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Stash club is not going to stick for long

This was the worst experience I ever had with an online order store. Stash Club seems to be the one that has all the fake items listed on the website. I am very depressed and feel that there is no way one can be as bad as Stash Club.This is the first and the last time I have ordered from this website. They are cunning and make you look like some legitimate deal. However, they are nothing more than the garbage can.

My friend and I ordered on the same day from this website. We both ordered the same item and the addresses were from the same locality. We ordered Death Bubba Shatter. It took me five days to receive the item. I was away when the item was delivered to my location. I came back after 3 days and checked the shipment. My friend hadn’t received the package yet and was waiting for my review. When I opened the package, I was disappointed to see what they had delivered.

Instead of death bubba shatter, they had sent me the lump of tar. Or, at least that is what it looked like. I asked my friend to cancel the order as there was no point in buying something so cheap and fake. I even compared the package with the pictures on the website and it looked nothing like what was projected online. This is a scam. If you guys do not have the product, why you even try to make it look like something similar to that.

After checking the item, my friend tried to cancel the order. But, they informed that the shipment was already out and it would only be returned after receiving the order. He waited for few more days but there was no package received. We tried to contact these people, but they are difficult to reach. He never received the shipment and I understood that there is no point shipping mine back. They would never return the amount and I will end up paying extra money for the courier.

After this instance, I checked the other reviews on the internet and it was not surprising at all. Everyone had the same complaint about Stash Club. I am not sure how are they still in business. And, even if they are, they are not going to continue for long.

They need to work a lot to improve their product quality as well as service. There is a lot of competition out there and if they keep doing this, never will they make any farther with this speed. They are deaf and will not listen to your problems ever. Either you will never receive the order placed or you will be sent the worst item that would never be like the one posted on their website. If you do not want to spend your money on something that is of no use, never order from this website.

Is Stash Club a scam?
Stash Club is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Stash Club legit?
First Stash Club is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Stash Club’s consumers?
There is/are 22 review(s) posted about Stash Club and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is Stash Club located?
Stash Club is located at 41 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H 1R5, Canada. You can contact Stash Club by dialing 1-800-379-3117 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Stash Club’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $200 was the total loss incurred by Stash Club’s customers.

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22 reviews on Stash Club

  1. Nonya

    Other review is a moron

    Great site with good deals. Always get exactly as described, only time I had an issue was resolved within a day or two. Guarantee the other reviewer is your classic know it all that knows nothing. Look at the length of their review, loves to talk but no one wants to listen.

  2. Bc Livin

    Stash Club

    I’ve never had so much as a blip in my dealings with Stash Club. They seem very organized and and the products are Top shelf. Sounds like a lot of Bullshit rambling from a basement dweller.

  3. Elle

    Complete Waste of Time

    All I can say is, what a damn waste of time.

    First time ordering Cannabis products online and let me tell you that I will not be returning to Stash Club.

    They never accepted my money transfer. I sent multiple emails to make sure that everything was ok and only received a reply saying that the email would be transferred to their transaction department… then nothing happened and they cancelled my order.

    Bunch of bullshit.

    Then I get an email asking to rate the customer service on something that no one even bothered to look into.

    I think it’s obvious that at that point I cancelled the money transfer and moved on with my life.

    Be warned. Worst experience. No customer service.

  4. Ibrahim

    My second order with Stash Club

    I have really positive impression about stash club, my first order came 3rd day after I ordered the item. I got free joint to what I have ordered (Outdoor Specials).

    Their Prices are reasonable comparing to other dispensaries. Quality wise, Outdoor specials smelled like Mango and had high sativa effect on me.

  5. Ibrahim

    Stush Club is the BEST

    Good Quality, cheap prices, and fast delivery, have no Idea why it got low reviews in this website but anyway, I’ve made my second order on Stash Club. Still waiting for my second order. My first order was 28g Outdoor Specials, Smelled like Mango extract, had high Sativa effect on me and got an extra free joint rolled nicely.

    Deserves a try!

  6. Rod Good

    I have to disagree with the comment on this site Stash Club Is Amazing

    What more could you ask for from stash club.
    The green prices are great the smoke is even better. I ordered 3.5g of pineapple express keif, 2g of purple god hash, 1g of cherry oil and a stash rock they all came within 3 days. The site offers points on Referrals which = $20 when your friend makes their first purchase. You get 100 points every day. they give you a free preroll with your order, free shipping over $150 again what more could you possibly want. Stash club rules and if you disagree you’re crazy.

  7. Rod good

    Stash club is freaking amazing

    Stash club is the best site out there by far! Tons of reward offered, free gifts, free shipping over $150, a huge selection of product way cheaper than anywhere else. I’m sticking with them from now on!

  8. Assassin

    Stash Club #1....... Tim’s a loser

    Never been disappointed, never received had bad product from Stash Club. Excellent quality, super fast service, and emails returned quickly.

    Oh and products are rated by the user, you know what your getting before even adding to your shopping cart.

  9. Alexis

    best dispensary in Canada

    Stashclub is great. The product is great, the prices, the staff… all of it is way beyond any expectation you could have of a Canadian online dispensary. I’ve recently had an order from them stolen out of my mailbox and they totally helped me get a new box at the post office, updated my account and everything in the same day. So I feel like this review^ is some sort of personal vendetta against this person and stashclub. Don’t take it seriously, and if you do it’s just your loss.

