Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael...

Homeless Montreal Scammer, now on year 3 of fake company: LUXORR

This is year 3 of Michael’s LUXORR scam with his partner in crime (literally) Vikar Kahn. These homeless fraudsters have ripped off thousands of dollars in wages, short-term loans, office equipment, bounced checks, rent, food, drinks, etc… upwards of $100,000 and counting according to sources. A friend of mine was offered a ‘well paid job’ at LUXORR and was never paid for his time – losing thousands in revenue and wasted time working for a company that does not exist.

They pretend to be wealthy off-the-grid eccentric millionaires and they prey on status seekers, investors, job hunters, real estate agents, lawyers, municipal officials, tourism boards, tourists, hotels, restaurants, and clubs. They promise to give them a life-changing  job/opportunity/contract to work for, or with, a multimillion dollar, international hi-tech venture named “LUXORR” or “LUXORR VLC” or “LUXORR Li-Fi VLC”. They also try to get money, office space, food, drink, and shelter by leveraging this story to others.

Vikar is nowhere to be found on the internet – already an alarming reality for someone posing as the CEO. He has no legit credentials and many false ones like a fake Harvard education, fake Wall Street background, and social security numbers that are stolen. All the LUXORR site contact numbers and addresses are false and all emails. Just check yourself. They can’t even afford phone lines, they use Vibr and change their number frequently. There are also a couple of fake press releases and Youtube videos online that supposedly highlight Luxorr’s technological solutions, market value, and business operations – all of which are NONEXISTENT.

Michael however, is less cautious and parades around with his faded black suit, cheap silver pendant, and Louis Vuitton bag full of everything he owns. Just ask him to look into his bag and you will see in a blink that he is broke and homeless. He is always in clubs, boutique hotels and restaurants looking for free drinks and food, and opportunities to con individuals. You can spot Michael anywhere with his fake looking ultra bright white teeth and a drink of sorts (his favourite is a NEGRONI) that he owes $ on! A hair salon told me that he owes thousands in hair services so that’s how he gets that 70s fro straight. Last I heard, he was squatting in the basement of a pizza joint in the plateau but got kicked out when the owner god fed up of his lies and realized that he is clearly not who he says he is.

Beware of these two individuals seeing as they are highly adept manipulators, liars, and thieves. Report them to the police if possible.

Is Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks” a scam?
Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks” is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks” legit?
First Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks” is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks”’s consumers?
There is/are 7 review(s) posted about Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks” and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks” located?
Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks” is located at 460 Rue Saint Vincent, Montréal, QC H2Y 3A6, Canada. You can contact Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks” by dialing N/A or visit their website medium.com before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks”’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $11000 was the total loss incurred by Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks”’s customers.

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7 reviews on Michael Banks aka “Prince Michael Banks”

  1. Watch Yourback

    This is an accurate claim, see below...

    I am owed over 5,000 in personal and business. This is an accurate claim!

  2. Tiger

    My girlfriend and I got briefly roped into this LUXORR scam for a few weeks. We quickly realized it was shady thankfully before getting deeply involved (investing, wasting other people’s time or money..) but we heard today that a group of well to do socialites are hunting them down for their $. I noticed it says $11000, from what I heard more like $110,000 think you forgot a zero buddy!

    In a city like Montreal, they wont be hiding for much longer… the handcuffs are coming boys.

  3. Tiger's girlfriend

    Sadly, these allegations are TRUE

    He scammed me most out of a friendship. I was very kind to Micheal and it’s hard to believe in humanity after what he has done to both me and my entire community (Old Montreal) the list of grotesque betrayal and alarming crimes is too long for a comment and the police can sort him out at this point… After hearing what I have heard this week, He & Vickar Kahn better start praying to their god, that their jail term is a light one.

  4. SK Zhang

    This is just personal intention

    Completely fake reviews, this is just personal intention, dirtyscam.com get payment from them who want to owe a business. This is common thing

  5. Genevieve

    All true

    Beware the charm and the story of his old days as concierge of Bonaparte’s and boutique hotels and so on … Banks was head of old Montreal merchants association 10 + years ago a who’s who of old Montreal elite. But he got fired stealing and all things criminals do. He may offer you to dog sit while you travel which is how he infiltrates homes and wallet. Better the Mission Brewery is his real address at least until 2017. Along with his partner Vickar Kahn also know as Mustafa are or were on welfare posing as company Luxorr millionaires LED lights new technologies etc. Both banks and Kahn are homeless not so brilliant charmers claiming the they are being defamed and threaten lawsuits they could never pursue nor pay even one hour of a lawyer rate.

  6. BeCareful

    Beware of dealing with Michael Banks, fraudster and penniless con artist

    This dishonest man attempts to pass himself off as a Montreal socialite and influencer. Do not be fooled. Michael Banks is homeless and penniless. He creates a false impression of himself as a well-connected socialite by sitting in hotel lobbies or attending free events around Montreal, and then walks up to business leaders, celebrities and other actually well-connected individuals at these events to get himself photographed with them – after which he posts the image up on his Facebook page with a caption about how he supposedly knows them.

    This man can’t connect two Lego blocks together let alone connect two business partners, if he and his fellow fraud partner Vickhar Kahn attempts to con you into some “business ventures” of theirs, ask to see their professional C.V. with proper references whom you can contact. You will see that neither have any professional background or have even held a job in recent years. Both are frauds looking for a way to get into your homes and your bank accounts.

  7. Roy Appeling

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  8. PPEreporter


    ANYONE INVOLVED IN PPE PLEASE BEWARE OF LUXXOR AND Vikar Khan (fake lawyer and doctor) now up to new scams while working with a USA attorney by the last name of Kushner, and usual cast of characters such as Michael Banks. These folks have resurfaced and dusted themselves off while running scams in the PPE industry still under the name of Luxxor:
    – Vikar is not a doctor nor an attorney / lawyer as he relays to people in PPE industry
    – Vikar has no affiliation with the Whitehouse as he relays (nor is his team of scammers)
    – Vikar Khan and Michael Banks are known scammers in Montreal
    https://twitter.com/princebanks?lang=en (business partner of Luxxor)

    Keep your money in your pocket and go elsewhere – they have no product and no ability to purchase product.

Reported Loss :11000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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