Nancy Bogan

She scam my grandmother tarot readings

She scammed my grandmother in my grandfather through tarot readings this lady took our money this is a charlatan

Is Nancy Bogan a scam?
Nancy Bogan is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Nancy Bogan legit?
First Nancy Bogan is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Nancy Bogan’s consumers?
There is/are 12 review(s) posted about Nancy Bogan and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Nancy Bogan located?
Nancy Bogan is located at United States. You can contact Nancy Bogan by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Nancy Bogan’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $175 was the total loss incurred by Nancy Bogan’s customers.

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12 reviews on Nancy Bogan

  1. Lucinda

    Arthur Mondeau is the scammer not Nancy

    The person that wrote this review on Nancy is the scammer. His name is Arthur Mondeau, he posted this blog (if you can call it that), because he is butthurt from being exposed by the truth on this very site by me and Nancy. Nancy is a kind and generous person. The kind of person Art would try to take advantage of. He manipulated Nancy to buy 2 4K necklaces at $550 for both and she sent him a money order for $100. So total, Art scammed $660 from this kind hearted woman. Then he proceeds to ask her for $1500 for him to hire a lawyer to get custody of his son, who is a special needs child. I guess Art would even try to scam his son’s social security, he is that pathetic.
    Art is a narcissist and the comments he wrote here on Nancy are all false. Me and Nancy met on Facebook and know the truth about Arthur Mondeau. He is a user and pathological liar. He throws tantrums like a 3 year old kid when he doesn’t get his way. He can’t articulate a complete thought into a complete sentence , because he lies so much. He forgets what he is lying about .Trust me ladies, you do not want to go near this guy. Nancy has not yet asked me for money to do tarot readings, that is also false.
    So I would say your accusations are not accurate Art; keep trying though. Your ignorance is entertaining to me. You also need to work on your writing skills. I find it hard that you were a “business man” in Clearwater. Art is not smart or educated enough for that. It is very evident in his writing.

  2. Nancy Bogan

    arthur mondeau

    This is the most ludicrous hilarious thing I’ve ever seen and I have been taught when somebody lies about you take the bull by the horns so I’m going to post this on my Facebook page anybody that knows me knows I have never solicited anybody for this person tried to hook up with me on Facebook he was my friend for 4 years I don’t know where he got these pictures from since we are no longer friends but there was communication between us last night and which he stated that he was going to let everybody know that I scammed him really you tried to get with me and then you turned o and then you turned all nasty and mentally abusive trying to get me to move to Florida I don’t even know you you tried to get me to go on a vacation with you and told me I needed to hea I don’t even know you you tried to get me to go on a vacation with you and told me I needed to have $2,000 for it and I got you for $3,000 you already did this to some other woman on here saying that she got you for $3,000 what happened was you’re a scammer and you got confronted I’m not going to lay down and I’m not going to be quiet ridiculous I work for a living I’ve never had a business reading tarot cards at all this is the most stupidest crap I’ve ever seen that considering the source it seems possible and if it continues every nasty little text message demanding money and jewelry for me is going on this scam site with the pictures of you wearing the necklaces that I sent you and the receipts for everything like I said I work for my money 80 hours a week and I’m in the medical profession I suggest that he gets checked for mental stability.

  3. Cindy

    Nancy is not the scammer Arthur Mondeau is (the guy that posted this)

    Nancy does not solicit tarot card readings as allegedly claimed by Art. The real story is that Nancy, a kind hearted woman, was taken advantage of by Arthur Mondeau. Art badgered Nancy to buy him two 24K necklaces. One valued at $350, the other at $200, for a total of $550. That was not all, Art then manipulated Nancy to send him a money order for $100. So in all, he scammed this poor kind hearted woman for $650 altogether. It did not end there, he then continued to badger Nancy to give him $1500, so he could get a lawyer so he could fight for his son’s custody.
    My take on that is, that Art is a bum. He would try anything to make easy $$ and not have to work ligitimately like the rest of us. I would see him try to take advantage of his son’s, who is a special needs child, and use his disability check. Art would be so low to do something like that; while involving Nancy and causing financial problems for her. Art is a low life scumbag; A narcissist who throws tantrums like a 3 year old child when he does not get his way.
    I took Art on a cross country trip and paid for the whole thing. He was not forced. Actually, he was the one that badgered me to do it. Like an idiot, I paid for the whole thing, $2000 to be exact. During the whole time of the trip, Art was messaging Nancy. I met Nancy from her blog on this site one month ago. I felt if she was brave enough to speak out, I was going to speak out too. Me and Nancy then connected on Facebook and became friends. Not once has she try to solicit a tarot reading from me.
    Everything Arthur Mondeau says about Nancy Bogan is absolutely false and lies. Arthur Mondeau is a narcissistic pathological liar.
    Me and Nancy exposed him, and now he is trying to turn the story around and make it look like me and Nancy are the scammers. But that is what narcissists like Art do. So nice try Art, but I am calling this blog a load of bull.

