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Nusenda Credit Union is FAR WORSE

I was swindled by a local furniture business that does a “bait and switch” promising financing but slipping customers into “leases” with 100% interest and the dispute department at Nusenda Credit Union threw ME under the bus, siding with the thief, even though I did not receive ANY goods or services.

They are letting the FURNITURE SUPERSTORE keep the delivery fee for furniture that was not delivered. ($129.00)

Not only THAT, but there is no purchase agreement.

There is NOTHING is writing because, had I known what their terms would be, I never would have contemplated it.

The only “investigation” Nusenda conducted was calling the con artist.

Their comment to me was that he said it was a legitimate charge, so they’re going to let him keep it.

OF COURSE he said it was “legitimate!” He’s a CON ARTIST!

The people in Nusenda’s in-house dispute department refused to talk to me.

It is their policy that they do not talk to their customers, keeping them at arm’s length, while getting chummy with the merchants.

I have worked in contract law and I know that you can’t enforce a contract if it is disputed within the first 24 hours. (In some cases, you have 3 days.)

The Nusenda “dispute team” is either ignorant of the laws about contracts or they just don’t give a crap.

When I initially came into the bank to dispute the delivery fee, their employee, Mark, suggested I should change my bank account number.

It took forever, as you can imagine and, although I was promised that the merchants whose names I gave him would be paid when their charges hit my bank, NONE OF THEM WERE! Can you imagine? They refused my customary creditors but paid the con artist.

The con artist was the ONLY one they paid!

When I called the bank another day to check on the status of this matter, another employee got really snotty with me and started arguing in favor of the merchant, even though he was completely ignorant of the circumstances and he was not on the dispute team. (As I mentioned, the dispute department will not talk to their customers!)

Anyway, this guy tells me that the dispute department called the merchant, the merchant says it is a legitimate charge, so they’re going to let him keep it!.

When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he laughed at me and snorted into the phone. It went from bad to worse.

All of this happened in the first two months with this bank.

Previous to being bamboozled by the con artist furniture store guy, my dealings with this bank have been similar to wading through concrete.

They are glacially slow. NOTHING happens over the weekend, unlike the big national banks.

You can’t call someone over the weekend if something happens to your debit card.

They handle all their debit cards in-house, so you are limited to talking to them during the week, during limited hours.

I can’t imagine what working people do! Who has time to spend hours on the phone during the shank of the day??

Every weekend, their website is down for maintenance.

I’m going back to the big national bank.

DON’T OPEN AN ACCOUNT HERE! Run! don’t walk.

The big national banks have their issues, but Nusenda is FAR WORSE.

Is Nusenda Credit Union a scam?
Nusenda Credit Union is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Nusenda Credit Union legit?
First Nusenda Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Nusenda Credit Union’s consumers?
There is/are 26 review(s) posted about Nusenda Credit Union and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Nusenda Credit Union located?
Nusenda Credit Union is located at 1801 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, USA. You can contact Nusenda Credit Union by dialing (505) 889-7755 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Nusenda Credit Union’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $3582 was the total loss incurred by Nusenda Credit Union’s customers.

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26 reviews on Nusenda Credit Union

  1. Hol Turner

    I am not made of time, so I am looking for a new bank.

    I have had to spend an hour at Nusenda because of their error twice this spring. Once because they wrote down the wrong account number for me and I was unable to set up direct deposit. Second time because PayPal double billed me for something,

    and while their fraud prevention caught and rejected the double charge, they still charged me an overdraft fee. And now their mobile deposit is down? I am not made of time, so I am looking for a new bank.

  2. Nick Mitchell

    Problems are not resolved well.

    I have belonged to this credit union since 1971. Today I am cancelling all accounts and credit cards with Nusenda. The management and attitude has become impossible.

    Problems are not resolved well. The web site does not work well -always problems. the management and staff have become arrogant and unhelpful. There are better places to put your money.

  3. Bob M

    Worst Bank Ever!

    They’re instore customer service is beyond terrible. They say one thing, you come in the next time they say another thing. Worst Bank Ever!

  4. Chris Morris

    He is extremely rude!!!

    Just got a bank statement on my 10 year old daughters saving account. They debited her account $5 dollars because she had not put in or taken out and money on the account in a year. Really? A 10 year old girls savings account? You should be ashamed and embarrassed.

    Disgusted, I called in and was advised that I should have read the small print. They have never done this before and the account was opened 7 or 8 years ago. Personally it makes me sick to my stomach. I hope your corporate profits are bolstered by the involuntary contributions made by 10 year old girls everywhere.

