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Natalie and her Mind Movies is a fake visualization techniques

I heard about MindMovies and how a lady named Natalie Ledwell’s techniques made people visualize powerfully, which helped them to get what they wanted. When I got to know about her, I couldn’t stop myself from researching more about her techniques.

I got tired of working at my place and was looking to start my own business. But somewhere in my mind I was still confused between these both. I contacted Natalie and she told me how we can get all our dreams successful and to never look back in our life. I thought this could be a great tool for helping me decide which way I had to go.

So, I went on their websites which had really lucrative reviews and great appreciations for Natalie. People considered her God, thanked her for helping them. And these reviews were quiet a lot in numbers. It was hard to not get convinced by seeing them. They also provided us with some free packs before the start.

I took that 6 pack videos which were free, just to see how things worked. It talked about the Law of attraction and things that I had never heard about before. It talked about the secret of life where Mind was considered as Genie and could help us in achieving whatever we needed and wanted. I thought of giving it a try and purchased one of their big packages.

After purchasing this, I was really excited to know more that wasn’t shown in those 6 videos. I started watching them, there were seminars too included in the package. After I started watching them, I called them to know whether they have sent me the same videos as the free packs because this was exactly the same.

They realized that they had sent me the same thing and were ready to rectify their mistake after lots of arguments. I had to send them the material back, which did cost me some dollars. It wasn’t about the dollars though, but the time it took, really delayed my decision. By that time my performance at the job was deteriorating since I wasn’t able to make that decision. They told me that they would do the replacement within 3 days.

Just when I was expecting their deliveries, they called up telling me that I would have to wait for 4 more days as their delivery boy had some issues. This is where I think they sounded really unprofessional and running away from the work. I had paid them dollars as they asked me to but now I wasn’t getting the return.

After 10 days, I finally received what they told me I would be receiving in 7 days. I decided to cancel the purchase because of their unprofessional behavior. This is when the real trouble started. They started ignoring me completely. My phones went unanswered, emails with no replies. I even sent them a letter to their PO Box but all in vain.

They were so adamant on not giving the money back. I did not want this anymore because I had already made the decision to start my own business. The real purpose of purchasing MindMovies was already solved.

I did not need this anymore, but they did not answer me. Two weeks later they called me asking why wasn’t I visiting their seminars. I told the person about my issue and he seemed really sorry about this and asked me whether I could wait till he was transferring call to his head. I was then connected to the head who did not pick up and it went to the voicemail. I called them again and no one picked up this time as well. I thought of forgetting everything and started watching it.

I found a peculiarity in their Mind Movies. This woman Natalie Ledwell is a fraud. There has been a movie on this topic by the name, The Secret of Life. There is also a book by the same name. Its author is Rhona Byrne and Natalie Ledwell is nowhere in the scene. She has just copied everything and gave her name to it. I wondered what the world is doing and if I am the only one who noticed this. I called and this time I wanted to talk with Natalie to know what this exactly was. I reached to her PA but Natalie was still nowhere in the scene.

I was really confused what to do and what not to. Also, the last set which they sent me had scenes repeated from the previous one. They talked about how we can get a Mercedes Car if we imagined every day that we were actually sitting in a car and changed gears. This is what they recommended us to do every day.

They also told us how we can earn money if we wanted to, by doing nothing but imagining, this according to me was nuts. I told my closest colleague about what a fool I have been and he told me about his neighbor who bought just the same set as mine and was charged double the price than me. He talked about how he was going to sue Natalie in court about the con she did to him.

Anyone who is trying to purchase any kind of these software, I just want them to read this review in depth and understand how these guys are hitting and swallowing your money. They have lots of software’s available in market just by the same name. One of those is MindMovies 3.0. They talk about self-help and spirituality but they are fraudsters.

First, they have nothing of their own and secondly, they portray it in the manner which is not at all true. Who would get a Mercedes Benz by sitting at home, without doing any work. Are these guys and their fans out of their mind? Instead this program does the opposite, it becomes a hindrance for the people who really want to work.

Right now, the condition is that I have lost my job and my business has ruined. This program became my worst nightmare, thanks to my colleague that guided me the right way i.e. to throw away this program and start working otherwise I would have been changing gears in my imagination and people would be working their asses out for buying real Mercedes.

In conclusion, I would say if anyone is thinking to do anything like this, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT SPEND YOUR DOLLARS ON THIS. No professional or reputable company is going to behave in the manner they did. I lost all my faith in work but I gained back, just because of my colleague. Don’t fall for Natalie Ledwell she is just a fraudster.

Is Natalie Ledwell a scam?
Natalie Ledwell is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Natalie Ledwell legit?
First Natalie Ledwell is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Natalie Ledwell’s consumers?
There is/are 15 review(s) posted about Natalie Ledwell and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is Natalie Ledwell located?
Natalie Ledwell is located at 113 W G St, San Diego, CA 92101, USA. You can contact Natalie Ledwell by dialing N/A or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Natalie Ledwell’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $1500 was the total loss incurred by Natalie Ledwell’s customers.

