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After speaking with a loan officer at the Ontario branch, I applied for a car loan with a cosigner whose combined credit score is 756.

I have a serious error on my report that had previously been 750 only a month prior.

The error is being disputed after receiving documentation from the creditor showing that my account is in good standing.

However, this morning I received a phone call from Armando at the Pasadena location who continued to raise his voice over mine after I told him the item is in dispute.

He was combative and rude, so I concluded the conversation.

I’m in a bind because I’m retiring my car under a State program and the dispute which will go my way, will not be completed before the down payment voucher expires.

Within 30 days, however, my score will return to 750 and I’d just have them rewrite the loan without the cosigner.

Who would turn down a car loan when they have equity in the vehicle and I have more than enough income to make monthly payments?

Wescom, that’s who.

After six years of doing business, I’m going to re-evaluate my relationship with this credit union.

A bank is offering me $300 to switch.

Is Wescom Credit Union a scam?
Wescom Credit Union is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Wescom Credit Union legit?
First Wescom Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Wescom Credit Union’s consumers?
There is/are 13 review(s) posted about Wescom Credit Union and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Wescom Credit Union located?
Wescom Credit Union is located at 123 S Marengo Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA. You can contact Wescom Credit Union by dialing (888) 493-7266 or visit their website wescom.org before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Wescom Credit Union’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $3477 was the total loss incurred by Wescom Credit Union’s customers.

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13 reviews on Wescom Credit Union

  1. Queen Y

    This is a horrible bank.

    This is a horrible bank. The people who works here gives you false information. This is a credit union which is suppose to be a bank that helps you build your credit which is also false. Go to Wells Fargo or even Chase Bank because Wescom is NO GOOD.

  2. Kerry Nelson

    It is now October 17th and we still do not have our loan.

    In late July I started the process to get a home equity line of credit thru Wescom. We were told our loan would take 30 to 45 days to receive. On August 1 we sent in all documents requested. By August 16th there was another request for more documents which were immediately sent to the loan department and we were approved.

    By the beginning of October there was no sign of this loan finally going through, so I contacted management. I was told he would personal see that my loan would be pushed to the top of the pile so that I would get my loan ASAP. I was contacted a week later by the appraiser (who had already come out and appraised my home) that he was told to re-appraise.

    He asked if I was given instruction by the loan department to do any fix-ups that he was supposed to come out and inspect. I informed him that we good to go as far as that was concerned and he was perplexed. I decided to call 2 other appraisers to get their take on the matter, both of which said they believed it was a stall tactic. It is now October 17th and we still do not have our loan.

  3. Jason Hussy

    My husband and I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the Pasadena branch.

    My husband and I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the Pasadena branch. All we wanted to do was handle my mother-in-law’s affairs, close an Estate account, and receive tax information in order to perform our fiduciary duty as executors and trustees of the accounts.

    We were given different information several times as we tried to handle my mother-in-law’s affairs when her health began to decline. I spent so much time on the telephone trying to obtain information, only to find out the information given to me was incorrect, resulting in MULTIPLE wasted trips to another branch.

    This was not a case of us not understanding the requirements, this was a case of Wescom giving us information, us following through on said information, us going to the bank, and then us finding out that we were given incorrect information and would now need to do several other different things, requiring us to come back. From Las Vegas. And it happened more than once.

  4. Joe Root


    It is midnight & I am trying to register my daughter for school. My payment was DECLINED!! So I called Wescom & was told the Wescom Fraud Department wants to verify my purchases today, yet they can’t clear my debit card tonight!!! I need to call Wescom during business hours!! Unfreaking believable!! What if I was stuck & needed gas!! WTF!!

    Usually when Wescom does this fraud BS, I have a cart full of groceries & my purchase is declined!! The cashier has to void the transaction so I can call Wescom to verify my purchases & that….YES I am shopping today!!!

    I ordered checks & Wescom sent them to the wrong address!! Gosh I wonder how fraudulent activity could possibly take place with crap like this happening!!

    Wescom takes 3 weeks to get a bill paid with Bill Payer if it requires a physical check. Originally with Bill Payer, even if the payment was scheduled to coincide with my payday, the funds were removed from my account!! Why??