  5. Tyler Kelly

    I'll see you in court, as soon as I call my New York lawyers....

    I banked with this institution back when it was NMEFCU. Let me just point out if you don’t have any problems or issues you need to take up with them, then it’s all hunky-dory! If you have problems, like falling behind on loan payments, then LOOK OUT!!

    The self-important b!+#Hes in collections will make your life miserable, as they did ours. Back in 08-09 when the financial market crashed and my husband was demoted making 50% of what he had previously, we were barely scraping by like a lot of people.

    A major issue with the house occurred and we had problems! NMEFCU held our mortgage and auto loan. I called them for help to try to fix the issue. First person I spoke with was an idiot. He said I could move 2 payments to the back of the loan and then could use the mortgage payments to fix what needed fixing.

    Great!! But not true. After buying the materials I needed to fix, he called back 3 weeks later to say, oh no, we can’t do that. We were instantly behind in our mortgage payments. I asked him if they could send us a letter stating that we were behind and foreclosure proceedings were going to start. With that we could tap the 401k and get caught right up. Easy fix…right? Wrong. Had the pleasure of speaking with his boss.

    I asked her about the letter, she gave me one of these, PFFFFTTT, hung up on me and proceeded to clean out our accounts. Not once, but twice. They took all our income for the month. When I called to find out what was going on, all I got was, “We can do that. Its our right.”. Really. When the car went late 2 payments because of them, they took that too.

    No recourse to get it back, except to pay off the 13k. That wasn’t going to happen. Right then I told them to eat it. I wasn’t going to pay the balance after it sold at auction and I wasn’t going to pay all the nsf fees from our account they cleaned out. Gloves came off!

    I hired an attorney. An out of state attorney. No way was I going to hire an albuquerque bozo who they probably had in their back pockets. That upset them. Long story short, they ended up writing off about 14k of late fees and charges.

    Everything went back to status quo and I refied ASAP. Of course we opened up bank accounts elsewhere when they showed their true colors. And of course they trashed our credit, which they are still doing today. Filing false reports with the credit agencies. That is a federal offense, boys and girls, think about it.

    I have never had any experience like that in my life! Just the attitude of those b’s who could do nothing more than make a bad situation worse. It was like they were experiencing some kind of misplaced, vindictive power trip. Too bad.

    You’ve kept it up, now your going to lose again. Oh and whoever has to respond to these posts, don’t bother. Save your pathetic one liners for those who care. I’ll see you in court, as soon as I call my New York lawyers….

  6. Allan James

    Is anyone else as annoyed by this as I am?

    Is anyone else having an issue with using the Bill Pay feature on a Saturday or Sunday? For two weekends in a row we have received Bill Pay errors when attempting to pay a bill using this online feature. The bank tells me that somewhere in the software we have to specify a send date other than a Sat, Sun, or holiday.

    We have been using the Bill Pay feature for a few years and I am sure we have randomly paid bills on a weekend, and we have never encountered this problem before. So I am thinking this must be a new addition to Bill Pay and not a favorable one.

    Is anyone else as annoyed by this as I am? In the era of technology I cannot believe that a person cannot pay a bill electronically on a weekend without adding this extra unnecessary step.

  7. Stepha Barnes

    Even though paypal made a mistake on MY account and told me that it was matter to discuss with my bank

    Even though paypal made a mistake on MY account and told me that it was matter to discuss with my bank, they pushed me away and told me to contact paypal to fix the mistake. Not only did they do VERY little to resolve the issue (which was being charged $29 in overdraft fees over $0.37!) but they tried to make me open up a line of credit instead.

    When I told them I’m not interested, they just tried harder to push it. I’m closing my account as soon as I pay off the overdraft fee, I will never go back to nusenda and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I’ve gotten overdraft fees waived at other banks due to mistakes that weren’t mine easily.

    Not to mention the years I’ve been with them, I’ve had trouble with checks getting deposited, ‘service charges (yes, i could have used those few cents to help me buy food), and family members depositing money as well. I was planning on keeping the account although I moved away so my family members could send me money, but now I’m thinking there’s an easier way to do this.

  8. Diane C

    Their mistake cost me money and time and they refuse to make things right.

    I set up an automatic bill pay with PNM. I called Nusenda to verify that I gave them the right number since NUSENDA DOES NOT REVEAL YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER ON YOUR BANK STATEMENT. They said that I did NOT give PNM the right number and the payment would NOT go through.

