Nguyen le quoc dung Scam by nguyen le quoc dung are scammers and after paying for a tool online that didn’t work, they refuse to refund and many others have had the same experience with these people.

They work out of a little village in Vietnam scamming people online and the police there do nothing and they know the names of them.

Paypal is investigating these scammers right now because they are known already after so many complaints from other people being scammed.


Is Nguyen le quoc dung a scam?
Nguyen le quoc dung is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Nguyen le quoc dung legit?
First Nguyen le quoc dung is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Nguyen le quoc dung’s consumers?
There is/are 24 review(s) posted about Nguyen le quoc dung and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is Nguyen le quoc dung located?
Nguyen le quoc dung is located at Vietnam. You can contact Nguyen le quoc dung by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Nguyen le quoc dung’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $50 was the total loss incurred by Nguyen le quoc dung’s customers.

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24 reviews on Nguyen le quoc dung

  1. Monique D Keys

    Group Buy Seo Tools

    We are currently facing the problem of buyers joining our buy group to steal service from us, and they have failed. At that time they were talking bad about us to sabotage us on forums, these buyers are other buy groups. Peter S is one of these people, and there are several others. So we want to inform all buyers to be careful with these people, They are lying to all to sabotage us.
    We have thousands of customers and we are committed to all of us working. Working time up to 95%
    You can see the image information below. We never scam our buyers
    This is information the buyer has stolen our service information but did not succeed
    You can see this person’s information, they go everywhere to say bad things to many people

  2. Kyle Monroe

    They scammed me too

    This service is a scam, they scammed me as well and they’re seem to be doing it to a lot of people.
    They are well known scammers in the marketing community so try to avoid these idiots.

  3. James

    I got scammed by this thief as well. Vietnamese moron who spends life stealing from people. No shame and no pride. Took my money and refused to give it back.

  4. Jim


    I used to use the service, from this person. What I am satisfied is that every time I have a problem with the tool. Then this person always helps me fix it. In short, his tool works very well, supporting enthusiastic buyers. I don’t know why you wrote @@.

  5. hamet

    serverce best 2019

    Kyle Monroe and James are stealing I used to use at groupbuyseotools. I found the service very good and did not have any problems during use. I know Kyle Monroe and James are impersonating and going to deceive others.

  6. jond

    Best Service

    Kyle Monroe and James have seen these people defame many other group buys around the world. I used to buy seo tools from them. Kyle Monroe and James why are you saying bad things to others while you are scammers?
    I used the service at, and I found that this is the best place to share seo tools in the world.

  7. thomas


    I used the service at buy seo tools group, and I found that their service was very good. The support is very fast, what I find most frustrating is that their service is always stable so I have to pay monthly to use their services. I am very happy about the service at

  8. yuki

    serverce best 2019

    I don’t think is a scammer. Because I used to use their service and I feel very satisfied and happy about their service. They always work when I need it.

  9. D.Jon

    Best Service

    Best service 2019. The stable system is not the same as other seogoupbuys, or there are other seogroupbuys that have good translations but I still haven’t used it yet so I don’t know. I just used 3 seogroupbuy. And I feel is the best. Good customer support. I used it 1 month ago and was very pleased. Do you have any problems with this groupbuy? I spent a very small amount of money to experience great tools. Sometimes it has problems but they still support me. Good service 2019

  10. Edwards


    To save money on tools when doing SEO. I chose to buy these tools through groupbuyseotools. After using 4 groupbuy, I found this person’s service good, fast customer support. Stable service, Groupbuy good 2019.

  11. adam


    I really like the service at They work perfectly and very few errors, service to use and fast. What I am most satisfied with is quick support.

  12. Fern

    Perfect support, really fast

    Amazing support and Works very well!!! Simple and very ok!
    Perfect support, really fast! Personal attention and communication are very good with them. High Quality. is a great place for you to work up to 95%

  13. Hazard

    Amazing service

    Amazing service. I really like the service at They’re too great, 100% tools work. I have used the service here for more than 1 year and are very satisfied

  14. Danien Thomas

    Top Service 2019

    Excellent experience and prompt support.The system works well with very few errors. Would recommend these guys any day of the year.

  15. Raymond

    Quick support, best service 2019

    The tools bought here, they are not only affordable but also save a lot of my time. This special feature of Group Buy is its rapid support, and the stable service system. If the tool doesn’t work, they always have a team ready to help.

  16. Frederick

    Wonderful Group Buy with lots of SEO tools 2019

    They have a lot of products since I started using it. Each tool is extremely useful, and very easy to use. With cheaper prices at market prices it will save you a lot of money. When you use this service at Group Buy, you will not worry about whether it works or not. Because they have a working team, and they update their tools daily with online files. If the tool doesn’t work or you don’t know how to log in, their support team is available to help you right away. This is great.

  17. Zelda

    Group buy very useful

    I bought and used some tools here and everything works well and is easy to use. Very useful.

  18. Esther

    Great support and fast delivery

    I don’t think this buyer is a scam. I have and am still using this groupbuy. Everything is still stable and normal. And special fast delivery and quick support.

  19. help

    i get scammed too

  20. Lemos

    Best Group Buy Seo Tools 2019

    I know there are many other buy groups that are stealing services from And I think that those who speak ill of them here are all spies from other Group Buys. I have seen these bad reviewers on forums. They are 100% spies from other buy groups saying bad things to reputable buy groups to sabotage.

    And I don’t think is a fraud. They have a very tight buyer censorship team. So there are no buyers who can get past them.
    I am using the service at and I am very pleased with their service. THEY provide a very good service, always working when I need it.

  21. Gurdely

    The best service I've ever used

    I am very happy and very happy with they provide tools to help you build or improve your website, from a marketing & content SEO perspective. It’s not too difficult to use, with a little practice and a few tests, you’ll manage to master it. I think this is the best service I have ever used

  22. Michael Dale

    Yep, he is a scammer

    I got scammed by this thief as well.
    Much the same as everyone else. I couldn’t use the tools and asked for a refund.
    The dirty thief accused of being from another group.
    Tried Paypal, but he managed to dodge the dispute refund!!!

  23. Jeevani Goga

    Great Service Group Buy Seo Tools 2020

    I have used the service at group buy for more than 5 months. I feel they provide great service. Service always working. quick support.
    I highly recommend

  24. alessio caniato

    Michael Dale steals the service at for resale

    Michael Dale is another Group Buy. Michael Dale steals the service at for resale. Michael Dale is deceiving so many people around the world. Michael Dale is a thief. is the best I’ve ever used. Their service is excellent and they always work.

Reported Loss :50 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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