  4. Cindy

    Arthur Mondeau

    I know for a fact that this post is a lie. Nancy and I met a month ago. I found a post that she wrote on Arthur Mondeau, the guy that wrote this blog.
    Nancy was used and scammed by Art. He pressured her into buying him two 24k gold necklaces totaling about $550. Art did not stop there, he continued to pressure Nancy for money. She sent him a cashiers check worth $100.
    Art continued to pressure Nancy to move to Florida from Indiana. Art continued with verbally abusing and harassing Nancy for 4 years.
    When I found Nancy’s post on here, I responded to her. We became friends on Facebook and have become friends. Not once did Nancy try to “solicit” tarot readings.
    In fact, Nancy was the one scammed by Art, not the other way. I too have spoke up about Art because he used me as well. We just want this out there to warn other females to steer clear of Arthur Mondeau. He is a narcissistic pathological liar, and he is trying to make it look like he is the victim. I am here to say this is not true. Nancy is a sweet person and does not deserve to be treated like dirt by this low life.

  5. Cindy

    Art Mondeau is the scammer not Nancy

    Everything that is written on this blog, I know to be an absolute lie. The person that wrote this blog is a narcissistic pathological liar, his name is Arthur Mondeau. Arthur is mad because me and Nancy were both used by this scumbag.
    Nancy was pressured into buying Art a couple of 24 K gold necklaces, totaling around $550. Art continued to pressure Nancy for more money and to go on long road trips. Nancy was scammed for a total of $650.
    I was also scammed by Art for a gold 24K necklace and a cross country trip that was completely paid for by me. My total losses to Art were $2900.
    Nancy is a kind person. I met her on this site a month ago when I read her post on Art. I ended things with Art when I caught him in a lie. He refused to return the necklace ,and has tried to make his version of the story to where he was the one scammed and used . The statements Art has made against Nancy here are all false. Nancy has not at all “solicit” any tarot readings as Art allegedly claims. What Art is doing is typical of a narcissist. They like to change to change the story to where they sound like the victim.
    Art is not the victim, he is the user, and Nancy doesn’t deserve to be disrespected by this POS. Art is just angry because me and Nancy each posted and reported Arthur Mondeau as a scammer and it is now catching up to him. Time to take your medicine on this one Art, you better swallow hard.

  6. Lucinda (Cindy)

    Arthur Mondeau

    This post was written by a person named Arthur Mondeau. The statement of Art claiming Nancy has scammed him for $3000 is completely false. Nancy was pressured by Art to buy two 24K gold necklaces, total worth of $550. It did not end there, Art continued to pressure Nancy for more money. He even had the nerve to try to pressure Nancy for $1500. Art said he needed it for a lawyer to fight for custody for his son from his wife. Art pressured Nancy to do a lot of things over the 4 years that they have known each other. He also tried to pressure Nancy to go on a long road trip and pay for it all.
    Nancy being labeled a scammer by Art is absolutely false. I am a friend of Nancy’s. I met her a month ago and discovered we had much in common. I was also used by Arthur Mondeau. He also pressured me into buying him a $900 necklace. He also pressured me into driving cross country and spending $2000 to do it. I found Nancy’s original post on here about Art and how he scammed her. I in return decided to speak up and posted a blog on Arthur Mondeau and how he scammed me. Me and Nancy became friends and we talk a lot.
    The accusations Art has made against Nancy in this blog are all lies. Nancy has not once try to sell me tarot card readings. The true story is, Art is a narcissistic pathological liar. It is typical of a narcissist like Art to try to change the story to make him out to be the victim. Me and Nancy know better than this. Art is angry and freaking that me and Nancy exposed him on this site. Now he makes up lies. Well I’m here to smash Arts credibility by saying that everything posted here is a lie. Me and Nancy feel we should not remain silent and expose Arthur for what he really is; a no good bum.
    Nancy does not deserve to be treated this way, no one deserves to be treated like that. So Art, know me and Nancy have each other’s backs and will smash your credibility at every chance we get. Art’s writing skills are that like the tantrums he throws, 3rd grade level. So it is even hard to read this post and see a complete thought or point put out in sentence fragments.
    So I find it hard that Art was a big business guru in Clerwater back in the day. He’s lying there too. As for his former wife, I have a few theories. I’m sure it boils down to that she got tired of Art lying and she got rid of his lazy self. Again, Art has even bad mouthed his former wife, and tried to make himself to be the victim. I find it quite creepy that he has posted shower videos of his son on You tube.