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15 reviews on Natalie Ledwell

  1. Jacqueline A Kempf

    Natalie Ledwell does not use her own material at all. The false hope she creates in people just trying to improve their lives, is in my opinion Criminal

  2. Carl

    Report is spot on.

    They are frauds and have copied a lot of other material out there and just use the sam of an imaginable better life to make money off others. I am a successful business owner but know several that have had similar experiences to those above.

    1. Mike Story

      You don't have to buy a course to attract wealth

      You can attract wealth and prosperity by having a positive mindset and believing in what you do. And doing your own meditations at home. If you have a positive attitude it will reflect in your performance at work and make you more successful. You don’t need to be wasting money on buying a course to do this, because there are lots of self-help books and videos and information online you can use to learn the power of attraction. So don’t be giving your hard earned money to a scam artist.. to learn something that you can learn on your own for free.

  3. Mi

    She is most likely a fraud

    I tried the quiz promoted on their YouTube and was told that my blocker was the thought that ‘I am not good enough.’ I redo the quiz with inputs the exact opposite to what I had earlier input. Guess what happened? I was told the same thing – that my problem was ‘I am not good enough’.

    Regardless I sign in to the webinar which is supposed to tell me how to get over the problem that is holding me back. All that was in that video was a pre-recording by Mary Morrisey’s and Natalie Ledwell’s account of their problems and how they overcome them. I sat on the couch to listen and almost fell asleep. I woke up to hear a lengthy ending sales pitch. The video is a waffle. Just by self-talk and visualising, we can suddenly become successful is just fairy-tale spinning.

    The whole thing looked professional but lacking in substance and the quiz is a scam.

  4. David Wright


  5. Francesca

    The Law of attraction is not copyrighted to rhinda byrne

    The law of attraction is not a scam. Neither are those people who teach it. Sure rhonda byrne may have been the first person to start teaching it. But that doesnt mean other people cannot also teach it. Do we only have one motivational speaker on this planet? No of course not. We have hundreds of them. Natalie teaches her version of the law of attraction but she rightly uses a different name for them so she does not infringe on Rhonda Byrne.

    How you teach them may be copyrighted, but the details of the laws themselves are not under any copyright.

    As to the dirty scam claim you make – you simply ran into some delivery problem. I di not call that a scam. Unprofessional maybe but NOT a scam. Did you take Natalie and her business to court? If not, why not? Because if you did or you plan to do so, I dont belive you would win.

  6. Tony

    Designed to manipulate and take your money

    Catches interest via YouTube quiz, uses neuro linguistic programming (NLP) combined to excessive sales pitches and online tecniques to manipulate people having personal issues and weaknesses to be subcestible.

    The subject matter is poor quality and using pshychological techniques to take peoples money is unethical. Stay away and get certified counseling (not online) instead.

  7. Vicki

    Charge for infomercial

    I have payed $17 for an webinar which ended up being an 1.5 hour infomercial with 5 min exercise.

    1. Kc

      Hard sales pitch at the end of webinar

      P.T. Barnum was famous for saying “there is a sucker born every minute.”

      Buyer beware,

      I was recently on a different webinar that had a different subject matter but same format, they take you through their program of what they say they can do for you and tell you sure you can do this yourself but we are going to hold your hand and here is what you get…. but are you up to the challenge? Or are you not a go getter? We are lowering our price considerably just for you, but we are creating artificial scarcity and it won’t be available later if you don’t act now.

      Law of attraction is real but i am kind of new to it. So i thought i would listen in for free but i knew the hard sales pitch was coming. After my previous experience. I closed the tab, once it got to the pushy part. Common sales tactics and patterns. I have a personal guideline of never pay for what you could get for free online. And the more pushy they get the less i think i want to do it anyway, why so pushy? If the program is so great, it should sell itself. I never heard of her except through infomercial, i was curious but i knew i wasn’t going to buy any program. I just wanted to hear what she had to say. Was an interesting exercise that may have mildly helped. But wasnt anything i haven’t heard from free videos on youtube.

      When i say $17 down from 97 i was like yea why such a slash in price? Why not just free?

  8. Jquitta Thompson

    Same here! She needs to be exposed & shut down!!!

