Reliance First Capital

This Company is A Fraud

Reliance First Capital is a fraud as Sam said. I dealt with them for over one year thinking I was approved for a refinance at a lower rate.

Every day I contacted them I was told I would close in 30 days. They attempted to make me not pay my mortgage on time by saying we will close in 30 days and we have a payoff.

Then I would contact them a few days prior to the closing and no answer or they would state they needed additional information for my credit file.

It went on for months. Then I filed a complaint with the manager West who said I will take over and followup.

He was worse. Same games and lies. They are a fraud. Do not deal with them.

They will attempt to worsen your credit report, ask for credit card info for appraisal costing 400$ dollars or more.

Then no refinance. Be very careful!

Is Reliance First Capital a scam?
Reliance First Capital is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Reliance First Capital legit?
First Reliance First Capital is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Reliance First Capital’s consumers?
There is/are 16 review(s) posted about Reliance First Capital and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Reliance First Capital located?
Reliance First Capital is located at 11605 N Community House Rd #200, Charlotte, NC 28277, USA. You can contact Reliance First Capital by dialing (866) 970-1550 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Reliance First Capital’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $3253 was the total loss incurred by Reliance First Capital’s customers.

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16 reviews on Reliance First Capital

  1. William Millgan

    They are tricky and sneaky.

    They are tricky and sneaky. They quote prices and say you got a great rate, but wait…. the don’t tell you that is with the maximum points. If you don’t ask, you don’t know. Closing costs are double of other banks. They said the were a true bank!? I’m sticking with a bank that tells you the whole truth of their quotes.

  2. Darius Sopp

    NOT recommended.

    My experience with Reliance wasn’t good at all. 1st off they ran 4 hard inquires on my credit that i did not authorize and i am in the process of pursuing potential legal action . 2nd my rep corey scheduled an appraisal that took 6 weeks to get back and he nothing was done to speed that process up.

    2nd we started this processs in sept and its jan of the next year almost and still not closed and i am still getting request from the loan processor. Its absolutely ridiculous! 3rd it took so long for them to close that the rate they offered me 3.75 went up to 4.6 and i wasn’t even notified until i got documentation from Reliance.

    They did not lock me in to the initial rate like they should have. 3rd i decided not to use them for the refi because of all the errors and mistakes that were made by them. I’m going to file a Better Business Bureau complaint as well as other complaints about my experience, do not use them.

  3. Jordan Pendall

    We had a horrible experience

    We had a horrible experience with refinancing our home with Reliance First Capital. We used and of course were bombarded with calls for weeks. We became so overwhelmed that we stopped answering all calls and just figured we wouldn’t finance.

    Well, a lucky gentleman working at this company happened to catch me on a good day so I decided to let him reopen the file several months later to see what he could do for us.

    We were made lots of promises from the very beginning about the ease of the process and the “cash-in-hand” we could walk away with. We did our part and were very quick to get all the paperwork and information that was requested.

  4. Charlie H


    Reliance First Capital. Remember this name. When you hear it, run the other direction. My mortgage process started in December and didn’t finish until the end of August! (And there was not one thing they asked for that I didn’t supply within 15 minutes.)

    The broker never answered his phone or called me back. Once he got something from me, he would contact me a month later and ask for it again. He lied, he did not do his job, and it all cost me a small fortune, since I needed to refinance within 5 months, and it took 9 months.

    Eventually I got a call telling me he didn’t work for Reliance anymore, and I had to start over again from scratch! I even had to get another appraisal since the first one was now over six months old! Terrible.

  5. Phil R


    I’ve asked them multiple times to stop calling my phone. I’ve asked them numerous times to take me off of their list. They keep calling me. I never solicited a service from them. They just decided they should relentlessly pursue me because they bought my phone number from somewhere.

    They have no respect for the wishes of the people on their call list. I don’t care how much they paid for my number. They are not entitled to continue calling me. I owe them nothing.

    I have blocked their numbers on my phone, but it still shows when I have blocked calls. I got 8 blocked calls from both of their most common numbers in the last two days. STOP FREAKING CALLING!!!!!!

  6. Beth Spencer

    I've reported them to the FTC as well.

    Hi, once they get your name and phone number they will call you relentlessly. They claim that they have no way to take your name off of their list and that it is out of their control. It gets into their system. I’ve tried a number of ways to get off of their list. I’ve reported them to the FTC as well.

  7. Alberto Mitchell

    The management of this company must be SO proud.

    Pushy aggressive salesman who doesn’t know when to take NO for an answer.
    When he finally gets that it actually does mean NO !!!!! there is no gracious and professional way of thanking you for your time and courteously ending the call just a rude abrupt hang-up.

  8. Brian C

    The email I received back was unbelievable.

    I received a call from Reliance First asking if I wanted to consolidate my loan. Typically I don’t take these types of calls but against my better judgment I took the call and listed what they had to say. They started out great it was a good deal and the gentleman took the time to make sure he understood what we were taking the loan out for.

    I actually commented to a few people that he really went above and beyond. He called back the next day and found a plan for us and reviewed it. I told him I would need a day to consider and discussed it with my wife. The next day he calls me a work and I was in a meeting so I told them to take a message.

    I emailed him back about 30 min later telling him I was sorry I couldn’t take his call at the moment and requested a few days and asked a few additional questions. The email I received back was unbelievable.

