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Pearson offers worst service

I am a great fan of Hyundai cars and have been purchasing the cars from them from a long time. I am regular customer at Pearson Hyundai and do my servicing here itself. I make sure the servicing is done timely and take care of the maintenance routinely. However, I never imagined that Pearson Hyundai can be a total scam. I am not sure how long they have been cheating me.

I have been given all the respect and care and my queries were answered timely. Now, I can relate how they fool customers with their sweet talks so that they can win their trust. I have never cross checked the bills that I have been getting and that puts me into the list of their loyal customers who are ready to pay for the damages that were never made.

Recently, I was having some normal trouble with my car and asked the local mechanic to check the issue. He checked the problem and it was resolved in no time. After he was done, I paid him the amount and he left. It was not much so I was satisfied.

Later in the evening, I noticed few oil drops on the garage floor, so I got worried. I am not that great at car problems. So, I decided to check with Pearson Hyundai for detailed review. As always, I got the quick feedback and they said that the oil pan was busted and I will have to replace it. They told me that the cost would be 1000 dollars.

First time in my entire experience with Pearson Hyundai, I felt suspicious and wanted to verify the same with other service provider.

I went to another mechanic and he checked the entire car. He went through the                oil, brakes, fluids etc and explained me the problem. He said that there is no issue with the oil pan. When the oil and gasket was changed, some oil rested on the bar.

He told me to get my car cleaned and recommended to spray under the hood. I did as he told me to do. The problem was resolved in few dollars. If I had washed the care at home, wouldn’t costed a penny.

I am surprised to know that a brand like Hyundai has a dealer who does not care about the company’s reputation. I am sure this had been ongoing as I never took second opinion. Later, I checked all my previous bills and found few charges that were not justified. I know I have already lost a lot. However, I will now terminate all my future services with Pearson Hyundai.

If they work for money, better join a gang who robs. At least a brand like Hyundai will be saved of huge damages. I wish that their dealership get cancelled soon. I do not want to see them in business. They are frauds and should be dealt in the same way. Prison is their home and they should be behind bars.



Is Pearson Hyundai a scam?
Pearson Hyundai is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Pearson Hyundai legit?
First Pearson Hyundai is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Pearson Hyundai’s consumers?
There is/are 23 review(s) posted about Pearson Hyundai and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Pearson Hyundai located?
Pearson Hyundai is located at 9530 Midlothian Turnpike, North Chesterfield, VA 23235, USA. You can contact Pearson Hyundai by dialing +1 804-276-0300 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Pearson Hyundai’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $1000 was the total loss incurred by Pearson Hyundai’s customers.

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23 reviews on Pearson Hyundai

  1. Maria Billington

    Oh it was suggested that I ride with the service person to point out the bouncing I felt.

    I looked at vehicles with their salesman, George Best and the sales manager Paul. While I was looking at vehicles if I pointed out any issues they would say it comes with a 3 month 3,000 mile bumper to bumper and we will take care of you. Once I selected a vehicle it went down hill. We waited to go through financing.

    The weekend after getting the vehicle I took it on 85 and it bounced. I also notice that there was moisture in the headlight. I contacted them. They said they did not see anything wrong and sent it back with me. When I noticed the moisture again I took a picture. When I said I had a picture they said it was not covered.

    We had an agreement to have the trim fixed on the outside of the van. I took it in and was told that it was fixed. I, unfortunately, had to pick it up after dark. The next morning I noticed that it is not fixed. I have to take it back in. Oh it was suggested that I ride with the service person to point out the bouncing I felt.

  2. Myrna Timson

    If you are looking for a vehicle go to the Colonial group.

    I asked if I did that would it be covered by the bumper to bumper. I am still waiting for an answer, I will admit that I allowed them to take me through the sign here process when signing the contract. If I had not, I would have noticed that the warranty did not seem to cover anything. They did the signing so quickly that they missed a spot for us to sign to have my spouse on the title.

    So, we had to go in to resign or not have my spouse on the title. I would not give the experience a one but after I spend my money to fix what should have been fixed for me the vehicle may be okay. We did by another vehicle the next week for my spouse at Colonial Subaru and the experience was totally different. They were great. If you are looking for a vehicle go to the Colonial group.

