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Now I just have to find another mover.

After doing my research and finding such great reviews of this company, I thought I had found my mover for both my Craigslist pickups and my upcoming move. I called Dany and set things up for my Craigslist pickups yesterday. I then e-mailed the details and got confirmation. I was set to meet the crew at the first of three pickup locations at 9:30 a.m. Everything seemed fine, and I was quite pleased at this point.

The movers didn’t show up. At 10:15 (45 minutes late), I got an e-mail saying they had overflow from a move the night before and they wouldn’t be able to show up until 1 p.m. I called Dany and he said he would try to arrange to get another truck and split his crew between the other move and mine. I understood this would take a little time (Dany said about an hour) and started to update my other locations to the shift. (I was lucky my other locations–Craigslist sellers who really didn’t know me–were amenable to this situation.) I asked Dany to call me back and confirm once the ball was rolling on things.

I never heard from him again. My calls went straight to voicemail (to a box that was full). My text elicited no response. My e-mails to the company went unanswered.

The Craigslist sellers from my first location were kind enough to host me until after 1 to try to wait out the original estimate. My last e-mail to the company (around 1 p.m.) stated that unless I see them at the location or hear from them by 1:15, I would assume they were not showing up. I never heard from them. They did not show up. End of story.

I am lucky my sellers are very understanding. They are all willing to reschedule with me for next weekend. Now I just have to find another mover. I recommend you do the same.

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5 reviews on A Few Good College Men

  1. Poor service

    These movers are not professional at all. One mover broke several pieces of my furniture. The company took over a month to submit the payment to get the repairs made STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT.

    In addition, the movers damaged my walls by putting holes in them !!! The owners of the company were too cheap to hire professional handymen and sent inadequate semi-professionals to repair my walls. I will never use them again. They made my moving experience horrible !!

    Even after a month, I am still waiting for them to pay for my broken furniture, all they do is offer excuses !!!

  2. I had a terrible experiance. There are many issues with the move and I will just list one here.

    I had a glasses top cocktail table and one of the movers tried to disassemble the base and forcefully pulled one leg out. He continued to try to pull other legs but couldn’t. Then he tried to put the one disassembled leg back without success.

    When they unload the furniture they could not find the things that connect the leg to the base. Without the leg, the table is not usable at all. I told Danny about the broken table and he picked it up to fix it. He told me that he will call me the next morning but he did not. After a week I called him and he did not fix it.

    After another week I called him again, he still did not fix it. He never contacted me during this period to give any update. I was unhappy and told him that I was going to write a review and contact BBB. Then Danny said if he loses any customer he will SUE me because I lied: I said the table is broken but it is only missing a part and is not broken.

  3. I recently used A Few Good College Men for a local apartment move.

    I recently used A Few Good College Men for a local apartment move. Overall, I was moderately satisfied with their service. They were efficient and knew what they were doing in terms of moving the items around tight corners, etc. and were very prepared with packing material and dollies. However, they showed up about a half hour late of the scheduled appointment time,

    which I did not appreciate (it would have been nice if a half hour had been deducted from the bill as a courtesy since this was a stressful one day Sunday move). And our pinewood dining table (albeit an Ikea item) ended up with a very large scratch right down the front of the tabletop. They did offer to replace the item, but we ended up opting for them taking off a half hour charge from the total bill as compensation for the damage. Still, this probably could have been prevented had the table either been wrapped or not set up against the truck door (which ended up scraping the table when they opened the door).

    i also wasn’t aware that they would be taking a half hour lunch break in between packing and unpacking the truck. I was fine with it, but it would have been nice to know that there was a scheduled uncharged lunch break in the middle of the move.

  4. I would highly recommend this company to anybody.

    AMAZING!!!!! I’ve never had a moving company to assist in moving. I was extremely nervous about the process. Are they going to be honest? Are they going to be careful with my precious items? Will they be courteous and helpful? YES, YES and YES!!! My team consisted of Moe, Sam, Gustavo, Kevin and Weezy. I could not have asked for a better team.

    They were goal driven and once I showed them the layout of the house and what needed to be done, they were dedicated to getting the job done….and they did so in a timely manner. I appreciate their professionalism. This helped to ease the anxiety that comes along with moving. I would highly recommend this company to anybody.

  5. Great guys and I highly recommend them! Thanks guys, you were great!!!

    My moving team today was the BEST – Chris (Flo), Will (Gladiator), and Will (Rambo) – made me laugh during a very stressful situation. We encountered some unexpected challenges, but they told me – don’t worry, we will find a solution, and they did each time! Great guys and I highly recommend them! Thanks guys, you were great!!!

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