    I then made an instant payment with my debit card to PNM. BANK ERROR 1, because 1 day later it did go through and I was hit with a bounced check fee because PNM had been paid twice due to her MISINFORMING me. BANK ERROR 2- That they notify you by email if you have a bounced check. I never received any emails.

    But I was racking up $5.00/day charge. It less than 15 days I had received $80.00 in $5,00 charges, a $28.00 bounced check fee and a letter asking me if I wanted to OBTAIN AN APPROVED LOAN TO COVER THIS NEGATIVE BALANCE. I tried to talk to three different managers through messages that I left and through the call center. Not one of them called me back. I finally went in to the University Office and talked to Jorge Villasensor, who said he was the bank manager, and he listened to the bank errors and said he would refund the $80.00 but not the $28.00 fee and I said,

    NO WAY, this system of giving wrong information and then blaming the customer and raking up outrageous fees with even more misinformation is a scam. He immediately reneged on any credit that he said he was going to give me and asked me to leave. Their mistake cost me money and time and they refuse to make things right.

  9. John Powell

    This is the WORST credit union/bank

    Please think twice before banking with this credit union. The customer service is terrible, and they give you little to no warning before blocking your card due to “fraud”. I am currently driving through Colorado and, after trying to purchase a coffee at Starbucks, was informed that my card is inactivated.

    No warning. So I call the fraud alert services, only for them to tell me they have no ability to access my account and that I should wait for tomorrow until I can talk to someone at the bank during “normal business hours”.

    This is the WORST credit union/bank that I have ever had the unfortunate pleasure of banking with and I would encourage anyone to search elsewhere before banking with them.

  10. Nick Hughes

    Never Again

    Getting an auto loan with them seems tempting based on the low interest rate however by the time I was done completing the process nearly a week and a half after submitting the online application I would gladly pay double the interest rate just to avoid having to deal with this bank!

    The bright spot in this horror story was Chris Birdwell the only person I came across who was not only friendly but also helpful & responsive (in case nusenda needs an example of proper customer service) everyone else was rude and condescending.

    The following are just a few of the many set backs I had in the process:

    1) I was told that the PAPERWORK WAS “LOST” and that it “happens often because they have so many branches” . When I inquired about the concern for my personal information being lost they informed me not to worry since it wasn’t my information it was just the sellers, I’m pretty sure the seller would not like his personal information lost either!

    2) given different information about what paperwork needed each time i talked to a different representative

    3) no correspondence without first having to make a big deal of things, emails not returned, calling the place is a joke you get to a call center that refuses to give you a number to any of the branches and if you push about needing a number to a branch they place you on hold and never return to the phone

    4) Stating a complaint is met with “ok is there anything else we can help you with?” as though they completely ignored what you just said and then you are rushed off the phone

  11. John Evans

    Horrible customer service

    Horrible customer service at main branch in Albuquerque, which you have to call for anything important. The online banking that was just upgraded has many glitches and does not work part of the time-big waste of precious time. High fees for anything.

    They call themselves a non-profit but their just like any other bank. However, because they are non-profit they probably make more money (scam). I do have to say that the managers at the Taos branch know what they are doing and are excellent.

    But you still have to call the main branch in Albuquerque for most problems. I am sure if you tried to get a loan from these people, like refinancing a home it would be a bank nightmare.

  12. Juanita Edwards

    There were two things keeping me at Splenda and now one of them is gone.

    There were two things keeping me at Splenda and now one of them is gone. The other is a convenient ATM. I guess ill just start driving out of my way now. I was completely dependent on Finance works by Intuit. I have about a 6 year history with this financial tool.

    I track all my credit accounts, savings and transactions. I tracked my budget, reimbursments and my outstanding bill payments. So it didnt work for some things but I used it heavily. They have replaced it with some kindergartener thing that the web master wrote.

    This is not “member owned” I have never earned any kind of rewards for being a member. I get more rewards by shopping at REI. They did not ask us to vote on the major changes of the name change or the complete redesign of the website.

    MAJOR issue being a paypal user!! omg!! I have a paypal savings account connected to my Splenda savings account. Suddenly out of the blue, i got charged a 25 dollar fee when i wanted to transfer money to my paypal. I use paypal for other things like ebay and online shopping HELLO its the internet!

  13. Heather Collins

    Takes much longer for payments and credits to post. URGGHHH!

    They recently change their online banking. The new way is terrible. Can’t look at history of previous payments. Can’t see list of entities to pay. Can only put in a guess and hope you are right.

    They made it cartoon like and requires a new pop-up window. Looking to move my funds. Do not use this bank!!!! I liked the old NMEFCU. Nusenda is really bad. Takes much longer for payments and credits to post. URGGHHH!