  9. Lloyd Waycott


    I have just watched the Mind Movies/Natalie Ledwell webinar, and have decided at present not to invest. But to say it is a scam is inaccurate. The brave ”Anonymous” according to his/her testimony above chose to invest in a self-help programme then, half way through decided that they were going to start their own business? So they wanted their money back? Sorry am I missing something here? Because something took ten days instead of seven to arrive? Really? Further, the writer has no clue about manifestation. I don’t know exactly what Miss Ledwell is suggesting on her video’s but this ‘Anonymous’ MUST know that the visualisation of a Mercedes, or a yacht, or a ten pound weight loss is to MOTIVATE the action required to achieve those things. ALL self-help is based in old teachings, their value is in the way these teachings are communicated for a new demographic. Also, after deciding not to continue with the course, Mr/Ms Anonymous chose to start a business which failed, then says they lost their job (huh?), and implies blame on a self-help course they did not finish. Wait, what? Regarding the cost of the course, I agree it would be annoying to find that others a year later were getting it cheaper, but all businesses work that way. Your utilities supplier, your phone company, your cable company. As businesses expand and get wealthier OF COURSE they can then afford to charge less to induce new custom and compete with other organisations who are also expanding in the same marketplace for a shrinking customer base. How many times do you hear of great deals ”for new customers only”? My advice to ‘Anonymous’ is to grow up and take responsibility for your own life. Stop bloody whingeing, and certainly stop calling someone who maybe has poor customer service (according to you), scammers. In other words, boo-hoo.

  10. Frank

    I listened to the hourlong clip and really think it could help me and many others too.
    The only downside is the $477 for the pack. If they sharpened their pencils extremely sharp then I would buy the product. I certainly wouldn’t pay what they’re asking. It’s in my nature to haggle.

  11. Dawn

    Descriptive Review on Mind Movies

    Great Descriptive Review. Thank You.
    If people think that this is the Key to their happiness then they should beware. It takes a lot of effort to say the least to change your life and watching movies everyday won’t do anything but perhaps make you a little more positive about yourself and your situation.
    In other words, you’ve got to Do something to change your life not just watch a movie. Yes, it’s great to become motivated and positive by a movie but do you want to spend the money… Do you need to do that… that’s up to you.
    I don’t think it’s right to promote Mind Movies like it’s All someone needs. Maybe it’s a start but certainly an expensive one.

  12. Steph

    I'm sure it started out with the best of intentions...

    The premise of a mind movie is great – putting together audio and visuals that you can watch on a daily basis for positive affirmation will do wonders for your well being.

    HOWEVER, the exorbitant prices being charged by Mind Movies makes this nothing less that a money grab… and no, abundance at the expense of other people is NOT your birthright. Anyone can whip up a mind movie using Powerpoint for free (and I would encourage everyone to do so!) I understand that they are a business, but how can they justify charging US$297 for a program that is essentially a photo editor, not to mention the countless add ons they pedal to consumers with the look and feel of a timeshare presentation?

    What I found most disappointing is that they come recommended via Dr. Joe Dispenza’s ‘Becoming Supernatural’ book. I’ve found Dr. Joe’s books along with his Gaia streaming series just so on point – a brilliant marrying of science and metaphysics – and they have really helped me to get back into meditation on a daily basis. I believe when Dr. Joe recommended Mind Movies he did so from a good place, and I believe Mind Movies started out from a good place, but to realise they originally charged US$97 for a product that has now tripled in price since launching in 2008 on is NOT ok.

    You do not need this product for your growth.

  13. Joe F.

    Relax and seek more info

    It seems this person is new to the idea of the “law of attraction.” It’s like he came up to the law of attraction buffet, took a heaping plate full of the first thing he came to and then when it didn’t taste so good started complaining. Seems reasonable. Avoidable but reasonable. Seek and you will find. I believe Natalie has good intentions but then I’m not a long time follower and haven’t purchased material. I typically don’t purchase except for an occasional book. Lots of youtube, I’m still looking into her material for myself. And what did I read in one of the posts about Rhonda Byrne being some sort of founder of the law of attraction lol. I believe she was noted to have learned from Neville Goddard who started teaching back in the 1950’s but the phrase law of attraction is older than that. Neville is an awesome teacher, long since past away, but lots of old recordings on youtube. Just another option on the buffet. Many many other options such as Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Jake Ducey to name a few. I understand if Natalie’s material didn’t work for you and you’d like your money back just like anything else hopefully they eventually made things right. You’ve probably figured it out by now but maybe start by widening your focus. Then you can begin to sort through it all and find what resonates well with you. I think you’ll find that what seems like crazy talk now may not seem so crazy after more meditation and study on the subject.

  14. heather

    everyone is different

    I think everything she does is great to inspire people to think positive and look for in your life. I am one who knows that if you believe in something and think about it, picturing it daily, then it can happen. You have to put your heart and soul into what you want . you cannot have negativity anywhere in your mind or nothing will happen for you. I used to be negative. Very negative. I have changed my ways so much throughout the years and it makes a big difference on how you see things in life. Just because something didn’t work out for you the way you wanted it to right away, you need to change up things in your life. Study what Natalie is doing. She gives all the keys to success and a happy life if you follow everything correctly and follow through with it everyday. Everyday! Do not give false hope to others because this wasn’t working for you. It is working for me and many others out there.

  15. Ingrid M

    Unethical business practice

    I enrolled to 5 minutes prosperity for free. Apparently it auto renewed, and charged me without my knowledge. But, I couldn’t cancel myself without contacting the Support. The content is below average and not authentically hers. I had it somewhere else. There was no notification about auto renewal or charging us. What an unethical business practice.

Reported Loss :1500 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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