  3. Pothina Snelling

    I would NEVER recommend Pearson Huyndai's Service Center to anyone.

    The Service Advisor came to me and related to me that the cabin filter and the engine air filter were both dirty and needed to be replaced. When I asked for the costs, I was told $79.99 and $59.99. I then told him to go ahead and replace only the cabin filter at this time. When my car was ready, I got in and immediately noticed that there was a cut in my dashboard; not a scratch, but an actual cut.

    This cut is very noticeable and when I showed it to the Service Advisor, I explained that it was absolutely not there before and that it had happened during the service. He took a picture of it and said he would relate this to the Service Manager and have him call me on Monday. I then left the facility and within an hour or so, the Service Manager called me and said that he had asked the technician if he had done it.

    The technician denied doing the damage and the Service Manager then went on to say that he stood there and watched him perform the same task on another vehicle and that he didn’t harm the dashboard of that car, so his technician could not have caused the cut. Are you kidding me? This is about the most ridiculous analogy I have ever heard.

    This damage was absolutely done by one of Pearson’s service technicians and the idea that they would knowingly lie and cover for each other’s lies to keep from having to take responsibility is dishonest and even more so, reprehensible. I have called the Regional Manager and asked for him to return my phone call on his voice mail. It has been several days and I have not heard back from anyone. I would NEVER recommend Pearson Huyndai’s Service Center to anyone.

  4. Martin Guptil

    He did not respond when I asked how long he would have the vehicle or what repairs was he going to do to the vehicle.

    I bought a used vehicle and worked with Tex Haley. He seemed nice enough. I was on the fence, but Tex brought up the used car warranty. Since I live 150 miles away I asked if the car needed repairs covered by the warranty could I have it done near me. Tex responded via email that yes I could but there would be a $200 deductible if I did so.

    Upon leaving the dealership the Check Engine Light came on. In addition, the ABS Light, the Service AWD Light, the Frontal Collision Waring light, the Adaptive Cruise Control Light all came on and off a few times on my drive home from the dealership. After a few weeks of back and forth with Sales Manager James Mathews (good cop) and Service Manager Jason Vaughn (Bad Cop) they have decided to NOT cover the repair bill of $2,425 that needs to be paid to Ourisman Chrysler.

    This after I was told in a previous email by James Mathews “I will get with Jason personally on Monday and make sure the service bills are taken care of and to speak with the Service Mgr at Ourisman.” They never called Ourisman.

    Jason Vaughn said the repairs cost too much and wanted to pick up the vehicle. He did not respond when I asked how long he would have the vehicle or what repairs was he going to do to the vehicle.

  5. Chris Weldon


    I informed him that was not acceptable (since he did not respond to questions) and that I wanted them to honor the warranty (where I should have been able to get the vehicle repaired elsewhere). I even got Ourisman to reduce their price by about $500 (It was going to have totaled $2,925 before the reduction). I even asked how much of the repair that Pearson would be willing to pay, his answer was $412.

    I gave them an out, I would have been willing to settle for less than the total of $2.425, but I obviously was not going to settle for $412. In addition to all of this, I have never received the title to my vehicle, it has been 18 days now, and I asked both James and Jason about the title and they both ignored that inquiry.

    So, to sum up, Pearson sold a used vehicle with issues they were most likely aware of, and then they refused to honor the very promise that got me to buy the vehicle in first place that was made by their salesman in writing.

  6. Blaze Evans

    I have been passed along to several employees. It is absurd.

    Called on Friday because my car has not been starting, the guy on the phone was nice and let me know that if I got in on Friday he thought they would be able to work it in. I took it there instead of my usual dealership because they didn’t have an appointment for over a week.

    I got my car towed there and when I arrive, they tell me it would not be able to get to it til Monday. It is now Tuesday and they are telling me they hope they can see it today. In the meantime, I have no car to get to work and appointments.

    If they would have told me they couldn’t see it until next week, that’s fine, I could have looked elsewhere but now that my car is there they are stringing me along. I have been passed along to several employees. It is absurd.

  7. Steven H


    Service department was rude,dishonest, slow, and unhelpful

  8. Estefany Cook


    Never buying a car from this dealership ever again! they don’t have work ethics, they would do anything even lie to get you to get your money. I bought a car there and it had a sticker on and they told me they can get it removed once I buy it, i did and guess what?

