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1881.com's Kent Taylor Scammed Me for $7760

During Jan 2014, my husband died. It was a big loss for me and for my family. During the month of May, I have managed to save a horse but another one passed away. So, I decided to own horses afterwards. Well, I started searching for affordable land that had sufficient acreage. Soon, I came across an advertisement where it was stated about an offer of 53.24 acres. That land was listed under $15k range.

When I went for such an add, it gave me some kind of feeling that my offer may get accepted. Soon, I also made the down payment. Well,, I paid for that property for 2 years. I was also looking for the next land close to the property that I had purchased. This could have helped me a lot to initiate the process for buying it. When I started looking for such a land, I found one with the same area. However, something went wrong there. The next one is not another land! This is the same land that I was paying for a year or so.

During my next payment, I asked the seller about it. And he completely denied that such land was listed on any website before. I have also asked him to give more details about how I can go for that land for which I was paying. I was desperate to go to that land. So, I requested the seller about it several times.

I have never managed to receive the reply and most of the time, the seller was out of the home town. In that listing the seller has not even mentioned that there is a prison situated close to the main Hwy. When I came to know about it, I asked him in a text message and the seller replied me that “I don’t even know about the existence of any prison”. Before that he never mentioned about such thing. Finally I came to know that he is a lying.

Even the longitude and latitude he offered me doesn’t get seen on the mapping device. And not even the GPS. He also offered me a GEO ID which was not even assigned for his name. It was not even located anywhere near to the land. Afterwards, he mentioned me to go for the court house in order to get right kind of assistance. Though he sold that land to me, he doesn’t have any responsibility to show me where the land was. He has not even offered me any detail about how to go for that land. He has not even told me about any landmark, town history and town events. He doesn’t even know things related to Sierra Blanca located in Texas. So, how he could know about the prison?

For just anyone who wishes to build a house at this place, having such information is very important. There will be hardly anyone who would like to build a home and start a family close to a prison. He stated that he was not really aware of that prison and land. However, I was paying for it for a year or so as per the contract.

There are chances that someone else might be paying for the same land for which I am also paying for last two years. As of Aug 26th 2016, I have paid $7,760 for such land. To buy this land, I sold my solo home and now facing a loss of $30 k plus. Now I have become homeless. The only roof that has my ultimate shelter is my truck’s roof.


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  1. Cruel people

    This guy’s are cruel ?

  2. Cheap professional

    Lol look at their website ..cheap site and cheap company

  3. No place to add a follow-up so I had to report another scam he has pulled. Same company secretary person dealt with. He will be stopped this time.

  4. Just who's running a scam...?

    This poster is a scam artist, themselves.

    Researching the business in question to see if it was on the up-and-up to do business of my own with them, I’ve found this same report on two other sites, thus far… one being Rip Off Report, where the scam first became obvious after noting 1) that the posting verbiage and cadence were all different between the four posts “she” made there, and 2) that she posted early in October they’d come to a resolution (for which she thanked him profusely), only to post a month later without any explination that she’s now taking him to court…. where she can sue him “for 10 times the damages”.. and will try and sue him for the loss she took on the sale of her house, as well. Something he had _nothing_ to do with.

    This post — and the other that I found — were all made within days of the original post announcing the resolution. There’s differences between the lot of them, as well.

    – The sizes of the parcels mentioned in the newer posts are vastly different from the original, as in 50+ acres different.

    – The original posts continually mention the seller by name, whereas these later posts do not. At all.

    – The very “voice” of the poster differs in every single post — the original is the consummate Woe Is Me victim, going on for paragraphs about the loss of the husband, all the work done on the house, how hard it was to sell, how much buying the new (very small) property would mean, etc. More time was spent tugging at heart strings than vilifying the seller.

    The second post on ROR was just as long, but almost incoherent, as well as sounding a bit unhinged. They even got their own name incorrect while correcting the other party on it, and claimed the seller was “nit-picking” when he stated he was merely addressing her by the name she’d signed the contract with. The subject was dropped quickly, and she moved on to complaining about something else.

    – Much less heart-tugging is done in the latter posts… but they mention family and pets never even hinted at in the original. And, while the two stand-alone posts are almost identical, the one left here has _obviously_ been made by someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language; the cadence is too precise and stilted, and the grammatical structure is notably off. In several cases, it’s just plain incorrect.

    Overall, the tone of the entire thing has been one of bad melodrama — not criminal, in and of itself. But, when coupled with even just this brief list of discrepancies I found by simply scanning thru a couple of posts, one can see it is at least potentially libellous…

    I have no clue as to their reasoning and purpose in doing so — and I’ll not speculate on it — but it’s readily apparent these posts have been made by at least three different people all pretending to be “Sherry”, for one reason or another.

    In short, I have not found any complaints filed against 1881.com that read as remotely legitimate — the other two were far more ridiculous than even these have been. A third was left by one who simply doesn’t understand the process of purchasing real estate, and that no part of it is instantaneous.

    If the owner _is_ guilty of any wrongdoing in the many years he’s been in operation, I have yet to find it.

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Bull Run Circle 5402
Austin 78727 TX US
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Submitted Date :October 23, 2016
Status :Published
Reported Loss :7760 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Location city :Austin
Reported by : anonymous
Category : Business
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