  14. John Stewart

    Take your money somewhere else. they suck.

    i bounced my rent check at this “credit union” and they charged me $35 without covering my check. my landlord came to me with this information and so i went and withdrew cash for the amount of the check and gave it to her. two days later nusenda ran the check again and it bounced with another $35 fee and it threw my account into the negative.

    they then charged me $20 every three days for which my account was overdrawn. i went to talk to them and they said “thats just how it is”. they basically will run a check multiple times until it clears.

    i was with nm educators for years and how i got sold to nusenda and all of their eff’ed up ways of doing things i dont’ know. take your money somewhere else. they suck.

  15. Melanie Duncan

    They are a NIGHTMARE!

    They say we don’t make mistakes we make discoveries! If I could go back and get on board with a different credit union, I totally would have! I had never heard of Nusenda, and thought they were this harmess little credit union, oh boy was I wrong!

    I wonder what kind of training they have there, because their phone bankers are so arrogant. can’t wait to pay off this loan so I can get on my merry way and leave this bank. They are a NIGHTMARE!

  16. Kimberly Hart

    He did not understand why I wouldn't just take his word for it and not his coworkers.

    I spoke with two customer service agents today about the same problem. First rep was nice but wrong. Second rep was more accurate but unbelievable rude. Joey was extremely defensive when I questioned his information. He did not understand why I wouldn’t just take his word for it and not his coworkers.

  17. Joe Bradley

    They should have your back instead of stabbing you in the back.

    I cannot close my account fast enough. They employ dirty tricks to squeeze their members out of hard earned dollars with the most arbitrary practices that one would expect from carnival hustlers but not a seemingly respectable credit union.

    Their newest dirty trick is to place a hold on payroll checks (out of the blue with no warning) then rack up the fees when bills and other expenses normally paid on or around payday get returned.

    I woke up 4 days after my payroll deposit to find my account nearly $400 over drawn–$100 in fees. I immediately called and the next thing you know my account has the proper positive balance minus the fees they refused to return. To be overdrawn implies one spent more than one had in their account. Nusenda has found a way to overdraw your account when you actually have money go into your account.

    I went from overdrawn to a positive balance -minus the fees that was their target to begin with by simply calling and asking why all of a sudden is a deposit they get every month now a problem. Proof that the funds were always in my account. They just decided to simply not pay the debits to my creditors and utility companies.

    Worse is that the people who you pay are now told you have insuffient funds which can trigger a change in interest rates, late fees, and loss of online payment privileges. That makes this shady practice all the more insidious. The notion that your trusted credit union would be willing to damage you in ways that you cannot easily fix or explain, just to make money for nothing, is deplorable. It should be the other way around. They should have your back instead of stabbing you in the back.

  18. Vicky Andrews

    NMEFCU likes to nickle and dime its members like a big bank.

    NMEFCU likes to nickle and dime its members like a big bank. It’s as if a big bank wants to sabotage the community banking system. They charge fees for unavailable funds when the funds are clearly available in your account, and refuse to refund them….this must be how they earn the “Member Rewards” that members with high balances get each year.

    They talk about seconds when they talk longer to fulfill your transfer of funds from savings to checking than when pending, not even actual, charges come in. What a scam! Credit Unions are supposed to be there to help build the community, not milk them for whatever scam charges they think they can get away with!

  19. Mary Ruiz


    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE! Overdraft fees are higher than OTHER OTHER BANK. I was even charged over draft fee with more than enough money in account to cover charge and the teller argued and told me I was wrong. $249.15 in account – $31.95 charge from pet hospital – $217.20 balance in account.

    I was charged $35 overdraft fee. They told me I was wrong (bank statement clearly shows this), and didn’t reverse the charge.
    ANY BANK IS BETTER THAN THIS ONE!! They charged me $35 for overdraft. Crazy!

  20. Tarainia Davis

    What good is this account now if I can't use the primary feature I need?

    I’m currently in the process of closing my accounts. I’ve been with NMEFCU since 2010 and the headaches have been unreal. I pay contractors using PopMoney twice a month. The past 3 months have been a disaster. They put a hold on my account and didn’t know why!

    Sent me over to PopMoney and they didn’t know why either! PopMoney sent me back to NMEFCU and they said I couldn’t use PopMoney anymore because I have a Business checking account that requires I verify with my FIN. As I have ALWAYS verified this way I didn’t see their point. They tell me I have to verify each attempt for now on when I send money.