  5. Ken Carter


    Today(6-25-16) at 8:52am I deposited $300 in the Wescom ATM on Sepulveda in Culver City. Instead of the money going into my account, the atm said it could not read the cash and then it said its OUT OF SERVICE and could not return my cash!!!

    When I called Wescom they said there was nothing they could do about it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wescom is stealing money from people..DO NOT USE WESCOM FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!

  6. David Mark

    I DO NOT RECoMMEND them!

    In the past Wescom has had an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Now they have no rating from the BBB. Ask yourself why? They are the former communication workers credit union………do you trust AT&T?

    WESCOM acts like they are a huge business bank and sticks the customers with charges every excuse they can find.

    If you want a credit union that puts the maximum freeze time they can on your deposits and payments, then you will like WECOM.

    I could write a book on my experiences with WESCOM but I will come directly to the point……..I DO NOT RECoMMEND them!

  7. Mar Thomas

    I am closing my account with them ASAP!

    I am very disappointed, they do not take members seriously. I requested that they only use me mailing address in order to protect my account from identity theft.

    I made this clear several times and they continued to use my physical address. I have a long history with them and do not see the benefit of it. I am closing my account with them ASAP!

  8. Laura Jackson

    Mighty Wesom how far you have fallen from the credit union philosophy!

    The aforementioned $5.00 checking account fee is now $8.00. Major banks offer free checking accounts with no relationships and they have an ATM on every corner.

    Wescom continues to close branches is now down from 60 to 22. Totally inconcenient and the customer service phone wait times are an absolute nightmare! Mighty Mighty Wesom how far you have fallen from the credit union philosophy!

  9. Sarah Harris

    Very disappointed with Wescom.

    I’ve been a member for 10 years. I have three credit cards at three different places. I find it interesting that my My Wescom Credit Union card has the highest interest rate out of all three. Not to mention, my other two cards are from big banks like CITI. Very disappointed with Wescom.

  10. Soheila Martin

    At Wescom I saw no cooperation for short sale.

    At Wescom I saw no cooperation for short sale. despite dancing to every song they played Wescom still went ahead and foreclosed on a house that sellers fully cooperated leaving the sellers with a forecloser in their records. When I went to their Facebook page to demand an explanation they just blocked me….. democracy at its best

  11. Randy Gonzalez

    Vote with your feet and leave WESCOM!!!!!

    I have to agree with the last and most recent reviews and I’m not a happy long term WESCOM member…….remember WESCOM used to be the telecommunications workers credit union. Well WESCOM is now acting like B of A, or Chase, or AT&T!

    They manipulate transactions so they can charge fees and treat you like a criminal if you complain. All the reasons why I left big banks and went to a credit union are now regular business practice at WESCOM. No wonder WESCOM now has a “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    I opened an account over a year ago at School First Credit Union, and they treat me like a valued member….the way WESCOM used to treat it’s members. Vote with your feet and leave WESCOM!!!!!

  12. Kevin Peterson

    Will never bank with these guys again.

    Moved out of state, and cancelled my checking account although I still had an auto loan with them. Didn’t find out until later that in doing so I am no longer able to log in online and view my auto loan account OR make payments on it.

    The only way I can make payments is to mail a check (which will arrive late since I can’t afford to send a check 2 weeks early to make sure it gets there on time), or call and make a payment over the phone which is now a $15 fee.

    I asked them why they have it set up like this and I was told it was due to “technical limitations”, which is BS since I know for a fact that a computer programmer can change that in a 1/2 days work. Obviously it’s set up this way intentionally to bend over the customers and charge…..

  13. Jorgina Allen

    this is a BIG RIP OFF!!!

    ***DO NOT GET ANY TYPE OF LOANS WITH THESE GUYS***** they will waste your time like no other bank…….sad to say, ive been banking with them for almost 7 years, and they screwed me on my auto loan, adding $3k of their own insurance premium when i had my own insurace…….

    i had to send in documents to get credited (waste of time), still they increased my monthly payment by almost $70 a month……..after i provided proof of insurance, this is a BIG RIP OFF!!!

Reported Loss :3477 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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