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Stephen J a Repeat Offender

Stephen Glasgow is the name which will surely not going to erase from my mind so soon. He wrote a contract for performing drywall installation as well as finishing at one of my new business premise.

Once the project started he also requested me for additional funds. You will surely not find him at the job site even the money is paid – a serious offender

The labors he hired to perform that job were not skillful at all. They were really unable to install it properly. On the other hand, Mr. Glasgow never appeared at the job site even for a single time even he took the money in advance. This is really miserable.

As the work done was not up to the mark for me, I hired another contractor to deal with that mess that was left behind. I paid him an additional amount of $9000 in order to complete that job. It cost me $5,150 more than the actual quoted amount.

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  1. thought to call them

    We avoided to hire them after reading their disgraceful services .


    Steve asked for $1300 for drywall material and never showed up after receiving the money.

  3. Mix up on address

    Hi I’m the owner of Steve’s Drywall Repair And Painting Services. My name is Steve Schubert and my business address is
    216 w south st
    Woodstock il.
    I’ve never heard of Steve Glasgow and definitely don’t conduct business this way. I don’t know how my address got mixed up with this guy. But some how my business name is the same. Please don’t mistake my business with this Steve Glasgow guy.

  4. Mix up on address

    Come to find Steve Glasgow is from Fairfield, Ohio his phone number 513-238-1074.
    His address is 101 Ramey Ln, Fairfield OH
    Don’t associate Steve’s Drywall Repair And Painting Services in Woodstock IL with this guy in Fairfield, Ohio. Our company has the same name .
    Thanks owner at Steve’s Drywall Repair And Painting Services Woodstock IL Steve Schubert

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West South Street 216
Woodstock 60098 IL US
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Submitted Date:October 22, 2016
Status :Published
Reported Loss :5100 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Location city :Woodstock
Reported by : anonymous
Category : Business
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