    When I came the next day, bc the same day the detail was closed, they said that they can’t do it there bc they don’t have the “tools”, (a heat gun) to remove it, that I will have to do it somewhere else, well I told them that my sales man Mike Speace told me, and one wanted to help I even talked to the manager, he got my information written down and told me he will call back,

    and never did, after 3 months of trying to contact and talk to everyone there I decided to do in another place, which costed me almost $400 bc it was all over the car, when the man removed in front of me, under the sticker it was a huge scratch NO WONDER WHY NO ONE WANTED TO HELP.

  9. Martin Guptil

    Bad Service Provide

    I called to make an appointment to get specific work done on my car. Appointment was for 11:15. I dropped the car off at 11:00. I went back at 1600 to check and see if my car was ready, they hadn’t started working on it.

    I was told that even with an appointment, that doesn’t mean we will start working on it at that time. I also, had to order 2 parts which they stated would be in within 5-7 business days. Still waiting.

  10. Jessica Stewart

    I'm so glad I never have to go back.

    I can’t comment on a sales experience only on the service department. I have to say the service department is awful and needs some major lessons in customer service. They might treat you different if you buy your car there but I took a friends car there for service as a favor and had a terrible experience.

    The customer parking was full and I pulled into another parking place- I guess for cars that had already been serviced- and an employee started yelling at me that I couldn’t park there. I tried to explain but he wouldn’t even let me speak.

    He told me to get back in my car and move. It was terrible and humiliating. I had to keep driving around until a customer space was available. I’m so glad I never have to go back.

  11. Denise Rogers

    I don't know if they lied about doing any of the other stated maintenance.

    I gave Pearson Hyundai repair a great review in the past. My most recent experience has proven that they can’t be trusted. First, i had an 8:15 appointment and I was told I would get a rental car for my 60,000 maintenance.

    When offered appointments I choose the early appointment because itoldhim that I had another appointment at 9am. When I got there at 8 am I was told that the rental car agency did not open until 9am and I would have to wait. When I went back to pick up my car at 3 pm, I got in my car and the light on the driver side front tire was on. That morning I had to put air in that same tire because the light was on.

    The maintenance included tir rotation any inspection. I questioned how the light could be on if they rotated the tire and inspected them. The answer I got was not satisfactory and eventually they took the car back in. 5 minutes later the car was ready.

    The tire had a nail in it and was plugged. When I asked again about the how the tires could be rotated if the same tire had an issue that morning and this time the explanation was that it took 30 minutes of driving for the light to go out.

    Made no sense since the light was out when I got in the car. Obviously, they lied and didn’t rotate or inspect the tires. Now, I don’t know if they lied about doing any of the other stated maintenance.

  12. Jackie Bell

    The entire process is done very efficiently and they always had my best interest.

    Just purchased my third Hyundai from Pearson. Great cars and the customer service is awesome at Pearson. Mike Spease is my salesman. Honest, respectful and very knowledgeable with extensive years of service in the industry. The entire process is done very efficiently and they always had my best interest.

  13. Kristina Anderson


    THIS PLACE IS AWFUL AND HAS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I called and expressed interest in a new car a few weeks ago and upon realizing I didn’t want the most expensive car they had he gave me the “Uhhhh let me talk to my manager and I’ll call you back in twenty minutes.”

    NEVER CALLED ME BACK. After sending several emails and trying to call them back, no one ever got back in touch with me. Extremely unprofessional and I will gladly take my cash elsewhere. STAY AWAY unless you’re buying the most expensive vehicle they have.

  14. Joe Root

    I felt bad for the salesman and seen the frustration in his face.

    Pearson Hyundai gave me the worst experience in my life this week. Over my life I have bought over 25 vehicles for personal use and hundreds for business.

    We decide to buy a Hyundai SUV so we called the salesman there we bought another car from. He had the SUV we wanted and had it cleaned when we got there. We liked it now it was crunch time. The numbers we spoke about on the phone were not even close.

    He had to go to his Manager several times and we ended be off still. I guess we were not good enough for the sales manager not to come out and talk to us!

    So we left and that’s is the first time in my experiences a sales manager ever did that. It showed me being a loyal Pearson Customer means nothing. That would of be out 6 vehicle into out family.

