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Adaptive Environments Company Leaves Disabled Veteran Stranded

I’m a quadriplegic veteran, and we have an Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lift by Butler with the goal that I can get upstairs from my basement bedroom.

We had several problems with this lift system in the last year that include safety switch glitches, brake malfunctions, solenoid glitches, brake malfunctions, frightening metal sounds, and other problems. And sometimes it caused lift to stop working or breakdown while I’m on it.

The recent life-threatening scare occurred when I got onto the platform while upstairs, and it began to free fall. Thank god for my mother who was there to quickly press the up button, I would have tripped over in my chair down the stairs.

This incident occurred because of a technician not properly setting a cable connected to the brake system. The same incident then occurred again with exception that it began to free fall while I was on it towards the top of the stairs.

Adaptive Environments has sent many different service technicians out to identify the issues many times over the gone year.

Several times they were unable resolve an issue properly. They just blindly replaced parts that were not even a part of the problem and on top that they charged me with their $120 an hour service fee.

We had many technicians in our home. Only one of them, the service technician seemed to know what they were doing and fully understood the equipment.

The reason behind why I’m reaching out with this complaint is to bring attention of this company to their incompetence.

The second time the lift began to free fall; they sent a service technician again who had seized the motor. He said that there was nothing that he could do and left without giving us any document, paperwork or notice or even advice about what should we do.

After a week, I did not hear anything from the company, so we called and they said they would call us back very soon.

It’s been three weeks, and they still have not called. We feel that they are disingenuous, completely unprofessional and unimaginably insincere to not try to fix their wrong doing.

More imperatively, it is a serious liability. And I have been stuck here for three weeks!

On top of everything, my mother recently went through hip surgery. It is a struggle for her to get up and down the stairs to help me and bring down meals.

We reached out to the VA to see if they can help, and they have been greatly helpful. They have even contacted Adaptive Environments to express their worry.

We are attempting to get approved for a grant to replace the stair lift with another company. Other than that, we wanted to bring the incompetence of this company to light. People need to know before contacting Adaptive Environments. We would value any kind of help to get our voice heard.

Edit: After almost four weeks, I called once more, and the proprietor finally called me back. He was extremely rude to me and denied that the technician had seized the motor while working on it and tried to the blame us for it. Rather than starting the conversation politely to discuss solution, he immediately got protective. He said the motor burnt up because of the fact that it’s old. WRONG! The motor was replaced almost four years ago. He said he will not fix the issue unless we pay for a new motor and pay the $120 hr service fee to replace it.

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