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7 Movers is bad service and scammer

This isn’t a real moving company as much as it is a bunch of guys with a bad attitude who will steal your stuff.

I hired them to load my belongings into my own moving trucks for an out-of-state move. They showed up on time but were very rude and unfriendly. Upon arrival, they didn’t introduce themselves or go over their services. The guy in-charge just gave me an angry look and said something like “we will do the paperwork now”.

They came completely unprepared with no supplies-  no moving blankets, stretch wrap, tape gun, knives, or any other supplies that any real moving company should have. Fortunately I had plenty of my own tape, blankets, stretch wrap, and so on.

I told them exactly which stuff I wanted moved and how I wanted it packed – basic stuff like wrap the furniture in blankets and don’t apply tape directly to any item. I noticed they started putting wooden furniture on the truck without any blankets. I asked why they were loading it on the truck with no blankets and they said I don’t have enough blankets. I pointed out that I had 100 blankets, which is enough to put 3 blankets on every item and have plenty to spare. I made them take the furniture off the truck and wrap it correctly.

After I arrived at my new house, I found that not all of the wooden furniture was wrapped in a blanket. I also found many items that had tape directly on the items – something which will ruin the finish when the tape is removed.

I have a large office desk and when I got to my new house, I could not find the screws and parts to put it back together. I provided them with ziplock bags and told them to put all screws and hardware in the bag and attach it to the item or put it inside the blanket, but somehow they couldn’t follow those simple directions. It took me 2 weeks to find where the screws went – they were packed in an unrelated box. I also found that they didn’t use the correct wrapping on my bed, and the mattress was ripped as a result.

It took them an eternity to load the stuff onto the moving truck. They didn’t even start putting the furniture on the truck until 4 hours after they started. One of their movers spent the entire time talking on his phone, and the other 3 movers, aside from going extremely slow and not knowing what they’re doing, were committed chain-smokers. Every time I looked to see where the movers were, they were outside smoking, and blowing the smoke directly into my moving truck. I’m sure my 3 young children will enjoy their crib and beds smelling like cigarette smoke.

After they were finally done, which was like 7pm at night, one of my family members noticed that her wallet had been opened and money was missing. I asked my wife to check her wallet and she also found missing money. I confronted the guy in-charge and told him that we had money stolen from our wallets that was there in the morning and the movers were the only ones who had been in the house. He didn’t even talk to any of his crew and told me that it was “unbelievable” and told me to call the police if he think they stole anything. I called the police and while waiting for them to arrive, the movers got very angry that I accused them of stealing and started yelling at me. I refused to pay until the matter was resolved. After maybe 40 minutes of arguing, he agreed to reduce the final fee by $26.

I gave him my credit card to pay and he said that he will add a 3% transaction fee if I pay by credit card. I told him that there was no mention of a transaction fee on his website or in the confirmation email that he sent me when I made the appointment. They did not send me any kind of contract or terms in the email. He said that the transaction fee is in the email that he sent. I showed him the email and there was no mention of a fee. So he then said that the fee is shown on the final invoice, but that invoice was only given to me after the work was done! I told him I’ll pay by check but he said he won’t accept a check, only credit card or cash. I relented and gave him my credit card since he wouldn’t leave my house until I paid. I filed a dispute with my bank after the transaction cleared.

Afterwards, I tried to see if they have any kind of license to be a moving company but I can’t find one. I tried searching the USDOT FMCSA but there is no record of their company.

In summary, they were all very rude and unprofessional, didn’t know how to properly wrap my stuff, did not follow my simple directions, came unprepared with no supplies, took an eternity to load my belongings onto the truck, stole money from 2 of our wallets, and charged me a transaction fee that I wasn’t informed about.

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  1. Highly recommended! We already recommended to our friends.

    From beginning to end, our move went smooth and great. 7 movers is one of the best moving company that we came across so far. They accommodate their schedule for us and price was very competitive.

    They are truly professional and fast. When they were loading the truck they did a great job with organizing all the items in order to make sure items were not going to get damaged.

Merrifield VA US
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Reported Loss :100 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
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