    I admit the trade is something they do not deal in. Well I was able to work another deal with another dealer got our number and more!

  15. Amanda Thomas

    Be careful and do your reviews before purchasing a Hyundai from this location.

    Be careful and do your reviews before purchasing a Hyundai from this location. I purchased a Sonata two years ago and now I am having a problem with the transmission it hesitates at 20 MPH. I researched on line and was informed there was a recall for this exact thing.

    Apparently cars sold at this location did not have the VIN numbers required to fix the problem? Other dealerships have corrected the problem by updating the computer but they refuse to help us and acted like they had no clue on the situation.

  16. Karol Moore



  17. Greg Taylor

    Come Monday, we call back to find the plates have not even been shipped yet. Just a clown show.

    Bought a used Elantra for my son, a college sophomore, that I found online. His ONE condition was Bluetooth, and that was listed under the features on the website, so we drove two hours each way to close the deal.

    Once the test drive and paperwork were done, we then discovered there was no Bluetooth. The General Sales Mgr explained it away as a 3rd-party vendor, but that’s NOT who I wrote the check to. An assistant agree to send us a gift card for a tank of gas – never got a call or received a card.

    Since we live so far, they agreed to have the plates shipped to us; they did not. As my son’s temp plates were about to expire, they agreed to overnight the plates, but on a Friday evening (and we questioned if that could be done, due to weekend restrictions); they even provided a tracking number. Come Monday, we call back to find the plates have not even been shipped yet. Just a clown show.

  18. Pretty Anderson

    I went to Pearson Hyundai to test drive the Ionic.

    I went to Pearson Hyundai to test drive the Ionic. I was interested in the high miles per gallon. One look at it and I knew it was not for me. This would be my 6th vehicle purchased from them so I was pretty much at home here,

    which surprised me when I asked to test drive a used Genesis that my wife read about on the used car board at the door. I was told the car was not ready and that I could not even see it. I went home that night furious. I felt like a step-child.

    The next morning I returned to address this issue with a manager, but, instead, I asked another salesman, Delano Lipscombe, to show me the same car. He did. We test drove it and from that point it was like this car fit me like a glove.

    This salesman, Mr. Delano Lipscombe, made my experience easy and I felt great about the transaction of the car. I felt it was a good deal he offered me and I felt like he guided me on a good path for the future of this Genesis and myself.

    So. After a rough start, it ended up fantastic. I now have purchased 7 vehicles from them and I am willing to give them another shot at selling me another vehicle despite the one hiccup I experienced.

  19. Kempton Thomas

    Great Service

    Wonderful buying experience of a new Veloster N, a high performance car, for very reasonable price in April 2019. Mike Spease, my sales person has over 30 years experience and made this purchase a lot of fun instead of being painful.

    Now my wife and I each have a new Hyundai with great performance, price, and particularly the best new car warranty. Kempton S., senior citizen

  20. Jason Roy

    Lori was an outstanding help!

    Lori was an outstanding help! Loved her great personality! I lover every bit & left with my 2019 Kia!!!

  21. Logan Johnson

    I can't wait to talk with everyone while I do my regular maintenance there!

    I want to thank John, Lori, and the staff at Pearson Hyundai so much for the smoothest car buying experience (as well as most pleasant) I’ve ever experienced. They started working with me before they even opened their doors this morning.

    Never made me feel pressured into buying anything and helped me along the whole process. This is a fantastic establishment with fantastic staff. I can’t wait to talk with everyone while I do my regular maintenance there!

  22. Bob Williams

    I know we will be repeat customers when my wife needs a new car.

    We just purchased a 2018 Sonata from Pearson Hyundai and it was the best car buying experience I have ever had. There was no pressure from our salesman Howard at all. I told him what I wanted and how much I was willing to pay and they marked the car down to the price that would work.

    From the manager Cheryl to Miranda to Howard and everyone else at Pearson Hyundai thank you for being a pleasant car dealer to work with. I know we will be repeat customers when my wife needs a new car.

  23. Andrea Jones

    You won't be disappointed!

    If you’re looking to buy a Hyundai go see Mike Spease! He will take care of you every step of the way! You won’t be disappointed!

Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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