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Service Is Abominable

If you’re considering obtaining a loan from San Diego County Credit Union, please read this review!

I obtained a car loan through SDCCU after being lured in by their APR, which was slightly lower than everyone else’s.

If I could go back, I would have gone with a more legit company knowing what I know now.

If you’re 80+ years old and are ok with a bank stuck in the stone ages, then maybe SDCCU is right for you.

Or, if you live in San Diego and have a job that allows you to spend a couple of hours physically in one of their branches whenever there is an issue, then SDCCU might work for you.

Unfortunately, I live in LA, I am technologically fluent, and my time isn’t worth the headache of working with them.

Their billing system is absolutely antiquated, and their service is abominable.

I was incorrectly informed by a service representative when I started the loan that they do not offer automatic payments unless you have a bank account with SDCCU.

Or maybe they didn’t back then, but now they do.

Regardless, I was stuck paying my monthly statement by writing a check and sending it via snail mail (the only bill I pay this way).

After the first year of doing this, I was given the wrong billing slips (they were duplicates of from the prior year; ie they were dated for the previous year).

I wrote them 3 times to provide me with new billing slips, but got no reply.

Whenever I would call, I would be on hold for over 30 minutes– as I am a physician in training, I really don’t have that sort of time during business hours to just kill listening to elevator music.

I finally got through to a customer representative, and she instructed me to just use one of my outdated slips.

I also inquired about automatic bill pay, and apparently they do offer this (though they have to mail you a paper form that you fill out and then mail back).

Fast forward 1 month:

1) I mailed them the automatic bill pay, but still haven’t heard back if this has gone through.

2) The outdated bill slip I was instructed to use had the incorrect invoice– it was $0.42 short of the total amount due.

So my payment (nearly $500) was short by 42 cents.

The result? SDCCU reported my payment as “30 days past due” and my credit score dropped 99 points.

A 99 point drop in my credit score because of 42 cents!

What frustrates me the most is that I received a phone call the day they reported me as “past due” informing me that I was 42 cents short.

The person I spoke to suggested that her supervisor would either just drop the 42 cent charge or just tack it onto the next payment; if that wasn’t possible, she said she would call me and let me know.

But she didn’t call me and they reported me as past due because of 42 cents.

As soon as I got the notification from my credit monitoring service that my credit dropped 99 points, I call SDCCU again. At first, they had no idea they had done this, and then they just told me to fill out a form to dispute this.

I have filled out the form (which I had to print and mail to them), but I have no faith in them that they will even open the letter, given my prior experience of writing to them.

Long story short, don’t just jump to SDCCU because they may have a slightly lower APR than other places. I may have saved a few bucks a month on my car loan, but now that I am in the market for a home, a 99 point drop in my credit score will probably result in thousands of dollars extra for a mortgage.

Considering the time and frustration and the ultimate financial implications, SDCCU is totally not worth it. I have spent nearly 20 years building up an excellent credit score only to have it trashed over 42 cents by their incompetent service.


Is San Diego County Credit Union a scam?
San Diego County Credit Union is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is San Diego County Credit Union legit?
First San Diego County Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by San Diego County Credit Union’s consumers?
There is/are 11 review(s) posted about San Diego County Credit Union and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is San Diego County Credit Union located?
San Diego County Credit Union is located at 6745 Westminster Blvd ste+b, Westminster, CA 92683, USA. You can contact San Diego County Credit Union by dialing (877) 732-2848 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by San Diego County Credit Union’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $4552 was the total loss incurred by San Diego County Credit Union’s customers.

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11 reviews on San Diego County Credit Union

  1. Martin Guptil

    I have been banking with SDCCU for more than a decade.

    I have been banking with SDCCU for more than a decade. Their staff are friendly and serviceful. BUT: expect long lines at the bank, and their website goes down at least once a week. Come the first two days of the month, don’t even try to use the website, as it is either slow or completely down.

    This bank has an abundance of funds for its stadium and other public relations stuff, but invests way too little into customer services such as an adequate number of tellers and a website that functions reasonably well during high-traffic periods.

  2. Adam J

    Run away!!! This company has no regard for their customers.

    Run away!!! This company has no regard for their customers. If you sign up for bill pay, they take the money out of your account before thy even send the payment to your biller. They do this so that they can overdraw your account and then charge you a fee.

    This is totally random because it does not happen all of the time. The only way to communicate with them is via on-line chat or go into an office. There are no customer service phone numbers available on their web sites.

  3. Stephanie Bell

    Big banking disguised as a credit union

    Big banking disguised as a credit union. I’ve banked with a real credit union and this is nowhere close to matching that experience. I’ve been with SDCCU now for going on three years and they have always missed the mark. Their staff is friendly, but that’s hardly a plus – that’s their job, innit?

    They had us in their office for six hours on what was supposed to be an extremely simple co-sign procedure. Co-signing for a soon to be son in law. With what was a guaranteed approval from them and being a gold star member, at the end of the exhaustive process, it was declined for the simple reason that he was not a family member, which was known by the staff member since the beginning of the process! That is also the point of the cosign. We went straight to the auto dealer instead and had zero problems.