  7. Nancy

    Arthur Mondeau

    Okay Arthur Mondeau,you having been making fake reports to this I am going to poke holes in your lies.number one I scam you for 3000.00 I don’t even know you and where are these money transition take place,money orders,checks,over the internet,if this was done to you wouldn’t you have statements proof these transactions never took place and I have proof of your scamming people and I have posted it everywhere.Also don’t try I gave you cash as I have stated I have never ment you and I have never been to Florida and again I have proof as I live and Indian and work over 40hrs a week.But continued to make fake reports so when I sue you for defamation of character you can wine up where you belong behind bars.

  8. Nancy

    I have questions

    I have questions since this report is about me.First off 3000.00 I scammed you for?How was this done did you do it by checking,atm withdrawal,over the internet,in person,the reason I am asking is simply this checking,atm ,internet you would have proof there would be a record of it,sorry forgot moneyorder but yet again a record.Did we meet in person,that’s kind of hard for me I work 40 plus hours a week and your in Florida and I live in Indian.Now it’s my turn to say a few things you have made fake reports on this site to a third party which sets up for a lawsuit and unlike you I have proof of everything how you tried to scam me did,I can sue you,Arthur Mondeau and also am getting all my proof ready to send to the proper channels were you live and take the necessary actions were I live.

  9. kathy stein

    nancy bogan this lady took money from my mom

    this lady nancy bogan took take money from my mother through reading of tarot cards…she is preys on weak minded people my mothe gave her 300 dollars….i dont know who arthur mondeau is but my own issues from her stealing from my mom is enough…we reported her….

  10. christie

    she also took money from my dying grandfather

    nancy bogan tricked my grandfather in to giving her 400 dollars for a tarot reading,,,,we reported it also….i dont know who this arthur is but if he had the smae problems as others i feel for him…this lady preyed on my grandfather for over 3 years……

  11. Cindy

    Arthur Mondeau is a liar

    I know for a fact that the person that wrote this post, Arthur Mondeau, is lying about Nancy Bogan in this post. Nancy is a kind hearted person. Art used her and pressured her into buying two 24K necklaces , totaling $550. Then he pressured Nancy to send him $100 through the mail. He then kept on pressuring Nancy to go on a road trip with him and that she needed $2000.
    Nancy never agreed to the trip. Art is lying about how Nancy and me (Lucinda Cawley) did not rip Arthur Mondeau off for the amount he claims. It was the exact opposite, Arthur Mondeau ripped me and Nancy off.
    Arthur Mondeau is a childish, self centered, brat. He does not hold a job, and he goes on dating sites looking for women that he can use for money. Art posted this blog and a different blog on me and Nancy, just because he is angry that me and Nancy see him for what he really is. He is angry that me and Nancy are speaking out about him. So now Arthur Mondeau is trying to make himself look like the victim. Me and Nancy know better and here to call you out on your BS Art.
    Nancy has not once try to sell me a tarot reading. She is a sweet and giving person and does not deserve any of your bull Art. So leave us both alone. Your past is catching up with you and it is time for you to just deal with it.

    June 30, 2018

  12. Cindy

    Arthur Mondeau is a liar

    The person that wrote hat wrote this post is a pathological liar. Nancy did none of the things claimed by the person that wrote this.
    What really happened is Arthur Mondeau pressured Nancy into buying him two 24k gold necklaces; totaling $550. Arthur did not stop there, he continued to pressure Nancy to go on a long road trip and for more money. Just like he did me that reported him on this site too.
    Nancy is one of the most kind hearted person I know I had to write this review as an alias because me and Nancy are standing up to Arthur Mondeau and letting people know the truth about him. Arthur is obviously afraid of the truth getting out there so he blocked me from saying anything. I will not remain silent I will keep exposing Arthur Mondeau for what he really is, a liar and a scammer.
    In the time I have known Nancy, she has NOT tried to solicit tarot card readings. This statement that was made by Arthur Mondeau is false.
    Arthur Mondeau is a narcissistic pathological liar. He has tried to turn the story to make him look like the victim. He did not count on me and Nancy becomming friends. That was actually the last thing he wanted because he would know we would both find out the truth about him.
    As for the post about Lucinda Cawley forcing him to go on a trip; it was more like this, Arthur Mondeau pressured Lucinda Cawley into going on that trip. Use for sex? Lol keep dreaming, you sucked ar that too Art, Lucinda and Nancy are missing nothing there

    July 1, 2018

Reported Loss :175 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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