case western reserve university groomed him into this Monster at the tender age of 4.

      He drives a car with no insurance, suspended license and no registration. Aaron Greenspan uses alias names and addresses around the country. Aaron Greenspan always rents out a room and never has his own apartment or place.
      Aaron Greenspan loves pitting people against each other and creating smear campaigns. Just like he has done with facebook. He acts without empathy when attacking so beware. Aaron Greenspan is a dangerous individual so beware if he crosses your path and thinks you have money he will target you to extort you.

      This is a warning to everyone that comes into contact with this con artist, thief, extortionist and sociopath!!!
      Do not trust a word he says!!
      Business owners beware.!!
      Do not hire or invest money with this felon.
      He will seem unassuming and charming and all the while – stealing money!!! He will ruin a company and its reputation.

      His goal is to shame you on Plainsite.org into giving him money!!
      He has a violent history and is dangerous. He is a vindictive criminal who preys on people he thinks “have money”. Think Computer Foundation is Fraud chairty .

      If you see your name on plainsite.org you need to know that the webmaster Aaron Greenspan is racist and dumb. Aaron Greenspan is running a scam to to glean your information for her deceitful practice of naming everyone a cheater or illegal immigrant or thief.

      Aaron Greenspan plainsite wants to ruin as many lifes as he possibly can. Aaron Greenspan takes your personal information so he cam name you on his site as a theif and turn you into every organization he can think of, to cause harm, embarrassment or harassment to you.
      Aaron Greenspan gets his information from pacer records and sells the data. Such as the PlainSite :: Reality Check Facebook, Inc.
      Aaron Greenspan plainsite.org will call you about your pacer records and act very sweet and nice making you think he could be your friend, offers to remove your name. Aaron Greenspan has cheated every person he has done business with, so be very careful.
      Aaron Greenspan will ask a lot of questions, finding out where you live and relationships.

      Aaron Greenspan uses the names of John Fuenchem and lives 956 Carolina Street San Francisco, CA [protected] @post.harvard.

      Aaron Greenspan and Think computer foundation is out to destroy everything and will use whatever means he can think of. Aaron Greenspan, Neil S Greenspan and Judi keene Greenspan have no remorse, and no conscience about what they doing. Aaron Greenspan has even been sued and lied to the court, and harassed the court clerks until they run the other direction when they know he is on the phone.

      Then Aaron Greenspan calls authorities requesting police reports and then you go up on plainsite.org in lights on his website does not matter whether or not you are.

      Aaron Greenspan is a liar and truly makes this stuff up. Nothing you read on plainsite.org is “OFFICIAL” or has any kind of validity, behind it. She is no one that has any kind of authority, Aaron Greenspan is not a journalist or lawye as he claims. Aaron Greenspan is a seriously disturbed person on a witch hunt.
      Think Computer Foundation is not a REPUTABLE ORGANIZATION. Aaron Greenspan has NO AUTHORITY what so ever to be doing what it is doing. The California State Attorney General is aware of her fraud, so is the Sec of State, the Governor and the FBI along with the local DA, and our congressman.

      You will understand that Aaron Greenspan is not normal. Aaron Greenspan text is disjointed, defamatory, contradictory, and http://www.plainsite.org does not make sense most of the time.

      Aaron Greenspan is an extortionist, wanting money to remove those court documents from google search., but even those who have paid have not had their court dockets removed, plainsite just wants more money.

      If you find yourself in this position and do not know what to do, contact lawyers to point you in the right direction as there are several agencies working on this.

      Don’t worry, authorities are aware how Aaron Greenspan is using http://www.plainsite.org involved with fraud, stalking and harassment. don’t be complacent about this and take it serious.

    2. Aaron Greenspan

      Aaron Greenspan writing reviews using the victims names

      Aaron Greenspan writing vicious defamatory reviews using his own victims names to get back at people that he has it out for.

      Every negative and defamatory review was written and uploaded by Aaron Greenspan a pathological liar, sociopath and cyber stalker. Let’s not forget hacker.

  2. Aaron Greenspan owns and runs the stalking website plainsite.org, leagle.com, eyeview.com and many more harassing, stalking and reputations destroying websites.

    This guy Diego Masmarques Jr. has nothing to do with this post or any post. Here we see the serial harasser and serial stalker who has OCD Aaron Greenspan at work doing online stalking towards innocent people.

    Aaron Greenspan has been harassing people non-stop and will find himself being sued for large sums of money and assets that will be found out.

    Don’t believe anything that Aaron Greenspan says or does because he is a pathological liar and suffers from mental illness.

    Aaron Greenspan is severely mentally ill and he has been mentally ill since he was a teenager or even before. Aaron Greenspan has no cure for his mental illness and is sick online stalking behaviors. It will only be a matter of time before Aaron Greenspan ends up in a mental institution.

  3. Plainsite.org extortion machine

    http://WWW.plainsite.org is an extortion machine!!! Aaron Greenspan, Dr. Neil S Greenspan (case western reserve university) and Judith Keene Greenspan will not remove any names until you pay $4500.There is no reasoning with these greedsters. Their autobots make sure that your name is among the top 5 when googled. People checking on you or your company will see this and automatically be prejudiced against you. This is an unfair business practice. Plainsite.org is run out of
    44122 Shaker Heights
    340 S. LEMON AVENUE #6720
    WALNUT CA 91789

  4. Plainsite.org Think Computer Foundation

    Aaron Greenspan has the obsessive with law dockets and court cases. This very common, very normal part of life for autistics. The downside is that it can also be very common for those interests to clash with the surrounding social environment. It’s not fair, but it happens since these intense hobbies can deviate pretty far from what neurotypical peers are focusing on. Aaron Greenspan autism is ruining the lives of innocent people. Aaron Greenspan consistently calls and harasses people about the pacer court records. It really scared me the first time his robot voice called. The robot voice is a symptom of being autistic. Aaron Greenspan operatates a fake charity. Aaron Greenspan is a lunatic.


    340 South LEMON AVE 6720
    WALNUT CA 91789

    1. Henderson T

      Aaron Greenspan is an Autistic Sociopathic Cyber Stalker

      Unfortunately for the 99.9% of the rest of the population we have to suffer the continous online harassment and cyber stalking abuse by Aaron Greenspan who has Autism Spectrum and is a Sociopath Cyber Stalker.

      This individual should be outlawed from even accessing a computer, public information and should never be allowed to own and run any website. This sociopath owns and runs dozens of gripe sites and gathers the public’s personal information to harass and cyber talk his victims non-stop. Maybe it is the OCD he suffers from.

  5. Aaron Greenspan needs to be reported to the Department of Homeland Security

    If you are a victim of this Sociopath Aaron Greenspan where he harasses and cyber stalks you online by using your personal information combined with his fraud for a website plainsite.org, then the best advice is to file a formal complaint with the Department of Homeland Security to let them know about how plainsite.org is intentionally ruining your lives, while Aaron Greenspan makes an easy living by exposing the public’s legal documents online.

    http://www.dhs.gov – U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    http://www.cisa.gov – Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

    Department of Homeland Security
    Operator Number: 202-282-8000Call: 202-282-8000
    Comment Line: 202-282-8495Call: 202-282-8495

    The #BeCyberSmart Campaign is a national effort to raise public awareness of how to recognize cyber vulnerabilities and educate the nation on how to protect themselves against cyber assaults and take personal responsibilities for online security measures.

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San Francisco 94107 CA US
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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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