    Their online banking and even debit system fails constantly, locking up your money. They are never available off hours or on weekends, so you will need to have a backup bank regardless, unless you want to abandon a cart full of groceries, or have to embarrassingly ask a coworker or friend to pay for your portion of dinner. In the morning, their staff will claim they have no idea what happened!

  4. Omar Powell

    goodbye and good riddance!

    The cards they issue are even cheap. They start to fall apart and curl at the ends after six months of swiping. I’ve never had a card do that! All of my other bank cards have held up just fine. I have some that are ancient!

    The worst part is their dreadful hold times on checks, constant fees for nearly everything. The point of a credit union is to break away from this sort of thing. Their rates are dreadful, you gain no interest for keeping your money with them. Why is that worth it over any other crappy franchise bank? You might as well keep it with Wells Fargo and get yourself a stuffed Pony every year.

    They also send out these hilarious offer emails exclusively to new members (and ironically only send them to current members) If you open a new free checking account you can get…!! A free taco!! Wow!! One taco from Rubios!! Thanks SDCCU! goodbye and good riddance!

  5. Mike Tomlin

    Their customer service is TERRIBLE

    Their customer service is TERRIBLE, and they SPAM the crap out of you asking you to vote them “best credit union” to cover for it. I am done!!

  6. Jesus Hunter

    I've never had an issue with them as far as online banking or customer service

    I’ve never had an issue with them as far as online banking or customer service. Their apps are awesome and on point and the bank tellers are always very friendly and welcoming. Not to mention the nice security guy in the front always opening the front door for everyone.

  7. Zuzana Smith

    This bank was recommend me from my host family

    This bank was recommend me from my host family. I don’t know why cause their services are bad. First of all in opening of my bank account they didn’t tell me that with my debit card I can get in minus in my account. And afterwards without any alert that you overdraft your account they charge you for every single item you shop $27.

    So can you imagine that me here as an aupair who make only $195.75 per week have gotten charge only in two days almost $300. So I had taco yesterday on Tacos Tuesday which cost $1.50 and nope with my awesome bank I paid for my taco $28.5!

    When I came to the bank to resolve this problem they told me from my 11 items where they charged me $27 they can decline only 4 Thank You SDCCU!!! Never going to recommend this bank anyone and don’t worry I ll post it everywhere I can that you suck here in SD is coming so many aupair and they definitely don’t open their account at yours

  8. Joe Root

    Tellers do not listen well and questions need to be repeated.

    Poor customer service and not very flexible in assisting long time customers. tellers do not listen well and questions need to be repeated.

  9. Steven Smith

    Don't do business with this shady bank.

    Don’t do business with this shady bank. I have been a member since 2010 and things were going great until I had some unfair overdraft charges and they wouldn’t reverse it. I got the run around for weeks and at the end of the day they didn’t want to help me. they don’t care about u if you do not have money.

    They hype up the bank like its voted the best in San Diego county and that they have no fees, blah blah blah. What they don’t tell u is that if u use ur card to make an online payment as debit, u get charged also an atm fee. U get charged for overdraft fees even when u don’t have an overdrawn card.

    U need to keep an eye on it each month or else they will charge u the fee without u knowing about it. They also have a rule which means that if u do overdraft less then $10, they waive the $27 fee. However no one stands behind it. I hate this bank and I am warning everyone to stay away.

  10. Samantha Johnson


    Although, I have not actually dealt with this particular office, SDCCU is the worst bank I’ve ever dealt with. They are absolutely garbage. I would never recommend using them to anyone. I purchased a car and the auto lender suggested SDCCU.

    They were offering me a decent rate so I accepted and didn’t go with my normal bank, Navy Federal Credit Union (I sure wish I had stuck with them, they’re an AMAZING bank). Im in the US Navy and right after I purchased my car I was transferred from San Diego, CA to Norfolk, VA. As soon as I got there I tried to update SDCCU. First they refused to do anything over the phone.

    They wouldn’t give me information to be able to log into my online account either. I was told I had to mail all my personal information to them with a signed letter stating I had moved and my name had changed (I got married). I was very relocated to mail all my personal information (i.e. Marriage cert, Signature, old and new address, date of birth, and copy of new drivers license). I mailed it anyway.

    They received all the paperwork and I was told “You need your account number on the paperwork to change your information. We will mail it all back to you and then you can add it” The problem there, again, they wouldn’t provide the account number over the phone.

    When they mailed all my personal information back they failed to insure any of it or provide a tracking number or anything and ALL my information was lost. I’ve tried numerous times now to update my information still and its never been taken care of.

    Considering San Diego is a huge military place, and Im sure SDCCU has multiple military members, I would think they would treat my personal information with respect and be helpful. WORST BANK EVER

  11. Mandy Clark

    A few times their ATM machine has crashed on me.

    A few times their ATM machine has crashed on me. But regardless of that, their customer service is amazing and they are always so nice and efficient!

Reported Loss :4552 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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