  9. Charisma Clark

    Once the process was over Leslie got a check and we got Financial Stability.

    I was contacted by Leslie Nicolas one evening, to be honest I was tired of people calling with the same line. My husband and I kind of gave her a hard time and challenged her to see if she would be the one to help us, when she said “if there is nothing that can be done, I will stay with you until we get it done”. I said ok what is our first step?

    The process was at sometimes frustrating but she was our biggest cheerleader, a lot was revealed that made us deal with somethings that was brushed under the rug and I could tell she did not want to un cover but it was part of the process. Leslie and I had bonded so even to hear from her every now and again does my heart good.

    Once the process was over Leslie got a check and we got Financial Stability. Leslie we really appreciate your time and effort you put into us, you were the only one who stayed till the end like you said you would.

  10. Pam Chabot

    Refinance scam

    I was dealing with Jeffrey Levis in trying to refinance my mortgage on my own. My ex-husband and I had purchase the home together after we divorced and I had hoped to re-finance on my own. I realize divorced people buying a home together is not an every day occurrence but Jeff told me this was no problem, even though I had to repeat information to him constantly and he told me right up until a week before closing everything was great. He tried to coach me on my finances in order to push the loan through even though I was completely transparent to him he continued to hear what he wanted to hear to push the loan through and only after I paid $550 for an appraisal did he tell me my debt to income was too high. This should have all been done before I paid for an appraisal I didn’t need. I work for a bank and I was appalled at his lack of customer service skills, I constantly had to tell him not to speak over me and I was honest with my financials and he kept telling me it was not a problem. Until it went to the underwriters and then it was a problem. I will never work with this company again.

  11. M.H.F

    Reliance first capital llc is a fraud company

    Do not rely on reliance first capital llc, I was dealing with a woman named julianna gilld and she is very nice and called me all the time at first, I put out 700 dollars in to this process and she said we have everything we need and should close at end of month, now they need documents that I have sent 3 time already and other new documents I’m sick and tired mentally distressed and my family has gone without because of reliance first capital llc. Do not use this fraudulent company, they will run you through a ringer and drag your ass through hell just to find out you are not getting refinanced. My guess is they try to run it and the fha loan is denied so they do whatever they can to get out of doing any other loan or avoid calling you. This company is trash and I’m looking for a way to sue them for hardship and false promises.



    Reliance First Capital called us last Wednesday(03/02/2020)we spoke to Gino Fagnilli I told him that we were looking to refinance our house for 15 years instead of 30 years.i was assured that he could get us financed at a great deal and that he could get us a 2.75% rate if we refinanced our house with them.So he continued talking and all this time he starting telling me about my car and truck that I was still paying for and i started thinking,Is he looking at my credit score?which i didn’t give him permission to do.we have called this company several times asking them to give us a call but we still haven’t heard a thing.

  13. Otto

    Scamming people to obtain their personal info

    Bridget McCreight obtained a ridiculous amount of personal information from us just “to be able to provide us with a refinancing rate”. She continues to ask for more info but provide no interest rates. We have no debt, good income and credit scores above 800. The amount of information she has on us makes us feel insecure and suspicious particularly as she has no intention of providing us with interest rate or closing cost info.

  14. David

    Scam / ripoff / enormous and illegal fees

    I’m 100% disabled. They tried charging me a 10,000 dollar VA funding fee. Think that’s bad…? Also tried charging me 3,000 in points. Total refinance was going to be 18000.00 dollars. What a joke. Even worse is they are in cahoots with your mtg servicer, they have them “accidentally “ report your mtg late so they can jack up your interest rate, with the inflated fees. Look over your GFE real close then review the shit out of them everywhere to expose them.

  15. Ronald Elliott

    These people are unbelievable, this docile worker they have working for them claims she’s a professional that dizzy brad almost destituted me. She strung me a long with this bull shit co. For a year or more. She sold me a $12000.00 dream. Then dropped me like a bad habit Tell me this can you sleep better now? You demon.

  16. Mindy

    Don't do it!

    Don’t do it. We were promised a home loan on our house that we own out right. We did everything to get prepared for this 100% sure thing, including charging up credit cards to make some improvements then had the house appraised. The day before we were to close, the underwriters shut it down due to COVID-19(so we were told). Our agent told us that we could go for a conventional loan instead and she’d even help us complete our 2019 taxes. I worked on our taxes all weekend and called her when it was done so she could go over it with me(like she promised). She wouldn’t answer our calls/texts or return them. We were able to reach her finally and she promised this loan was a 100% sure thing again and we’d close in about a week and a half. We gave her a couple of days, no call, we called/texted her without response. She finally texted back that she was so busy, but is working on our loan and give her time. The next day we received loan documents in the mail that didn’t make sense, we hadn’t even discussed numbers with her at this point. Still she wouldn’t call us, or answer calls/texts for a whole week. My husband finally spoke with her supervisor, who told him we didn’t get approved because his credit score was too low due to credit card debt. Mind you, we had just maxed out cards to do work on the house so we could get the first loan… What she was selling sounded so good, but let me tell ya.. it’s not worth the hassle. Go somewhere else. They did refund us for the appraisal immediately. That was the only good thing about dealing with them though.

Reported Loss :3253 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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