  10. James

    I love stash club

    Have made 5 orders with stash club all over 100$ , I haven’t had one issue with there customer service or there products. If I email customer service there’s a return email within one day . There products are as described and have ordered the same strains more than once and they have been identical in strength and quality. I continue to use there service and refer them to freinds.

  11. SteelJunky


    Stashclub is the first Mom I tried in Canada and since then I tried a couple.

    StashClub’ s service and product are all of top quality, their staff is effective polite and helpful in all aspects of the transactions. All their Products comes from great producers and trusted transformation labs.

    An error occurred on one of my orders and everything was resolved in the most professional and kind way.

    Every single product I received from them where as described and shipping was always fast and discrete.

    I have no problem recommending Stashclub to anyone without concern and I don’t understand where the bad reviews could possibly come from.

    My experience with them has been all positive since the first order.

    And no way you will make me believe Stashclub sent you a lump of tar, buddy… No way… That’s BS…

  12. Travis K

    Best online dispensary

    Awesome, best online dispensary. Ships on time, always what I ordered, good quality.

    1. Taylor

      Customer service dwindling

      Well, for 2 years I’ve had a reasonably good experience. However….recently a package said it was delivered, but wasn’t in my mail box. It’s a locked box in the building I live in. Now technically it’s the mail carrier, whom cannot manage to do his basic function and read ALL the numbers and letters. And out it in the correct box. Regardless. I feel stashclub has a responsibility to long term customers. And now I feel like they’ve spat in my face. If they don’t rectify this, in going to their supplier, white think extracts, the original high tops vape pen, is the only product if consequence from them.

  13. Gavin

    Stash Club

    Ordered twice from Stash Club, both times the product and packaging was excellent, the shipping was faster than their estimates and they always include a small gift with your order. The e-transfer payment method is a bit of a pain but shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with a brain, something this “scam reporter” seems to lack. 10/10 will be sticking with them for all my future weed orders.

  14. Barbara Dettlinger

    Stach club is fantastic

    I have been a member of stash club for 2years and have only had a problem once and as soon as I contacted them something was missing. Not only did they send it out right away but they included a free sample. So the stash club is not a scam.
    I talked to Hanna she was great!

  15. Troy

    The best I've ever used.

    I’ve placed many, many orders with this company over more than 2 years.
    The service and product quality is top notch. Not even the Ontario retail locations come close.

    On the VERY rare occasions that an order has taken longer than 3 business days to arrive (from across Canada). It’s always been an issue with Canada Post and not Stash Club. Never the less the folks at SC were always more than happy to look into the delay for me, and were apologetic on CP’s behalf.

    They are simply THE BEST.

  16. Sue

    Disrespectful, ignorant

    So I ordered the Kush Oil and the next day I sent the money which was yesterday. Today, at 3:40 something a dude with name Josh Stash emails me to tell me that the product I ordered is out of stock and gave two choices. A) up-selling me on another product which was way more expensive than the one I ordered. He offered 20%.
    B) offer of instore credit for the same amount as the product I ordered

    He also said they will send another oil of their choosing if they dont hear back from me in 2 days.

    I replied back asking him to send me my money. Then he replied back telling me to use the store credit to purchase another product and offered me 10,000 stash miles.

    I told him that I feel disrespected by him for not acknowledging my reply email.

    He wrote back and wrote a long 5000 + words telling me how he is confused about why I felt disrespected and went on to gloat about the company policy and bla bla.

    We went back and forth for a minute. Then he sends an e-transfer of a different amount than the amount that i sent. I declined and wrote back to him and told him the amount was wrong.

    Then he sends me and email telling how I’m wasting his time and other bs, basically blaming me for his incompetence, and rudeness.

    I sent him a screenshot of the amount I sent to him yesterday.

    Then he sends me an email saying that he sent the money. I have yet to receive it.

    This dude is supposedly a manager. I have never in my entire life dealt with a manager like him. He really ruined my day. I will never purchase from them. Their attitude towards me sucked.

    Thanks but no thanks!


  17. RJTM

    All good here

    I’m strictly a flower user with the occasional edible and I have not had any issues with stashclub. Mostly stick to the special stash AA+ always satisfied, flower is always as described. Most orders also receive a small gift like 2 6.5mg gummies or cbd.

  18. Brent Wild

    I don’t know what everyone’s smoking...

    I’ve made a couple orders with Stash Club and have had a good experience. I have been a member since 2017. My only complaint with them would be the last order seemed to take a little longer to receive than the first one, but who knows if that’s their fault or Canada Post. I gave them 4 out of 5 stars. I couldn’t figure out how to give them 4 and a half.

  19. Dave P

    Stash Club

    Stash club Canada very good company always get a bonus treat with order fast service all around good company

  20. Nikki

    Stash club is amazing

    stash club has been amazing so far with every order I have done. They have never disappointment. Sorry that you had a bad batch but your review is bs to me.

  21. Victor Jensen

    Stash Club is Awesome!

    I have been a member now since 2018 and placed many orders with perfect results every time. They often include a sample of a new product and the deliveries have always been on time and as advertised. I would clearly recommend their services for discrete purchasing.

  22. some1

    Stash Club is great

    I just have to say, I have no idea what this person is going on about. My experiences with Stash Club have always been fantastic in every way.

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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