    Wait, do you have ANY idea how much longer it would take me to call in and verify EACH payment attempt TWICE a month!!!! The selling point for me was the ability to wire money online to my contractors. What good is this account now if I can’t use the primary feature I need?

  21. Stiven Smith

    He also said what I'd done online wouldn't process and to just close it.

    They told me my credit score qualified for a loan and I didn’t need to open an account first so I proceeded online. I couldn’t get beyond some basic questions and called back, that’s when a rep.

    took my information. When he did, a security question came up that we couldn’t surpass, so he said I’d have to come in in person- the application wouldn’t go through and my credit would NOT show a ‘hit’ for this. He also said what I’d done online wouldn’t process and to just close it.

    I did all requested and headed to the bank the following day, opened an account. When it came time for the car loan, the bank rep. said she’d do a ‘soft inquiry’ to see if I would be approved- then she discovered the other rep. had done a ‘hard inquiry’ and I had been declined. Declined? Now I had a decline on my record! She also said opening an account was automatically an inquiry, you could qualify for a loan without a NMECU account, but must open one to use it.

    2 ‘hits’ from NMECU flagged the car dealership’s finance co. who I already had an approval from, raised the rates 3.9% and caused them to request 2 years of tax information. I’d been in and out of hospitals in 2012, taken most of the year off- towed my car to the dealer and planned on driving a new (used) car home.

  22. Jason Roy

    I simply wanted an account with them and to ruin a pending deal because I thought NMECU was the best.

    I discovered this after leaving and looking through their package at Smith’s grocery. Upon coming back, the manager said their check machine was down and played dumb about providing access to funds for a money order,

    a simple verification of the original deposit from a Chase Bank business account (I’d also handed over $1500 cash). I took him through the steps to do this so I could free up monies for a down payment on the car.

    Of course I got the bad news when I went over to the dealership – but if they’d honored the deal, I would have had to wait 3 days for NMECU to print counter checks. If I did a money order, I needed an exact amount and name of the dealer.

    Instead of a good car loan, my credit is compromised and ‘am renting a car. NMECU checks arrived today, not 3-5 bus. days- the car debacle began the last days of Dec.

    If you don’t enjoy 2-3 hits and a decline on your credit, opening an account you don’t need or your time misused- take your money elsewhere.

    I just spoke with Diana a call center manager who believes everyone on NMECU end did the right thing and I must be the one who misunderstood what I was advised and when. I simply wanted an account with them and to ruin a pending deal because I thought NMECU was the best.

  23. David John

    The Credit Union seems to be run poorly.

    The Credit Union seems to be run poorly. I have banked here for many years and have been disappointed many times. Recently the normal screw ups are accompanied by the rude and complacent attitudes of the tellers. I’ve experienced tellers closing their drive up windows early,

    multiple checks being deposited into OTHER members accounts (Causing me to bounce checks) and the system crashing. Every time I leave I wonder, are the employees being treated poorly?

    Is that the reason for such sub-par service and protocol oversights? Is management failing their teams, or are the tellers failing their management ? Ether way, they are all failing their members.

  24. Krist Miller

    After banking with New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union for over a decade, I closed my account today.

    After banking with New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union for over a decade, I closed my account today. New Mexico Educators used to be a great credit union.

    In recent years however, they have copied the practices of the big banks in an effort to nickel and dime their customers. If you are looking for a credit union because you want to avoid the greedy tactics of the big banks, look elsewhere.

  25. Michal Clark


    I first became a member after marrying my husband and creating a joint account. I didn’t use it much for many years and our account just sat with a bit of savings and no worries. Then -just like a previous poster
    hits and BofA which we did have an active account with just seemed icky…

    not to mention the rigging of when they posted items on your account and then charging you with insufficient fund fees. I had several issues and just got fed up with their crap! So we shut that account down and turned to our local NMEFCU.

    How nice…..bleh! As it turns out….they too, not only charge $35 bucks for insufficient funds, but then they transfer your money from any other account you may have with them to make up the difference, WITHOUT NOTICE!!! They use to do it in $100. dollar increments, now they do it in smaller amounts…but still- that sucks! Don’t get me wrong, I understand things ought to be paid, but life happens & sometimes you can not pay on time.

  26. Debra oberman

    This bank cashe d a check from abusiness scam I trusted this bank to know or hold the check if it was suspect. I checked my account to find out first check was returned and my second accout was tapped to cover the bogus check.I went back with another check sure enough they were going to cash that taking money out of the second account I lost alot of money I raised hell and they told me it was my fault sooo in essence I am taking both accounts somewhere else Is this a scam?? or just people who dont know what the hell their doing???

Reported Loss :3582 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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